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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 41 Bahasa Indonesia

“Prison?” Lyneth stared at Mykel with her eyebrows furrowed.

“Yes, you will see once we get there,” Mykel answered and then he told the driver their next destination. Lyneth had nothing to say and just followed him since she already had enough for today and didn’t bother with anything else.

Once they arrived at the District 1 prison, Mykel and Lyneth entered the building and Mykel asked for an audience with the warden.

“Please have a seat,” The warden said as he pointed at the wooden sofa in front of his desk. Mykel and Lyneth sat down while the warden kept staring at them with confusion. “So, what can I do for the president of the Guild Association herself to come to this place,” he asked.

“I’m not the one who wants to be here, but him,” Lyneth said as she pointed at Mykel who sat next to her.

The warden looked at Mykel and furrowed his forehead then Mykel stood up and stood in front of the warden’s desk with his eyes staring right into the warden’s eye. “I would like to pay a visit, her name is Lillith Mort and I want to see her,”

The warden raised his eyebrows and looked at Mykel with curiosity. “Are you her family? If so, I suggest you not see her,” he said as he shook his head. Lyneth looked at the warden with curiosity.

“Just let me see her,” Mykel said, the warden looked at him and then looked at Lyneth.

“Okay, I will ask the guard to bring you to the visiting room. Just wait there and they will bring her to the room,” The warden replied and then made a call while Mykel and Lyneth left the warden’s office and went to the visiting room.

Lyneth looked around the room and there was nobody else but her and Mykel. She had never been in prison before so it was a new experience for her.

A 22 years old woman was standing outside the visiting room with her mouth covered with a mask, hands, and legs cuffed. The visiting room guard was standing on the wall next to Lyneth and Mykel, she looked at him and pointed her finger at the woman. “What’s with the mask on her face?”

“It’s quite a story, Ma’am,” The guard answered with a smile on his face.

“Tell me,” Lyneth said as she looked at the woman.

“Her name is Lillith Mort, and she’s here for multiple murders that she did a month ago,” The guard answered. “Based on her statement, she was having a big family dinner and she said her father brought a woman home even though he already had a wife,” the guard continued as he looked at Lillith.

“Long story short, her father had abused his wife ever since they got married, so during the family dinner, she stabbed her father’s hand on the dining table out of anger. Lillith loved her mother and so that was the reason why she did that,” The guard said as he fixed his hat.

“After she stabbed her father, the other family members were shocked about it and her uncles had to put her down. Without them noticing, her father pulled the knife and tried to stab her while her uncles were trying to calm her down. When the knife was about to stab her face, she turned her head and the knife went through her left cheek and almost came out on her right cheek.” The guard said and then raised his eyebrows because it gave him a chill down his spine.

“Her whole family was dumbfounded that her father would do something like that. While they turned their focus on her father, she pulled out the knife from her cheek then stabbed all the men in the room because she thought her uncles were helping her father to hurt her.” The guard said as he looked at Lyneth. “So, that’s why she’s wearing a mask and here in the prison,” the guard continued.

Lyneth couldn’t say anything and just raised her eyebrows since she was overwhelmed by the story.

“Prisoner 7712 is entering the room,” The guard said as he escorted Lillith to where Mykel and Lyneth were.

Lillith sat down in front of them and she glared at Mykel and didn’t blink ever since she entered the room. Mykel stared back at her and didn’t say anything to her, Lyneth on the other hand was staring at both of them silently.

“I know you, you’re the guy on TV that made people in the airport passed out and that’s kinda cool,” Lillith said as she pointed her finger at Mykel. “I saw her too, you both were on TV earlier,” she continued and moved her finger at Lyneth. Lyneth listened to Lillith’s way of speaking and it sounded odd to her.

“And what’s your thought about it?” Mykel asked as he lit his cigarette and Lillith was surprised when she saw a hellfire light the cigarette.

“All men are scumbags, a bunch of horny monkeys with power and superiority,” Lillith answered immediately as she glared at Mykel.

“I see, so you hate men in general, right?” Mykel asked.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Lillith said with her eyebrow raised.

“But, do you fear men?” Mykel asked as he put off his cigarette.

“I don’t fear men, I will kill them if they try to touch me,” Lillith answered as she glared at Mykel.

“Perfect,” Mykel said as he stood up and approached her. “Do you fear me?” he said as he activated [Tyrannize] and made all the guards inside and outside the visiting room collapse in fear except for Lyneth because [Hera’s Ring] protected her.

Lillith fell down from the chair and immediately closed her eyes while Lyneth was so confused about what happened. “Mykel? What’s going on?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m just using my skill,” Mykel said as he grabbed Lillith’s shirt and pulled her up then deactivated his skill.

“Wh-who are you?!” Lillith asked as she stared at Mykel with fear in her eyes.

“Didn’t you say that it was cool earlier? I’m just showing it to you,” Mykel answered and put her down on the chair as he used [Mind Control] to her and stabilized her mental state.

“I came here not for this, I came here to offer you a job,” Mykel said as he sat down next to Lyneth.

“A job? What kind?” Lillith asked as she looked at the guards on the ground and stared at Mykel with fear.

“To be her bodyguard,” Mykel said and it surprised Lyneth.

“You have heard about what happened to her on TV, and I’m going to ask you this,” Mykel paused as he put a cigarette in his mouth. “Do you want to kill a man without having to take any responsibility?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“Mykel, what are you doing?” Lyneth asked as she grabbed Mykel’s right arm. “I need a bodyguard, not a toddler, and you told me to get Awakeners to be my bodyguards,” she continued as she looked at Lillith.

“She is an Awakener, Lyn, a talented one like Agnez and the others,” Mykel answered.

[NAME: Lillith Mort]

[LEVEL: 1]





[Telepathic (Active): Allow the User to read the target’s mind and memories in exchange for the User’s Stamina. This skill might not effective against Users or demons with [Mind Control]. The higher the [Telepathic] skill level, the lower the Stamina usage when activated. (Current skill level is 1. Take 5% of the User’s Stamina for every minute of reading the target’s mind)]

[Vengeance (Passive) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to turn all negatives emotion into a tremendous amount of brute strength. (Can only be activated when the User has a high level of negative emotion)]

The reason why Mykel came to the prison was to get Lillith under Hera’s request, and it was also because it was already time to pick her up since she had awakened. Lillith was the only person that Agnez trusted in the original story and they both were the true Demonesses in the story, even all the daughters of the demon kings acknowledge them.

“She’s an Awakener?” Lyneth looked at Lillith who was just staring at her and tried to read her mind.

Lillith heard all of Lyneth’s thoughts and memories, she understood the situation and noticed that Mykel really was trying to protect her. She then looked at Mykel’s thoughts but it was just empty because of Mykel’s skill to prevent anyone to enter his mind.

“You said that I could kill without having to take responsibility for it?” Lillith asked as she stared at Mykel.

“Yes, unless you killed an innocent person, then I will personally throw you back into the prison,” Mykel said as he stared back at her.

“Are you sure you can get me out of the prison? Because my sentence is five years of imprisonment,” Lillith asked as she showed the cuff on her wrists.

“You want me to burn this whole prison down?” Mykel asked as he smoked his cigarette.

Lillith smirked underneath her mask. “Then I will accept your offer,”


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