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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 328 Bahasa Indonesia

“I have never seen you so laidback like this, Mykel. You have been doing nothing for the past two days here,” Hera said as she walked alongside the river bank and stared at Mykel sitting on top of a big rock while staring at the distance. “But aren’t you forgetting something?” Hera looked at Mykel and stood right next to the rock.

Mykel sighed as he slowly lay down on the rock with his hands on the back of his head. He didn’t say anything as he stared blankly at the blue sky.

“What’s on your mind?” Hera asked as she sat on the edge of the rock.

“Thinking about the next moves,” Mykel answered.

“Next moves? Like from now on?” Hera asked again as she looked at Mykel’s resting face.

“No, far away in the future once I achieved my goal,” Mykel answered.

“You’re here not just to remind me about my promise to Persephone, right?” Mykel asked as he sat up and rested his left arm on his left knee.

Hera smiled as she slowly moved closer to Mykel. She gently touched his chest and slowly rubbed her left thumb on his right cheek as she stared him in the eye.

Hera leaned forward and kissed Mykel so passionately. It was only for a few seconds, but that was good enough for her.

“That’s the main reason why I’m here,” Hera smiled. “Also, he’s waiting impatiently ever since you decided to be in action again. Hel is a bit overwhelmed and she can no longer deal with him,” Hera continued.

“That’s my plan for today,” Mykel said as he jumped down from the rock. “The longer I drag this out, the crazier he will become, and I don’t want that,” Mykel stretched his shoulders and neck.

“Is he always like that? I never thought he would be that insane,” Hera asked as she walked next to Mykel. “We should be careful around him,”

“I have always been careful around him. Although he’s like that, it’s because of his obsession. Compared to Hermes, he’s more trustworthy. You should start to deal with him,” Mykel said.

“I will once I figure out what Loki wants from you. I can’t leave you alone with him after what I saw back there,” Hera replied with a restless expression.

Mykel scoffed and then warped to Niflheim to meet with Loki.

The hall was empty and there was nobody inside but Mykel and Hera. The flowers that Gaia put in the hall gave a very nice and relaxing scent, but then they both heard giggles that echoed throughout the hall.

“Hera, I suggest you not get involved in this matter,” Loki said, but he was nowhere to be found.

“I’m not, I’m here to watch,” Hera looked around to see where Loki’s voice was coming from.

Loki’s wicked laugh made Hera cautious, and she felt a killing aura in the hall, a very strong one. She didn’t know that Loki had that kind of aura, and she started to think that Loki had been pretending to be weak all this time.

“Oh, Hera. I never thought you’re that kind of person,” Loki slowly revealed himself in the middle of the hall. His face was covered in his long black messy hair. His claws were long and sharp, and his whole body was shivering as if he was freezing cold.

Hera was surprised to see Loki in that condition, and it was the first time she felt scared both mentally and physically.

“Let’s do this outside,” Mykel said as he walked past Loki so casually.

Loki giggled as his body slowly became translucent and disappeared into thin air.

Mykel was a bit surprised when he saw Thor, Freyja, Skadi, Sif, Baldur, and Heimdall standing in front of Hel. He looked up and saw the dark clouds covering the roots of the Yggdrasil tree. Even Nidhoggr was covered by it and only his tail was visible below the clouds.

“I don’t know what happened to my brother, but you should stop him before he becomes something else,” Thor said as he looked at Mykel with a serious expression. “If you need my help…” Thor continued.

“No need, I can handle this,” Mykel replied with a smile as he shook his head.

“Be careful, Mykel Alester,” Sif stared Mykel in the eye.

Mykel nodded, and then looked in the direction where the strong killing aura. He then walked toward it as he tightened his gloves and kept his eyes wide open.

“Are you planning to keep hiding, Loki?” Mykel asked. “Your trickery won’t work on me,” Mykel continued as he released a powerful wind shockwave.

Everyone was getting knocked back by the shockwave except for Thor since he was prepared for it and protected Sif from it. They heard ravens croaking, and then looked at Mykel where he was surrounded by them.

“That’s…” Thor was a bit shocked when he looked at the ravens.

“Odin’s power,” Sif said.

Mykel released a powerful heatwave and burned all the ravens into ashes.

“Are you really going to play the game like this?” Mykel asked.

As soon as Mykel said that, Loki appeared right behind him with a dagger ready to stab him in the neck. Mykel turned around as he swung his right hand toward Loki. He managed to grab Loki by the neck before Loki could stab his dagger at him.

Loki giggled and turned himself into black smoke. He freed himself from Mykel’s grasp like it was nothing to him. He then appeared a few meters away from Mykel with a huge grin on his face, but his eyes were covered by his hair.

Mykel glanced over his right shoulder, and he knew Loki was like the back of his hand. Another Loki appeared with a sword in his hand, but Mykel managed to grab his hand first. Mykel then threw Loki to the Loki that was in front of him.

“If you’re not serious about this, then I’ll leave,” Mykel said with a serious expression.

Loki bit his bottom lip as he smirked, and then dozens of Loki appeared right next to him with different weapons in their hands. All of them slowly walked toward the Loki in the middle, and all of them became one with the original Loki.

Loki dashed forward, and before he reached to Mykel, he puffed into black smoke. He appeared to Mykel’s left with a spear ready in his hand and thrust it. Mykel took a step back to dodge it, and Loki’s spear shapeshifted into a sword.

Loki swung his sword at Mykel, but Mykel’s right foot was already flying to kick Loki in the face. Loki turned into black smoke, but it was already too late for him since Mykel was too fast for him. Mykel kicked Loki in the face and sent him so far away, but Mykel didn’t lower his guard and looked at his surroundings for an ambush.

It was so quiet and everyone was watching from the distance. Suddenly Loki appeared right behind Mykel with a dagger ready to stab his back. The moment Mykel turned around, another Loki appeared behind him as well with a spear ready.

Mykel dashed to the side, and both Loki were to hit each other, but the first Loki got absorbed into the second Loki. Unscratched, Loki swung his spear and then stabbed it to the ground.

Dozens of Loki appeared again, and they all merged into one again. It was a sight to see since they had no idea why Loki did that rather than using all of them to fight Mykel. It was a skill called [Clone] that allowed Loki to split his body as much as he wanted, but in exchange, it divided his power to how many clones he created.

Loki cloned at least thirty of him in the original story. He had two or three in every nine realms of Yggdrasil. He had one in the Hall of Triumph. He had at least six inside the Pantheon that he used as a spy. Now he brought all of them back to his body as Mykel watched him from the side.

“Now this is what I want to see. The famous Loki,” Mykel said with a smile.

Loki stretched his neck as he pulled his hair back and tied them up. His face was a bit brighter and his pretty face was different than usual. Even Thor, Baldur, and Heimdall were charmed by his beauty, and not only that, the killing intent had disappeared.

“Just for you, I sacrificed all my clones,” Loki said in a more feminine and soothing voice with a gorgeous smile.


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