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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 320 Bahasa Indonesia

“People from another world, thank you, for saving our lives,” Geller said as he looked at Agnez and the others who had just entered the fortress.

Although Geller looked grateful, he was still suspicious of them. Lillith looked at his memories and understood why he was so suspicious about them. They weren’t the first ones who came to Eil World. There were people who came to that world and managed to save it.

“You don’t have to raise your guard. We are not interested in the research or the knowledge,” Lillith said with her arms crossed and stared at Geller.

Geller was dumbfounded when Lillith found out about the research and the knowledge.

“Research? Knowledge? What are you talking about?” Rozan asked with his eyebrow raised.

“Let me do the honor to explain it to you, but first, let me show our hospitality. Since we are on the brink of extinction, we have so many things that we can offer to you,” Geller said as he pointed at the tallest building behind him.

They all nodded with understanding and followed Geller into the building.

“That explosion back there, what was that? Are you not worried? It looked so lethal, and it’s still burning as we speak,” Jeanne asked.

Geller took a deep breath and didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

“I sent a few of my men there, to lure the Hormoid away from us. That explosion, it was a sign that their final mission was a success,” Geller answered.

Everyone understood what Geller meant, and didn’t ask any further. Geller sighed again as he massaged the right side of his forehead gently.

“Although it looked massive and powerful, the amount of Hormoid that exists won’t decrease,” Geller complained and he sounded so exhausted and sick of it.

“This Hormoid you’re talking about. Is that the name of the creature?” Nexus asked.

“Yes, we called them that. Homunculus Experiment Humanoid,” Gellar nodded his head as he entered the auditorium. “Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable,” Gellar pointed at the seats.

“So this Hormoid isn’t a demon?” Agnez asked as she walked into the auditorium.

“Demon? Only the Gods know what that thing is. We didn’t even know that thing existed until it was already too late,” Geller scoffed as he walked next to Agnez.

Everyone was sitting comfortably as they watched Geller walk to the podium and turn on the mic. He then cleared his throat as he looked at every one of them.

“Let me introduce myself formally. My name is Geller Arsion, the Admiral of the forty-six colony. The world you’re in isn’t our original world, and as I have said, we are trying to colonize the planet because our original world has been conquered and subdued by demons,” Geller said.

Everyone looked surprised even Agnez who wasn’t easily surprised by anything.

“We don’t know how, but it seems no matter where we go, the demons will always find us. But, that wasn’t really a big problem when the tower appeared. We fought, and we lost, but then people like you came to our world with just swords, shields, and bows. They saved us, but their curiosity turned a storm into a thunderstorm,” Geller continued.

Geller looked around to look for Lillith, and once he saw her, he pointed his hand at her.

“As that young lady said. This world was saved, and these people from another world decided to use the opportunity they got from defeating the demon lord and the knowledge they got from him,” Geller said as the projector screen slowly covered the wall behind him.

“And this is what they created,” Geller said as a photo appeared on the projector screen.

Everyone’s eyes and mouths were wide open as they stared at the picture. Mykel looked at it and was surprised at how hideous it was compared to his own imagination when he thought about it.

“What is that?” Sven asked in disgust. “No matter how you look at it. That thing is like Hormoid, but much much worse…” Sven squinted his eyes.

As Sven said, it looked similar to the Hormoid that they encountered. The only differences were the one in the photo had a bulging stomach that was as big as a two-story building, and had more limbs like a spider.

The creature was surrounded by hundreds of Hormoid. It was either they were protecting it or they were eating it since they could see some of them were reading the flesh.

“This picture was taken five years ago on the east, and we call it the Breeder. As you can see here, the Breeder has a bulging stomach. We have something else to show you,” Geller said and showed a video.

The first thing they heard was a loud screeching and scream of the Breeder. It sounded like the Breeder was in pain, and everyone felt uncomfortable until it became much worse.

