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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 56 Bahasa Indonesia

Mizmith roared at them once more and inflicted fear on them again but Mykel removed the fear from them without a problem.

“It keeps roaring and roaring, it’s fucking annoying! Come on, Gunnar, you know that the three of us can’t handle the fear,” Vincze said as he shook his head.

Gunnar chuckled mischievously. “That’s why I’m messing with you, but now I had my fun, let’s do this!” he said as he charged at Mizmith on his own so the rest of them could observe what kind of skills Mizmith had.

“What?! Is he crazy to go there on his own?” Enma said as she looked at Gunnar who seemed excited to fight Mizmith on his own.

“He’s our tanker and he’s doing that so we can see what kind of skills the demon has,” Jeanne answered while looking at Enma. “To be honest, it was his idea all along and it worked like a charm,” she continued with a smile on her face.

“That’s not how being a tanker works,” Enma said as if she didn’t like the idea.

“If you think a tanker’s job is just to protect then you’re wrong because a tanker is giving us protection and an opening for us to attack at the same time,” Agnez replied. “It’s because you’re an unreliable tanker that’s why you don’t understand,” she continued and scoffed at Enma. Enma gritted her teeth as she glared at Agnez but Caesar patted her on the shoulder and calmed her down.

Mizmith produced something out from his gills that looked like water. It formed itself into a sphere and he grabbed it with his hand then threw it at Gunnar. That was the same thing that hit his shield earlier and it looked lethal if a person got hit by it.

Mizmith threw the waterball at Gunnar but he blocked it without a problem and his shield was sturdy enough to withstand the impact. Mizmith started to throw punches and smashes at Gunnar but Gunnar blocked and parried them like it was nothing.

Enma understood and was conscious about herself, she realized that she needed to work and train harder so she could do the same. Deep down, even though she thought that she had to work harder, she started to get pessimistic about herself because there was no way for her to be like Gunnar.

Agnez and the others observed every movement of Mizmith’s body and muscles. They got enough information from Gunnar that Mizmith wasn’t that different from the other demon lords and he didn’t use magic but it was his ability to control water in his body.

“Alright, we have seen enough, it’s time to play!” Agnez said as she ran toward Gunnar and followed by the others.

Jeanne, Agnez, and Vincze were running side by side while Nagy, Lillith, and Sven went to the side and the back of Mizmith. Rozan and Gerrard helped Gunnar and protected him from upcoming danger from far behind.

Kastor watched how they were so organized even though Mykel just stood there smoking his cigarette and didn’t give any orders to them. He was amazed and ashamed at the same time that someone was a better leader than him and not to mention that Mykel produced talented Awakeners on his own.

The inferiority that lingered around them started to give them under pressure and it made them insecure. Mykel glanced at them and smirked when he saw that defeated expression.

“Asmond,” Mykel said as he stared at Asmond. Asmond turned his head and looked at Mykel with his eyebrows raised. “Why don’t you join them? It will be fun I can promise you that,” Mykel said with a friendly smile on his face.

“Can I?” Asmond asked and he looked so excited.

“Of course! Just go and join them,” Mykel answered as he tilted his head toward the battle.

Asmond nodded and immediately ran toward the battle with a smile on his face.

“Wow, this guy’s skin is so slippery, it’s impossible to block his attack with a spear,” Vincze said as he looked at his spear was smeared with some kind of gooey liquid.

“Yeah, you’re going to have a hard time with a weapon without sharp edges against this,” Agnez replied as she cut Mizmith’s thigh to cut his muscles.

Agnez heard footsteps from behind and immediately looked back. “Ah, the hero decided to join. I guess Mykel told him to join,” she said as she stared at Asmond. Jeanne turned around and Asmond was right behind her, she smiled and nodded. “You take my spot, I will help Nagy in the back,” Agnez said to Asmond.

“Make space big guy, I’m coming through,” Agnez said as she tapped Gunnar’s shoulder, and then she slid down in between Mizmith’s legs then slashed her sword on his crotch.

Nagy was surprised when she saw Agnez just come out from under Mizmith’s crotch.

“How’s the situation back here?” Agnez asked as she stood up and turned around. “Oh wow, those are big gills,” she said as she saw the gills on Mizmith’s back.

“Yeah, I don’t think I can handle those on my own, not with this weapon,” Nagy replied as she showed the katar in her hands.

“Don’t worry, I’m here now,” Agnez said as she rubbed Nagy’s head.

Both Jeanne and Asmond blocked the smash with Gunnar, and the three of them were enough to push Mizmith back. “Hah! You sure are strong, Asmond!” Gunnar said with a grin on his face. Asmond just smiled and nodded.

“Target the gills, Asmond, they’re his weakness,” Jeanne said as she tried to get closer to Mizmith’s body.

“Alright!” Asmond replied and immediately activated [Nemesis] because he wanted to go all out in this battle.

Asmond ran past Gunnar and Gunnar was a bit surprised by the sudden change of Asmond’s strength. Jeanne who saw that immediately activated her [Puissant] and didn’t want to lose to Asmond.

With both [Nemesis] and [Retribution] from Asmond’s skill and [Demon Bane] skill from Sven, it made Mizmith weaker and Asmond way stronger than him. Everyone did their all and since Mizmith was surrounded from all sides, he decided to cover his whole body with bubbles that he produced from his gills.

“What the fuck is this?! My weapon can’t get through this giant bubble that feels like jelly. It bounced my weapon back!” Sven said as he stared at the giant bubble in front of him.

Gunnar turned around and looked at Rozan. “We need some help here!” he shouted at Rozan as he pointed at the bubble of water that protected Mizmith.

“Heh! If you can’t attack liquid then I will make it solid for,” Rozan said as he used the cold fog to freeze the bubble and it was effective as he expected. “Now, Gerrard, let’s popped it so our friends can kill him,” he said as he looked at Gerrard with a smirk.

Gerrard pulled his bow as far as he could and then released the arrow with the help of the wind that Rozan produced to increase the arrow’s speed.

The arrow cracked the ice and they immediately pulled their weapon back and then jumped as high as they could. All of them swung their weapon down vertically except at the same time and it pierced through the ice and cut Mizmith into pieces.

Asmond stood there and stared at the demon lord collapsed, he didn’t believe he just killed a demon lord. He didn’t what to do and then he heard cheering from behind and it snapped him back to reality.

“We kill a demon lord!” Asmond said with a huge smile on his face while Gunnar and the others were just staring at him weirdly except for Jeanne who looked happy for him.

[You have defeated Mizmith, The First Demon Lord of Azrael]

[You are the first to clear the tenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

Asmond looked at Jeanne and he wanted to give her a hug but Jeanne just clapped her hands with a smile on her face. He just smiled back at her and then turned around as he raised his sword to Kastor and the others.

[A mysterious door has appeared!]

Kastor and the others were confused by the notification and then a door appeared next to the portal. They walked toward it and looked at it with curiosity, Kastor and Caesar looked at the keyhole and then they noticed the key they got from the first breakout. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring the key because they had no idea that the purpose of the key was for that door.

While they were busy staring at the door, Kastor looked at Gunnar and the others were walking toward the exit with Mykel. “Are we done here?” he asked Mykel.

“Looking at your team right now, do you think you can survive the eleventh floor?” Mykel asked as Gunnar and the others left the tenth floor. “Be more useful next time,” he continued and then left.


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