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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 308: Got company. Bahasa Indonesia

309 Chapter 308: Got company.

[The second World, Maedivs.]

[Free Maedivs from the Second Demon Lord Arthroxin’s army!]

“This world looks exactly like Gehenna,” Jeanne said as he looked at the world that was burned to ashes. The mountains, the forest, the hills, the rivers, the lakes, everything was gone.

“Yeah, I don’t think anyone can survive in this condition. Even if there is, I don’t think they have any will to live anymore. I don’t think I want to stay alive in this world,” Vincze said as he stomped on the ground and it crumbled so easily.

Mykel looked at his surroundings and found it odd. The world shouldn’t be like that, not even close. Something or someone did this, and it wouldn’t be because of Awakeners. The damage was too massive as if a demon did it.

“What’s the plan here?” Rozan asked as he stretched his arms.

Agnez transformed into Mazikeen, and then she flew away without saying anything. The others watched her and decided to stay put since they didn’t want to waste stamina.

“Okay, did something happen or did she just decide to bail on us and clear the tower on her own again?” Rozan asked with his eyebrows raised.

“No, Mazikeen noticed something and decided to check it out for us,” Mykel answered as he watched Mazikeen fly to the ruins of the city.

“You have company,” Lucifer’s voice could be heard.

“I can see that, who?” Mykel asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Lilith,” Lucifer answered.

“The most rebellious daughter of them all. Now it makes sense how this whole world is destroyed into nothingness. I believe Satan didn’t bother to stop her?” Mykel asked.

“Right, you know her already. I warned him, but he came to me and informed me that his daughter had been missing ever since you took Glasya. So, then that means it’s not on me,” Lucifer answered.

The ground trembled gently, but it slowly got worse as it kept going. Everyone looked at the ground cracking, and Rozan immediately created a giant platform so everyone could be safe if there was an avalanche.

As Rozan predicted, the whole ground started to crumble, but it wasn’t an avalanche. The whole ground was splitting, and lava was spurting out into the sky. Rozan created an earth barrier and an ice barrier underneath to cool everyone down.

“What the hell is happening?!” Gunnar asked.

“A demon princess,” Mykel answered.

“I don’t know who it is, but I think she’s way more terrifying than Glasya. She doesn’t even show any mercy at all!” Rozan shouted as he focused on hardening the barriers from the lava.

“That’s Lilith, the daughter of Satan, the wrathful child. There’s no talk, no rest, and she will kill until there’s nothing left alive,” Mykel said.

Lillith looked at Mykel and was startled when she thought Mykel was calling her name.

“So, do you think Mazikeen can defeat her?” Jeanne asked.

“It depends, on what scale her wrath is. If she’s furious, then Mazikeen won’t be able to win against her, but that’s if Mazikeen fight with her own power. With Agnez, she should be a good match for Lilith,” Mykel answered as he walked out of the barrier to watch the fight.

Mazikeen was flapping her wings above the ground as she stared down at a demoness with red long hair that touched the ground. The demoness had four horns, two going upward and two going sideways. She had glowing red circle eyes with four black bat wings on her back.

“I have been waiting for so, so, long…” Lilith said as she played with the dagger in her left hand. “It’s time to bring you back home,” Lillith spread her wings and flew toward Mazikeen.

Agnez activated the [Harmony] skill, and it gave a boost to Mazikeen. Mazikeen flew faster than the speed of sound and already flew right in front of Lilith. She then grabbed Lilith’s face and slammed her back to the ground.

Mazikeen sat on top of Lilith’s body with her right knee on Lilith’s neck. Lilith giggled and started laughing. She then screamed and crumbled the whole ground. They both fell down into the deep and Lilith used that opportunity to free herself, and then flew away.

Lillith turned herself into a black giant winged serpent with eight wings, and then she dove into the ground where Mazikeen was. The whole ground crumbled, and the battle happened under the ground.

