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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 315 Bahasa Indonesia

“Go!” Jeanne said.

The table was split in half again, but Mykel kept it together with his magic, and it didn’t stop there. The crack was spreading on the floor and to the wall. The whole castle was trembling, and Rozan tried to stop it from collapsing, but then he realized that it wasn’t just the castle, but the ground was shattering.

The reason why it happened was that Rozan connected the table with the ground so it wouldn’t break. He regretted it because it only made the damage more severe because of it rather than the broken table.

“Everyone! Leave!” Rozan shouted.

Without thinking or questioning Rozan’s words, everyone ran for their lives. They didn’t bother to look at their surroundings and focused on the door in front of them. Rozan on the other hand, tried to fix everything up as hard as he could.

Gunnar and the others kept staring at Mykel and Mazikeen because they wanted to know who would be the winner. They looked at Mykel’s expression, and he looked unfazed while Mazikeen looked a bit overwhelmed by it.

“You said if I don’t go all out, I might regret it, right? Then let me use everything I got,” Mazikeen said as she turned into her true form.

Mazikeen’s body got much bigger, even bigger than Gunnar. She then screamed as she tried to push Mykel’s hand down, but it was all futile. She couldn’t move his hand no matter how much power she used in her wrist and hand.

“I barely use my strength here. Are we done or are you still trying?” Mykel asked with a smirk. “If you guys want to try and join, go ahead. I can handle all of you at once,” Mykel said as he looked at them.

Gunnar looked at the others and thought it would be a big achievement to move Mykel’s hand. Gunnar, Jeanne, Lillith, Sven, and Vincze activated their [Harmony] skill and immediately joined Mazikeen as they circled around the table. Some were pushing their hands and some were pulling their hands from the other side.

They tried their best while Rozan, Edith, and Nagy watched nervously from the side. Jeanne unsheathed her Soul Catcher sword and held it with her left hand to give him a boost.

“What the fuck is this?! It’s like we are trying to move a mountain!” Gunnar said as he pushed Mykel’s hand with both hands.

“Don’t be stupid. I can still move a mountain with this power. He’s more than just a mountain, he’s the whole fucking planet,” Mazikeen said as she gritted her teeth and tried to push Mykel’s hand down.

Mykel scoffed and slowly pushed everyone’s hands. They were all screaming and grunting with their whole faces turning red and trembling.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Mykel said as he pushed their hands on the table.

The whole castle collapsed because of that, but Rozan protected everyone with a wind barrier.

Everyone was sitting on the ground as they massaged their hands and wrists. Their whole arms went sore because of that, and they looked at Mykel in disbelief.

“How strong can you be, Mykel?” Jeanne asked as she sheathed her sword.

“The simplest to answer your question is that my rank among all the Gods that exist in the Constellation, is four,” Mykel answered as he rested his arms on the table with a smile.

“Holy shit, then does that mean you’re like a God among the Gods? That’s sick,” Rozan said in disbelief.

“You can say that,” Mykel nodded his head, and then glanced toward the door since he heard a commotion from outside.

Everyone looked at the door, and then they saw a group of people coming into the hall. The two of them were Lexus and Nexus, and they both were looking around to check out the castle, but then they saw Mykel being surrounded by his team.

“God Mykel? What happened here?” Lexus asked.

“We were just having fun here,” Mykel answered as he wiped his sleeves from the dust. “Anyway, these people right here is my main team, my first Recipients,” Mykel said as he tightened his gloves.

Gunnar and the others stood right behind Mykel while Agnez and Jeanne stood right next to Mykel. They were judgingly staring at those two, and they couldn’t tell if those two were strong or not, but by looking at their appearance, they looked like mercenaries from the same world as them.

Lexus and Nexus felt the heavy pressure from those stares, and then Nexus pointed his thumb over his shoulder.

“We brought the Aces, and they’re waiting outside, God Mykel,” Nexus said.

“Let’s meet them then,” Mykel said as he walked toward the door with the others following from behind.

Nexus and Lexus were watching Mykel and the others walk past them. They all looked nothing like what they imagined, and their equipment was covered in scratches and looked damaged. Their stares and gazes were the scariest since they reflected how many times they had been in the battle and had seen a lot of things.

Mykel went outside the castle and saw five lines of people standing in front of the castle. He was judgingly staring at them, and it would be a hassle to check all of their status screens.

“You said that some of them might interest me. Where are they?” Mykel asked as he watched Lexus and Nexus walk past him.

“Those six people. They got the same fate as ours, but they managed to survive together. We were lucky to find them,” Lexus answered as he crossed his arms and stared at those six.

“Bring them here,” Mykel said as he put a cigarette in his mouth.

“Joshua, Arman, Gladis, Darius, Nia, Kirk,” Nexus said as he tilted his head toward Mykel.

A man with long blonde hair who looked like in his early thirties stood right in front of Mykel and then bowed down to him. He was Joshua, and the original skill that he had was [Arcane] which allowed him to learn skills that he observed and depended on the skill’s level on how fast he could learn it.

Arman with his long black hair, and looked so young for a fugitive, younger than Lillith, but that wasn’t Mykel’s concern. His original skill was [Opaque] which allowed him to turn invisible for a certain amount of time, and no wonder he was being chased since his skill was really useful.

Mykel looked at Gladis and he was a bit interested in her because she wore a black hat with a black ponytail. She was the same age as Jeanne. Her right eye was covered with an eye patch with a scar beneath it, and he had a long scar across her nose bridge. [Discerning Eye] was her original skill, and it allowed her to see another Awakener’s skill and level, including demons.

“Gladis, right?” Agnez asked as she stared at Gladis with her arms crossed. “Do you have a boyfriend or someone you like?” Agnez asked.

Gladis squinted her eye as she tilted her head. “No, I don’t have any,” Gladis answered.

“I see,” Agnez said, and then she averted her gaze toward a woman with long and straight shiny black hair. “How about you?” Agnez asked with her eyebrow raised.

“No, I don’t have any,” The woman answered.

That was Nia, and she was the same age as Nagy. Her original skill was [Demure], it made her sensitive to her surroundings and could see things at a slow pace. The higher the level the longer the duration and the slower the time moved.

“What? Do you think the boss would take them? I don’t think the boss is interested in younger women,” Gunnar asked as he looked at Agnez. “Why are you asking that question in the first place?”

Agnez glanced at Gunnar, and she looked a bit pissed. Gunnar then raised his hands a bit as he walked back.

Mykel ignored their conversation as he stared at Darius’ status screen. He had red messy hair, and his original skill was [Meshuga]. The skill allowed him to be in a mindless state, but in exchange, he would feel no pain nor emotion which gave him [All Status Resistance], [Sturdy Skin], and [Recovery].

The last one was Kirk, he looked so dignified for a fugitive as if he was a nobleman. His long blonde straight hair with a composed expression on his face made him look mature even though he was the same age as Rozan. His original skill was [Servile], and it allowed him to borrow skills from the friendly target. The only requirement was that he had to have a deep relationship with the target.

“What a complete set,” Mykel said with a smile. “It’s rare to see these kinds of people. You both really did a good job,” Mykel continued.

Lexus and Nexus were glad and relieved when they got a compliment from Mykel.

Mykel sent the invitation to all of the Aces, and they were surprised that it was true that a God existed in the same world as them. They didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation, and Mykel gave each one of them 50,000 [Arcana Coins].

“It’s time to go?” Agnez asked as she stood right behind Mykel.

“Yes, let’s clear the twentieth floor,” Mykel nodded his head.


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