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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 33: Never left the game. Bahasa Indonesia

33 Chapter 32: Never left the game.

[Goddess of All has summoned you to her world, the Void Clouds]

Mykel didn’t even realize that he had been summoned because it was so quick. He looked around and it was pitch black and nothing around him, he only saw himself float in an empty space. He knew about this place since he was the one who made it this way, but he never thought it would be this unsettling.

[Goddess of All has requested the system]

[The User’s [Admin] skill level is insufficient to interfere with the request]

[All of your skills have been disabled in the Void Clouds under Goddess of All request]

Mykel furrowed his forehead as he kept looking around and he couldn’t all the muscles in his body. While he was trying to move, he could something unbelievably massive just walked past him from his right. He had no idea what that feeling was, but he felt like he just felt something that big as a planet just walked past by.

The feelings he felt won’t leave him alone, that thing kept moving around him and it made him feel anxious. His mouth couldn’t even produce his own voice no matter how hard he tried to speak.

“You, who possessed something that shouldn’t belong to you,” A woman’s voice could be heard and echoed throughout the empty space.

A silhouette of a woman with a very long dress that had no end approached Mykel. “You are an interesting one,” the woman said. “I will see you again very soon, Mykel Alester,” the woman continued, and suddenly a wave of light flew past him that made him see a being as big as a sun glaring down at him with her arms spread open.

Mykel went back to his desk the moment he saw a glimpse of that being and immediately choked as he coughed and gasped for air at the same time. He fell to the floor as he tried to breathe but something didn’t let him breathe while at the same time thousands of notifications appeared around him.

[All the Constellations are confused about what just happened]

“Boss?!” Gunnar screamed as soon as he saw Mykel on the floor with Agnez on the others behind him.

Gunnar touched Mykel’s shoulder but immediately pulled his hand. “Fuck! Don’t touch him!” Gunnar screamed and warned the other since he felt something so cold that it burned his palm, and everyone looked at his hand with disbelief.

Mykel slowly tried to stand up as he staggered and stared at Gunnar and the others who looked at him with confusion. “What do you guys want?” he asked as he weakly walked to his chair.

“Boss, what happened to you?” Agnez asked as she stared at Mykel weirdly.

“It’s none of your concern, I just tried to increase a skill of mine,” Mykel lied as he tried to calm himself down.

Everyone looked at Gunnar’s hand once again and then looked at Mykel, they were thinking what kind of skill could do such harm with gentle touch like that. All of them then sat down on the sofa as they waited for Mykel to recover from what just happened to him.

Myke lit his cigarette and leaned on the desk. “So, why are you guys here?”

All of them were looking at each other with confusion and then Rozan stared at Agnez as he tilted his head toward Mykel.

“Mykel, you have gone missing for a whole week, we were looking for you everywhere and we couldn’t find you,” Agnez answered.

Mykel furrowed his forehead with confusion and then he grabbed his phone and she was right. He was so confused but realized that a short amount of time in that Void Clouds was a week in here. He then looked to his right and saw a notification that had been there ever since he came back and read it.

[The Constellations warned all the Awakeners that the Demon Kings are going to invade the world once more. The Constellations are asking you to clear the tenth floor in each tower to prevent the Demons to invade your world]

[You have 7 days before the Demon Kings invade your world]

[The reward for completing the request is 5,000 Arcana Coin]

“Boss, what are we going to do?” Gunnar asked as he kept staring at Mykel.

“It’s time, already, huh?” Mykel said as he puffed the smoke. “The answer is obvious, let’s clear the tenth floor of the towers that we possess,” he answered.

“Just the towers that we possess?” Rozan asked with confusion.

Mykel put his hand in his pocket. “Of course. They decided to leave the Guild Association so it’s not our problem. If that’s what they want, then they should know about the consequences,” he explained. Agnez nodded in agreement while she was leaning on the sofa and listening to Mykel’s words.

“But that means the demons will invade those districts,” Gunnar replied with concern.

“It’s obvious and they would rather defend the district from the breakout than have to sacrifice hundreds or even thousands of Awakeners to clear the tenth floor. It’s their responsibility to handle it,” Mykel explained. “But, I’m not forbidding you guys to help them. You can go there and join them to defend the district if you want to,” he said.

They were sighing with relief while Agnez just stared at them weirdly.

“Alright, we have so many towers to clear, go and prepare your stuff and we will start from the Abaddon Tower,” Mykel said as he walked back to his desk and grabbed the chest in the drawer where all the keys of the tower were.

All of them left the office as Mykel watched them leave. Mykel was still shocked by what he just experienced, it was enough to exhaust him.

“Mykel!” Lyneth said as she entered the room after she heard that Mykel was back in his office. She hurriedly walked toward Mykel with a worried expression. “Where have you been?”

Mykel was rubbing his face and the moment he opened his eyes, Lyneth was already standing next to him. “I had to train my skill, that’s all,” he answered.

Lyneth sighed with relief. “I see, but please inform me first if you want to do this again. I’m so worried because I couldn’t contact you,”

Mykel slightly smiled and stared at her. “Of course,”

“Anyway, there are so many reporters waiting in front of the building. They want to ask about the news about the second breakout, and what’s our plan on handling that,” Lyneth said as she looked down through the glass wall.

“Isn’t that your job to handle those people?” Mykel asked and stood next to Lyneth while he looked down on the street.

“I know, but you’re the one who will handle those towers, so I need you to be down there with me and tell them about your plan,” Lyneth answered while she looked at Mykel.

“I see, let’s go then,” Mykel said and then they both left the office and went down.

Gunnar and the others were waiting for them near the entrance while the reporters were making commotion outside the building. He looked at how crowded the street was with so many cameras set on the street and pointing at the entrance.

“Are you ready, Mykel? This will be your first appearance in front of the media,” Lyneth asked while she fixed her dress and hair.

“This is nothing, I’m used to this kind of stuff,” Mykel said as he walked out the entrance with Lyneth and the others following him from behind.

The moment they got out of the building, the reporters started to bombard Lyneth with questions while the guards were holding them back. Lyneth raised her hand and all of them immediately went quiet and looked at her silently.

“Every one of you came here to ask about the second breakout and I can see that you’re worried about it,” Lyneth said. “But, you don’t have to worry about anything because we have prepared a team to clear the tenth floor of all the towers that we possess,” she continued.

“A team? We don’t think you can clear the tenth floor, Miss Lyneth because the Fraternity even stated that they can’t even clear it and decided to protect the districts from the demons,” One of the reporters said.

Mykel scoffed as he grabbed a cigarette from his pocket that made all of them silent and stared at him. Lyneth smirked and immediately move away so Mykel could speak his mind.

“Funny how you said that we are weaker than those people and presume the Guild Association is coming to its end,” Mykel said as he walked to the front.

“We are just having a break for a moment, and now the break is over, let me show you that we have never been out from the game and will always be on the top,” Mykel explained as he lit his cigarette and walked through the crowds with Gunnar and the others following him from behind.


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