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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 37 Bahasa Indonesia

Jeanne groaned as she opened her eyes because of a massive headache she had after drinking all night last night. She tried to sit on the bed and she felt a breeze touching her back, she then noticed that she had nothing on her body. She looked down and saw she was fully naked and she panicked as she tried to remember what happened last night, but her panic got worse when she saw Mykel was sleeping next to her with nothing on him as well.

“I remember that I had a few drinks with Mykel and I cried on his shoulder, then I…” Jeanne paused and immediately covered her face when she remembered that she kissed Mykel so passionately. “No, what have I done… it was my first time as well…” she said quietly with her red face because of the embarrassment.

Jeanne tried to move but her back and thighs were sore, and with every pain that she felt, she remembered everything that happened last night. She remembered that she was on top of Mykel and kept kissing him so passionately all night. She couldn’t hold her embarrassment any longer and decided to grab her stuff and put them on then left the hotel room.

Mykel opened his eyes the moment he heard the door was closed, he sat up and grabbed his cigarette then went to the balcony for a smoke. He watched Jeanne on the street that walking hurriedly as she crossed the road, he couldn’t help but smile because he never thought Jeanne would make a move at him like that.

“She’s quite an aggressive one, I see,” Mykel said as he felt stings all over his neck.

Gunnar had been staring at Jeanne who acting so weird ever since the morning. “Jeanne, did something happen? You look like someone who just lost a lot of money from gambling,”

Jeanne lifted her head and everyone was staring at her except for Mykel who didn’t even bother to check on her. She noticed that Mykel had to wear a scarf to cover the hickies that she gave him, and it made her face red again.

Agnez furrowed her forehead as she stared at Jeanne. “Jeanne, can you be focused? I’m uncomfortable seeing you daydreaming like that,”

“Sorry, I’m fine,” Jeanne replied.

All of them entered the ninth floor of the Belphegor tower.

Mykel watched everyone fight the demons and they had improved quite a lot, especially Agnez, Gunnar, and Gerrard ever since he gave them the artifacts. They cleared each floor way faster than before and he was glad that giving those artifacts to them was the best decision he had ever made. One thing that he was concerned about was Jeanne and her performance was so bad that he couldn’t even look at her anymore.

[Congratulation you have cleared the ninth floor of Belphegor Tower!]

[The portal to the tenth floor is now open!]

“Jeanne, what the fuck?!” Agnez yelled at Jeanne and it startled everyone. “What the fuck is wrong with you?! Can you focus?!” she kept yelling at Jeanne as she walked toward her.

Gunnar stopped her before Agnez would do something stupid. “Relax! Maybe something was in her mind, let her be,” he said as he grabbed Agnez on the stomach. Gerrard and Rozan had to help Gunnar to hold Agnez from approaching Jeanne.

“What are you guys doing?! Let go of me! Let me teach her that we are here not for fun but she’s casually just dozing off like she was on a vacation!” Agnez yelled at those three.

“I’m sorry, I will focus from now on,” Jeanne said as she looked at Agnez who kept glaring at her and it made her feel a bit uncomfortable. Edith approached Jeanne and decided to comfort her and rubbed her back.

Mykel decided to interfere with those two and grabbed Agnez’s head with his hand, and that was enough to calm her down. He looked at Jeanne who looked down and felt guilty for not doing her job properly. “Jeanne, you should leave if you can’t do your job properly because I don’t want to put these guys in danger because of your incompetence,”

The moment she heard those words from Mykel, she looked at him and tears immediately fell onto her cheeks. It shocked everyone including Agnez that suddenly stopped resisting and stood while looking at Jeanne.

Mykel sighed and looked at Gunnar and the others. “Let me have a moment with her,”

“Come with me,” Mykel said as he offered his hand to Jeanne and she immediately grabbed it and followed him.

Mykel and Jeanne were standing under the shade of the tree behind them. “What happened, Jeanne?” Mykel asked. Jeanne couldn’t tell him about the things in her head because it was too embarrassing to say.

“Is it about last night?” Mykel asked and tilted his head while staring at Jeanne.