The video showed the Breeder giving birth to six Hormoid at once, and it didn’t stop. The Breeder had given birth to dozens or even hundreds of Hormoid in just a minute.

“Fuck man. I don’t think I can have sex after watching this,” Sven said as he looked away and closed his eyes. He tried to forget what he just saw, but it kept coming back and haunting him.

It wasn’t just Sven, but all the guys in the auditorium were thinking the same thing. Although the Breeder looked like a monster, her body still looked like a human body, and that included her massive vagina.

They didn’t know which was scarier, the Breeder herself, or the fact that it gave birth nonstop. Geller then stopped the video since it was fifteen minutes long, and everyone was sickened by it already.

“That was five years ago, and now you know how many of them are there now if you calculate it from just this video. If you come here to save our world, that will be your only objective,” Geller said.

“Before we go there, can you tell us about the Breeder and how that thing exists in the first place?” Agnez asked.

“Demon worshipper, mad scientist, curiosity, you name it. There were a lot of them back then, and they got this demonic knowledge about homunculus and alchemy. Of course, once these people from another world defeated the demons, they discovered this knowledge,” Geller answered.

“You must have known about this that you can’t bring anything back to your original world when it didn’t belong to their world. So, they did an experiment here without us knowing since we thought they were good people,” Geller explained.

“This knowledge, is it a magic book? Is that why they couldn’t do the experiment without it?” Rozan asked.

“Yes, and not only the magic book but also the homunculus itself. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how it got here, and how it could become like that,” Geller answered as he rested his hands on the podium.

Rozan hummed as he crossed his arms. His face looked so serious and he was deep in thought.

“I think I understand how the Breeder could breed them like that,” Rozan said. “But it was just a theory though,” Rozan rubbed his chin as he stared blankly at the floor.

“This magic book, do you have it?” Rozan looked at Geller.

“No. Even if we have it, we won’t keep it and will destroy it immediately,” Geller answered as he shook his head.

“I see, well it doesn’t matter since that’s not the point,” Rozan stood up as he looked at the paused video. “That thing, the Breeder, I assume you do have a guess about who that is?” Rozan asked. “It’s one of them, isn’t it? The people from another world?”

“We do have a suspicion, and ever since that thing was discovered, we haven’t seen them ever since,” Geller answered. “Are you trying to say that the Breeder is really one of them?” Geller furrowed his eyebrows.

“I’m not sure, but I still have one last question to confirm. Is one of them a woman with magic power?” Rozan asked, and Geller was mildly shocked when Rozan found out one of them was a woman with magic powers. “I see, then I can confirm that this thing is that woman,” Rozan said as he pointed at the screen and looked at everyone.

“I know a lot of things from my master, and that included the magic book. It’s basically to allow anyone to use magic without even having the ability to use magic,” Rozan explained as he walked up to the stage. “While Homunculus is something that resembles a human, functionally, it doesn’t have to be in a shape of a human,” Rozan continued as he looked at the screen.

“Now, I don’t know how or why, but that Homunculus is inside that thing. The reason why it can breed like crazy is that Homunculus use the magic inside of that woman to produce another Homunculus,” Rozan explained as he turned around to look at every one.

“That’s it? That doesn’t explain on how that thing can breed with fine body armor,” Gunnar asked.

“That may be because we don’t have any proof if the Breeder really only needs magic to produce Homunculus. The only answer that I have in mind is that this thing eats human bodies, and then she processed them and produced those Hormoid,” Rozan answered. “I think that’s why we never see a whole human dead body, and if I’m right, if we go back out there, those dead bodies will go missing,” Rozan continued.

“No, there’s no need to do that because back there, we saw those Hormoid took the dead bodies away. It was their own and the human dead bodies,” Agnez said.

“Then I’m fucking right about this. No matter how many we kill, it will be reborn if we don’t destroy their bodies entirely,” Rozan said as he stared at the Breeder.


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