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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 340 Bahasa Indonesia

“Would you care to explain this whole mess?” Lucifer asked as he walked to his throne and saw the cut-down apple trees and the crumbling floating islands outside the palace.

“Mykel was here, a few days ago. He came here uninvited, and I didn’t like him coming here as he pleased. So I welcomed him and that happened,” Luciel answered with a straight face.

Lucifer hummed as he sat on his throne and stared at Luciel for quite a while. The downside of having a powerful daughter was that he couldn’t read her mind since he made her that powerful.

Lucifer didn’t regret it, and he wasn’t suspicious of Luciel at all at that moment. He believed her since she had been an obedient daughter as intended when he created her.

“Did he say why he’s here?” Lucifer crossed his legs as he closed his eyes.

“About the deal you made. I didn’t ask him nor listen to him because I don’t like him being here at all,” Luciel answered.

“You should know already that he’s not our enemy right now. With that being said, being cautious around him is a must, and you already showed it to him. You did good,” Lucifer said as he rested his head on his right fist.

Luciel nodded her head in agreement.

“Father, can I ask you something?” Luciel asked.

“If you’re asking about the task, I already gave you the answer,” Lucifer said with a troubled expression.

“No, it’s about something else. I’m talking about the deal you made with her. What are we going to do now since she hasn’t gotten what she wanted? Does that mean our deal with her is still on, and now we are in trouble?” Luciel replied as she looked at Lucifer.

“Not for long. Once I destroyed that world, everything will change,” Lucifer answered so casually.

“How can destroying a single world will be enough to change our situation?” Luciel asked.

“That’s none of your concern, Luciel. Just listen to me and do what I told you. The time is about to come, and all you have to think about is to destroy that world for me,” Lucifer answered as he stared at Luciel with a stern look.

“Yes, father,” Luciel lowered her head and then walked away.

Luciel walked away from the palace and pulled out her handled sword. She then cut the air open and created a dimensional crack. She entered the portal and went to Gehenna.

Lucifer snapped his fingers and opened a portal in front of him. Suddenly a woman came out of the portal, and it was Nyx. She wasn’t the only one who came out of the portal, Zeus and Poseidon were coming out of the portal.

“How the table has turned,” Lucifer smirked as he looked at Zeus and Poseidon. “Welcome, and have a seat,” Lucifer pointed at the chairs next to them.

“One brother is dead, and the other two decided to join my side. Interesting,” Lucifer said as he looked at those two.

“Hades is alive,” Nyx answered as she walked up the stairs to approach Lucifer.

Lucifer furrowed his forehead with a confused look. He was sure that Mykel had killed him because the news and rumors were spreading like crazy among the Gods.

“How?” Lucifer asked as he looked at Nyx who stood next to his throne.

“From what we heard, Mykel brought him back to life, but we don’t know how exactly he did that. I have never heard of any Gods who can bring back a God to life. That’s why this is really weird and suspicious,” Nyx answered with her arms crossed.

“This is ludicrous! How could he do something like bringing a God back to life and made it like it was a normal thing to do?!” Zeus clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

Lucifer didn’t know anything about that even though he knew Mykel could bring the mortal back to life. He started to realize something was off with Mykel’s existence. From his existence, his way to get everything in a blink of an eye, from becoming an Awakener to Demi-God, and becoming a God. Not to mention how fast he was gaining his [Authority] skill to level 3 like it was nothing.

Lucifer started to think that Mykel might be telling the truth about Mykel and him being the same person. Although it was the case, Lucifer found it suspicious when Mykel said that he was a part of Mykel, not the other way around.

Nyx, Zeus, and Poseidon were busy talking about the rumors about Mykel. The rumor about him could be the destruction and the extinction of God’s existence. They were worried if the rumor kept spreading around the Gods, it made them fear him and nobody wanted to go against him.

Lucifer listened to their conversation as he thought about his own existence. Who he was and how he suddenly existed. He started to question whether someone or something had created him and his siblings. He was confident it wasn’t Mara, and he started to doubt that Mara’s existence was different than his.

“You seem to be in deep of thought,” Nyx asked as she looked at Lucifer who stared blankly at the door.

“That’s none of your business,” Lucifer said as he sighed. “What do you want from me? I don’t have time to listen to your whining,” Lucifer asked as he stared at Zeus and Poseidon with a sharp gaze.

“We need your help, Lucifer,” Nyx said. “This is our only chance to get Gods to join your side, but the problem is that Gaia has decided to get involved and I can’t do anything about her,” Nyx answered.

“And? You need my help to get rid of her for you?” Lucifer asked with his eyebrows raised, and he looked uninterested.

“Yes, we will handle the rest for you,” Nyx answered.

“You do understand if you do that, Mykel won’t stay quiet. So, I’m not interested,” Lucifer said.

Nyx, Zeus, and Poseidon looked so confused as they stared at Lucifer.

“Why?” Nyx asked.

“Because Mykel and I are now allies, and I’m not going to risk it for a child play like this,” Lucifer said as he stood up. “If there’s nothing else, leave,” Lucifer continued as he stared at them.

“Are you being serious, Lucifer? What’s the meaning of this?” Nyx asked in a devastating voice.

“Yes. Now leave or I will make your existence disappear, all of you,” Lucifer answered as he stared Nyx in the eye with a serious expression.

Nyx gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. She looked so frustrated, but she couldn’t do anything and decided to leave with Zeus and Poseidon.

(In Gehenna)

Luciel was floating near the Babel Tower and watched how dull and depressing the place was. She wasn’t a fan of that kind of scenery. She missed the old Empyrean World before Lucifer turned it into another hellish place.

Luciel flew down with the speed of sound and tore the wind around her making everyone notice her presence. She kept flying down for a few minutes until she reached the ground where demons were killing and making out with each other.

Enslaving the souls, eating their bodies bit by bit, and torturing them nonstop. She walked past the demons as she watched and heard the screams and cries of the damned souls.

Luciel flew away and passed hundreds of mountains, valleys, and seas of lavas. She then landed on a small dead garden with dried apple trees around it. There was a big circle table with thirteen seats made of stone. Those seats were so small that she barely rested her whole butt on it.

The tables and the seats were made when they were small. They tried to replicate the table where all the Demon Kings used to be at every gathering. Luciel looked at how silly it was, and they even carved their names on the seats.

While Luciel enjoyed the silence and thought about Mykel’s words, she heard the sound of a twig being crushed. She turned around and saw a woman in a black dress with a veil covering her face.

“Deviatris? What are you doing here?” Luciel asked.

“I saw you, I follow,” A woman answered quietly with a raspy voice. “Luciel?” The woman asked as she slowly lifted the veil and showed her dark eyes with orange pupils with her messy short gray hair.

“I need a quiet place,” Luciel answered as she sat back on her seat. “Come here, have a seat,” Luciel patted the seat next to her.

Deviatris had decayed and broken gray bat wings on her back. She didn’t move a muscle and stayed there as she looked at Luciel with a bit of fear written on her face.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to,” Luciel said without looking back. “Is Uncle still here? Is that why you’re still here as well?” Luciel asked as she cleaned her side of the table.

“Yes,” Deviatris answered.

“Are the other sisters still here as well?” Luciel asked as she looked over her shoulder to look at Deviatris.

“All of them, here, yes,” Deviatris nodded her head and then tilted her head. “Luciel?” Deviatris asked.

“Bring them here, I have something to say,” Luciel answered.


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