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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 42 Bahasa Indonesia

“So, Lillith, can I see your face?” Lyneth asked as she looked at Lillith who stood in the middle of the backseat.

“There’s a reason why I’m wearing a mask, and that reason was it made all my inmates uncomfortable and had nightmares. So, are you sure you want to look at it?” Lillith asked back as she stared at Lyneth’s memories. Lyneth nodded her head slowly because she started to regret her decision.

Lillith sighed. “Fine, but don’t blame me if you have nightmares tonight,” she said as she slowly removed the mask. The scar was covered with a bandage and it was enough to make Lyneth sigh with relief but then Lillith removed the bandage and that was when Lyneth stopped breathing.

The bandage was covered with her saliva and Lyneth couldn’t hide her disgusted expression. There was a big hole right under her left cheekbone down to her jaw where she lost almost all the gum on her left side. Lyneth could see Lillith’s short tongue because it got cut off when her father stabbed her cheek.

Mykel stared at Lillith’s right cheek and there was a small hole that he could see through. “I think you should put it back on,” he said as he kept staring at the small hole on her cheek.

“I told you,” Lillith said as she put the bandage back and then her mask on while staring at Lyneth who lost her strength from looking at the wound on Lillith’s face. “So, where are we going now?” she asked Lyenth.

“Do you want to see your mother?” Lyneth asked as she tried to remove the image from her head.

“No, she doesn’t love me anymore after I killed them. Nobody even visited me when I’m in prison,” Lillith answered as she grabbed a candy. “We can just go straight to wherever you want to bring me,” she continued as she put the candy in her mouth.

They went back to the Guild Association building and Edith seemed to be waiting for Mykel at the receptionist. Edith looked at Lillith walking behind Mykel and Lyneth, she was curious about the girl.

“Mister Mykel, I have brought the people you asked,” Edith said as she kept staring at Lillith.

“That’s fast, where are they now?” Mykel asked.

“On the 61st floor, but there’s a slight problem,” Edith said while looking at the lift. “Agnez and Rozan are right now in the same room with them, and they’re messing around with them,” she continued as she looked at Mykel.

“Let’s go and check them out then. You’re coming with me Lillith,” Mykel said as he walked toward the lift.

Mykel stood in front of the door and when he opened it, he saw Agnez standing in front of them with her arms crossed. They looked so scared of her tall body and her death stare while Rozan was sitting behind them.

“What are you two doing?” Mykel asked with his hand still on the handle.

“Hmm?” Agnez hummed as she turned around then she looked at Lillith with her eyebrows furrowed.

Lillith looked at Agnez and read her mind and looked into her memories. She immediately like her because of the similar background they had and her straightforward personality.

“What are you looking at?” Agnez said as she stared back at Lillith, Lillith just shook her head.

“Can you both not bother them? Just stand right here at the front,” Mykel said while pointing his finger at the floor next to him.

Agnez and Rozan raised their hands as they walked to the front but then they heard footsteps coming from the lift. “Where’s the new recruit?!” Gunnar’s voice could be heard and then he entered the room with Jeanne and Gerrard behind him.

Mykel took a deep breath as he massaged his nose bridge and then exhaled deeply. “Just come in and don’t make any noise,”

Mykel leaned on the desk and crossed his arms as he stared at the three people in front of him. The left one was Vincze Lazlo, a guy with grey mullet hair and blue eyes that would become the best spearman.

The girl in the middle was Nagy Elsbeth with her jet black long curly hair that covered half of her face with her bang with orange eyes that would become the best silent killer with her katar as her weapon.

The last one was Sven Micallef with his dark red-brown spiky hair and black eyes that would become the deadliest executioner in the story with his massive scythe.

In the original story, those three were the first Asmond friends when he awakened and trained himself to be the best Awakener. Asmond and those three became best friends but unfortunately, those three didn’t make it to the middle of the story because Agnez and Lillith killed them.

The reason behind that was that Agnez looked at them as a threat that could take over her throne, especially Sven. So, during an attempt to clear the 50th floor in the Lucifer tower, Agnez and Lillith killed them as soon as they defeated the demon lord.