“Yes,” Jeanne answered quietly. “It was about last night and everything that you saw, heard, and felt,” she continued.

Mykel exhaled deeply and wiped the tears on her cheeks then he gently lifted her face so he could see her face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean to you but after noticing that you weren’t next to me this morning, I thought you wanted some space,” he explained.

Jeanne shook her head as she sniffled. “No, I just can’t stop thinking about it and it’s making me feel weird,”

“I see, but I don’t want to see you or anyone on the team like this because there are things far more serious we have to face. That’s why you can blame me for everything that happened last night and I will be okay with it as long as it can make you feel better,” Mykel said as he kept pressing her cheeks with his hands and with a gentle smile on his face.

Jeanne suddenly hugged Mykel so tightly and she immediately remember the warmth of his body from last night that made her feel so comfortable that she started to think she didn’t want to let him go. Mykel chuckled softly and hugged her back while rubbing her back and kissing her on the head.

“Are you feeling better now?” Mykel asked.

“Yeah,” Jeanne answered as she removed her arms from Mykel.

“Alright let’s go back and clear the tenth floor,” Mykel said as they both walked back.

Agnez approached them and looked at Jeanne’s bright face, she already had her suspicion between those two. “Are you okay now, Jeanne?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m fine now, and I’m sorry for not doing my job properly,” Jeanne replied.

Agnez hummed and Jeanne walked toward Gunnar and the others, they immediately comforted her.

When Mykel was about to approach them, Agnez grabbed his arm. “You had sex with her, didn’t you? I have seen that kind of expression dozens of times, and the way you treated her like that, you can’t hide it from me,”

Mykel turned around and looked at Agnez with a smirk on his face. He suddenly grabbed her neck with his right hand and slowly but surely tightened his grip around her neck then leaned toward her ear. “Did I just hear jealousy?” he whispered. “I know that you have been wanting to do it with me ever since I saw you wet yourself in pleasure the moment I forced you to look me in the eyes. Don’t you, slut?” he continued as he tightened his grip more around her neck.

Instead of resisting, Agnez was indulged with pleasure.

Mykel removed his hand from her neck and walked back to the others as if nothing happened. He wouldn’t know about it if he didn’t check on everyone’s character in the command system and that Agnez was a sucker to be submitted.

[Your second trial is beginning]

[Balthar, The First Demon Lord of Belphegor, The Merciless has been waiting for this moment]

“Come on, we have wasted a lot of time on the ninth floor, so kill him fast,” Mykel said as he lit his cigarette.

A gigantic flying head with fangs that touched the ground was glaring at them with his three eyes. Both Jeanne and Agnez walked to the front at the same time and they both were looking at each other with surprised expressions.

“It seems the ladies want to handle this one on their own,” Rozan said. “You can let them in action, Gunnar,” he continued.

“Fine by me,” Gunnar replied as he crossed his arms and looked at Agnez and Jeanne charged at Balthar.

“You found it?” Agnez asked as she ran next to Jeanne.

“The third eye on his forehead,” Jeanne replied.

Agnez ran faster than Jeanne and used [Sleight of Hand] the moment she was in range at Balthar. She distracted Balthar with her illusions while Jeanne waited for an opening to attack the eye.

“Now!” Agnez yelled at Jeanne.

Jeanne ran past Agnez and jumped as high as she could while Balthar was busy dodging Agnez’s illusions attacks. Agnez swung her real sword diagonally directly at the third eye and precisely cut the eye with the tip of her blade. Balthar screamed in pain and Jeanne landed right on top of him and then stabbed her sword right in the third eye.

Agnez took a deep breath as she sheathed her sword and immediately swung her sword vertically as hard and fast as she could at Balthar and cut half of his head open.

(At the same time in the back of a car)

Lyneth was awakened by a bump in a car, she weakly opened her eyes and saw herself inside of a car. She was too weak to move her body but she tried her best to reach her pocket to grab her phone. Lyneth didn’t know what happened to her but she knew she was being kidnapped.

Lyneth managed to grab her phone and immediately wrote a message to Mykel.

[Help me]

Lyneth fell unconscious again because she used all her strength to write that message.


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