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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 55 Bahasa Indonesia

“I feel like I have been reborn again after so many days without using magic,” Rozan said as he spread his arms and stared at the blaze in front of him.

Agnez grabbed Rozan’s head and messed his hard. “Can you put them out? We can’t move to the second floor if you’re blocking the portal with the fire,”

“Oh shoot, my bad, I was having a moment,” Rozan replied.

“Are we really that weak?” Kastor said to himself as he stared at the firewalls that emblazed the night sky.

The firewalls disappeared and it immediately went quiet because Kastor and his team were dumbfounded by what just happened. Mykel and the others walked to the portal as if it was nothing to them, and so Kastor and his team proceeded to follow them to the next floor.

Kastor and his team were doing their best to clear the second floor because they didn’t want to lose to Mykel’s team. Mykel and the others were just enjoying the show from the distance and it took them ten minutes to clear the second floor.

On the third floor, Vincze, Sven, and Nagy decided to join the fight with Kastor and his team. Even though their level was 17, they could match up with Kastor, Caesar, and Asmond even though their level was above 20.

Nagy casually walked through the demons and went to the backline without getting noticed by them. She killed the backline so quickly with katar in her hands and her movements were so smooth as if the katar was a part of her body. With the three of them helping Kastor and his team, it only took them five minutes to clear the third floor.

On the fourth floor, Jeanne and Gerrard decided to join them as well and it took them only two minutes to clear the fourth floor. Kastor and his team couldn’t believe that they just cleared four floors in less than twenty minutes. They usually had to take a break and took them two hours to reach the fourth floor.

“Alright, is anyone injured and need to take a small break?” Kastor asked his team who was looting the demons.

Everyone was healthy and none of them were injured, it was the first time for them to clear four floors without anyone getting injured. Kastor then asked his team to gather around to have a small briefing to deal with the demon lord servants.

“What are you guys doing?” Agnez asked as she walked past them and stared at Kastor.

“Would you like to join us? We are making a plan to deal with the servants since it’s going to be hard,” Kastor replied while looking at her.

Agnez scoffed and smirked. “Seriously? Let me handle the servants, you all can just watch and stay back. We don’t have time to waste by doing whatever you guys doing right now,”

Mykel and the others entered the portal and so Kastor and his team decided to follow them because they didn’t want them to be in trouble by dealing with the servants.

Kastor and his team entered the portal and saw Mykel and the others were just standing near the portal. Caesar looked at Agnez who was already on her way to the middle of the area with thick fogs almost blocking their vision.

“What’s she doing?! We need to work together to kill those servants!” Caesar said as he looked at Mykel.

“If she said that she wants to deal with it alone, then let them be,” Mykel answered without even looking at Caesar.

Two giant cyclops with steel clubs were staring at Agnez who approached them. They immediately charged at her without hesitation and for a monster with that size, they moved quite fast.

Agnez unsheathed her sword and raised it up, and the moment the cyclops were in range, they smashed the clubs at her. The ground shook the moment the clubs smashed the ground and they thought they had her but when one of the cyclops lifted his club, Agnez was standing on it and immediately jumped at him.

Agnez swung her sword down vertically and cut the cyclops in half while she was still in the air. Before the other cyclops could lift his club, she jumped again by bouncing off from the cyclops right side body that she cut in half then swung her sword at the other cyclops’ head.

Agnez landed as the two cyclops collapsed to the ground and sheathed her sword at the same time.

[Congratulation you have cleared the fifth floor of Azrael Tower!]

[The portal to the sixth floor is now open!]

“She took them down so easily…” Asmond said with disbelief because he had to fight one of the cyclops on his one and it took him half an hour to kill the cyclops.

Mykel and his team immediately went to the portal without even reacting to what happened and went to the portal.

On the sixth floor, Mykel could see Kastor and his team starting to struggle to deal with the demons. They fought really carefully and in a big group to prevent them from being in a dangerous situation. If it wasn’t for Gunnar and Gerrard’s help, there would be casualties even though they seemed to be doing fine at first.

From the seventh floor up to the ninth floor, they barely contributed anything to fight the demons. Mykel’s team was the only one who cleared the floors for them and they had so many excuses that made them look like an unreliable team.

Kastor, Caesar, and Asmond approached Mykel and his team who were ready to enter the tenth floor to fight the first demon lord of Azrael. “We have no any information related to the first demon lord because we have never been gone this far before,” he said as he looked at the portal and he was nervous about it.

“We will be fine on our own, just don’t interfere or try to be a hero,” Rozan said as he rested his staff on his shoulder and stared at Kastor. “We have been doing this for months and it’s nothing to be worried about,” he continued as he fixed his glasses.

“Just watch and learn,” Gunnar said as he stared at Kastor from the corner of his eyes. “Should we get going, boss?” he asked as he looked at Mykel.

“Just go whenever you guys are ready,” Mykel answered as he smoked his cigarette.

“Alright, let’s go!” Gunnar said as he entered the portal with his right hand in the air.

They entered the tenth floor and the place was a massive field with a big lake in the middle that was covered by thick fog. The higher they were, the thicker the fog and it was almost impossible to see what was in front of them.

[Your second trial is beginning]

[Mizmith, The First Demon Lord of Azrael, The Devour in the Sea has been waiting for this moment]

“What is this place? Is this how it looks like when we are fighting a demon lord?” Caesar walked to the front as he tried to see the lake.

Gerrard whistled so loudly at Gunnar that everyone had to cover their ear because of how loud it was. Gunnar looked at Caesar who had been walking further from the rest, he ran as fast as he could and pushed him away then readied his shield.


“Are you fucking stupid?! Or do you have a death wish?” Gunnar yelled at Caesar who was on the ground.

Enma ran and helped Caesar stand up, the three of them saw a big silhouette from behind the fog. Agnez and the others immediately ran toward Gunnar and stood behind him.

“Water demon, huh? That’s new,” Rozan said as he saw the pool of water under Gunnar’s shield.

A very loud roar that inflicted fear struck everyone on Kastor’s team and also Vincze, Sven, and Nagy. Mykel used his [Mind Control] skill to remove the fear from the three of them while Lyneth was protected by [Hera’s Blessing].

Mizmith finally showed its appearance, a humanoid that looked half fish and half demon. A buffed muscular body that was as tall as the cyclops stood not far from them. Kastor and the others were shocked to see a demon lord for the first time and they could tell how strong that demon was.

“What did you see, Jeanne? Nagy?” Agnez asked as she put her hand on the sword’s handle.

“The gills on his neck and ribs, they’re his weakness,” Jeanna answered as she unsheathed her sword.

“That’s also his strength, so be careful and there are gills on his back as well, so we need to deal with them first,” Nagy answered as she tightened her grip on her katars.

Gunnar smirked and lifted his shield while glaring at Mizmith with a grin on his face. “As long as we can see it, we can kill it,”


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