Mykel could feel the intense battle under his feet. Suddenly Mazikeen got pushed to the surface in her true form, and she was wrapped around by Lilith’s body. Lillith locked Mazikeen’s left wing as she bit Mazikeen’s neck from behind with her sharp and long fangs.

The two giant demonesses fought to kill, and not even a single word was coming out of their mouths.

“This is bad. We are going to die here if we don’t find a safe place,” Gunnar said as he watched those two fighting in the distance.

“We know that already, but where? No matter where we go, we will die anyway,” Rozan replied. “Wait, if this floor is already done for, doesn’t that mean there’s a portal somewhere?”

Everyone squinted their eyes, but they couldn’t see anything, especially with the lava around him.

“I see the portal,” Gerrard said as he squinted his eyes. “Over there! It’s quite far,” Gerrard pointed at the portal that only he could see it.

“Are you sure? You’re not imagining things, right?” Sven asked.

“Yes, come, follow me,” Gerrard said as he walked out of the barrier.

Mykel looked over his shoulder and saw everyone running for their lives. He looked at Gerard pointing at somewhere in the distance, and then he saw the portal almost hidden behind the ruins.

Lilith averted her gaze and she could see them running, but she didn’t care about them as long as they didn’t interfere. She continued biting Mazikeen’s neck, and then took a big chunk off Mazikeen’s flesh as she pulled her head away.

Mazikeen knew she wouldn’t be able to win if she stayed that big. She shrunk herself and flew away as she held her neck, and then Lilith did the same thing. Lillith then grabbed her dagger as she tried to catch up to Mazikeen.

Mazikeen went back to the underground to pick up Agnez’s sword. She found the sword laying on the ground and then she drew the sword. She scratched the sword with her claws to light the [Hellfire].

Lilith giggled as she pounced at Mazikeen with her dagger ready to stab Mazikeen’s face. Lilith was immune to fire, even the [Hellfire], and Mazikeen knew that already. She didn’t use the [Hellfire] to indulge herself with it, giving her magical power.

The reason why Mazikeen was the third strongest demon princess lies behind her ability. Unlike any other demon princess, she didn’t have any magical powers, but she was immune to all magic. The reason why was because her skill called [Brute] consumed all magical power and turned it into brute strength.

Lilith was nothing compared to Mazikeen’s strength, and she slowly realized that being too close to Mazikeen was a bad decision. Mazikeen smirked as she chuckled, and then she plucked the gemstone from the sword and put it inside her mouth.

Lilith flew away from the hole as she watched Mazikeen covered in a blazing [Hellfire]. Mazikeen grabbed a stone, as big as her palm, and then threw it at Lilith with full strength.

Lilith couldn’t dodge it and lost her left wings because of it. She then fell to the ground, but she regenerated her wings already in a matter of a second.

Mazikeen flew up, and then landed on the ground with a huge grin on her face.

“This is what I have been wanting to test, turns out I was right. This gemstone can give me unlimited power,” Mazikeen said as she sucked all the [Hellfire] into her body and transformed it into her strength.

Mazikeen spread her wings and they hardened. Her claws became sharper. Her fangs become longer and sharper as well. All her senses got enhanced so that she saw things moving very slowly, like how Jeanne did.

Lilith knew she was no longer a match for Mazikeen, and then she decided to fly away. Just the moment her feet were off the ground, her wings were torn off. She turned around and saw Mazikeen was already behind her, and then Mazikeen grabbed Lilith’s right leg.

Mazikeen slammed Lilith’s body to the ground and created a huge crater. Lillith couldn’t do anything as she was overwhelmed by Mazikeen’s power. Although she was overpowered by Mazikeen, she didn’t panic and turned herself into a small snake. She fled into the small gap in the ground.

Mazikeen looked around and lost Lilith’s sight.

“Next time, I will not let you leave,” Mazikeen said as she let Agnez take over her body back.

Mykel stared at the notification in front of him.

[[Brute] skill is successfully duplicated]

“There’s no reason to not take it,” Mykel said as he closed the notification.


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