“You should know already why I’m bringing the three of you here since Edith has told you everything,” Mykel said and kept staring at them. “You might wondering why I’m recruiting the three of you even though you guys are not an Awakener,” he continued as he walked toward them.

Agnez and the others looked at each other with confusion then they looked at Edith who just shrugged her shoulder.

“Let me tell you something,” Mykel said as he stood in front of them. “The three of you will become an Awakener,” he continued and everyone was so surprised when they heard that.

Vincze raised his hand and looked at Mykel. “How do you know that?” he asked with a puzzled face.

“I just know,” Mykel answered with a straight face.

“Come on, you must be bullshitting us, right?” Sven said while scoffing.

“Yeah, we don’t believe you,” Vincze said as he nodded in agreement.

“Oh? You think so?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised and slowly walked toward Sven.

Gerrard already held the door handle the moment he saw Mykel making that kind of expression while the rest of them were ready to run as soon as Gerrard opened the door. “I think I’m having PTSD,” Rozan whispered to Gunnar who stood behind him.

“Dude, I feel like I’m watching myself right now,” Gunnar replied and gulped nervously.

Lillith looked at each one of them and was curious about what they were talking about. She decided to use her skill and saw their memories of when Mykel used [Tyrannize]. She immediately joined them and stood right next to Agnez which surprised Agnez.

Nagy looked at them who stood in line and next to the door, she then raised her hand and looked at Mykel. Mykel immediately looked at her and then she pointed her finger at Gunnar and the others.

“What are you guys doing?” Mykel asked and stared at them from the corner of his eye.

“Nothing,” Gunnar said. “We are just preparing ourselves, I guess,” he continued as he looked at the others. They walked back and just stood right next to Lyneth silently.

“If you don’t believe me, how about we make a bet? Are you guys interested?” Mykel said as he walked backward.

“A bet?” Vincze asked as he looked at Mykel whispering to Lyneth.

Lyneth raised her eyebrows and immediately chuckled while grabbing a cheque in her purse. She wrote the same amount of money as last time and then gave it to Mykel.

“This cheque is worth a billion zeny, and I will give this to you if the three of you didn’t become an Awakener two days from now. How about that? Are you interested?” Mykel said while he waved the cheque in between his fingers.

The three of them jolted from their seat and looked at the cheque with their eyes wide open. “Are you being serious right now?!” Sven asked.

“Of course, this much money is nothing to me,” Mykel answered.

Vincze and Sven looked at each other with a grin on their face. “Well, that’s easy fucking money,” Vincze said with excitement while Nagy watched Gunnar and the others’ expressions, they were shaking their heads as if they knew that they won’t get the money.

“But,” Mykel said as he looked at the three of them. “If you really awakened in two days, you guys are going to work for me and join my team,” he smiled as he put the cheque in his pocket.

“Alright, we are fine with that,” Sven answered.

“Gunnar, don’t you think that Sven guy has some similarity with you?” Rozan asked while staring at him.

“What are you talking about? He’s nothing like me,” Gunnar answered but the others said otherwise, even Gerrard agreed with Rozan. “Fine, if that Sven guy looks like me, then that Vincze guy looks exactly like you then,” Gunnar said.

“Please, he looks dumb,” Rozan replied and scoffed but the others just stared at him and their expressions were saying otherwise.

“That girl didn’t even say a single word since she came here and looked exactly like Gerrard if he put his hair down, but she’s a depressed version,” Agnez said and it made them snicker and cover their mouths.

Gerrard furrowed his eyebrows and pointed at Lillith then pointed at Agnez back and forth. They looked at them both back and forth and nodded in agreement. “Yeah, you both looked like sisters,” Gunnar said while looking at Agnez.

Agnez looked down and Lillith was lifting her head to look at Agnez’s face. “Yeah, whatever,” Agnez replied.

“Gunnar, bring these three to the suite and bring them back here in two days,” Mykel said as he looked at Gunnar.

“You got it, boss,” Gunnar replied and then all of them left the room and went their separate ways.


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