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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 301: A very important guest. Bahasa Indonesia

302 Chapter 301: A very important guest.

“If we follow you, we will become strong, like them?” Clancy asked as he looked at Agnez and the others who were enjoying the booze at the table.

“Do you have another plan? I already made a deal with Ralph, and as long as you don’t poke your nose at them, you all will be living peacefully. But since Ralph saw you dead, you shouldn’t walk around the city,” Mykel answered with his arms crossed.

Clancy scoffed with a smile of disbelief as he sat down at the counter.

“I’m a dead man walking now, huh?” Clancy said as he stared at the ground. He then looked at Gunnar and the others one more time, he realized how carefree they were since they were strong. It made them fear nothing, and he wanted something like that.

An invitation appeared in front of him, and it was Mykel who offered him to become his Recipient. Clancy looked at it, and it wasn’t just him who got the offer, Brandon also got the offer.

“Aren’t you curious about the worlds out there? And aren’t you envy them for being so strong?” Mykel asked.

“Fuck it, yeah, I want to be strong,” Clancy answered as he nodded his head. Clancy then accepted the invitation.

“Welcome aboard, mate. Cheers!” Gunnar said as he raised his glass at Clancy with a huge grin on his face. “Let’s have a toast and get wasted!” Gunnar waved at both of them.

Brandon and Clancy stared at each other and then chuckled as they walked to the table.

They spent the whole night drinking, and a dozen empty bottles were covering the table. They were all talking about what Earth looked like, what kind of technology they had, and other random stuff including the women that Mykel had slept with.

“Wow, being a God sure is amazing, huh? Sleep with any woman you like, made them pregnant without ties,” Brandon said as he stared at Jeanne and Agnez.

“Do you want to become a God? I can make you a God,” Mykel said as he puffed the smoke.

Everyone went quiet and immediately looked at Mykel with curiosity.

“But you have to prove yourself if you’re worthy of becoming a God,” Mykel said as he drank a glass of vodka. “One of them would be fighting against me, and see if you could survive,”

“What a false hope. I thought we can become one,” Sven said as he sighed took a sip of whiskey. “Anyway, boss, it’s already midnight. Should we go now?” Sven asked.

“Yes, and you’re coming with us, Clancy, Brandon,” Mykel answered.

They both nodded their heads, and then they left the pub, but Loki suddenly whispered into Mykel’s ear.

“We have a guest, a very important one. I think you know who she is, so come here because she’s looking for you,” Loki said.

“Alright, I will be there in a minute,” Mykel answered.

Mykel stopped and turned around.

“I will not join you guys this time. I have a business I need to handle. You will be fine in the sixteenth floor, just remember what kind of trick they did. Illusions, and the mists. Just let Gerrard and Nagy take the lead this time because they will see what you guys can’t see,” Mykel said as he looked at Gerrard.

“Alright, we will do that,” Agnez said.

“No need to wait for me,” Mykel said, and then warped to Niflheim.

Mykel appeared in the hall, and he was surprised when he saw so many colorful flowers decorating the whole hall. He then looked at Hel who seemed pissed, and Gaia was staring at her with a smile.

“You still don’t like it? It’s nice with so many colors here,” Gaia said as she looked at the flowers.

“I don’t like bright colors,” Hel answered.

“What about this?” Gaia said as she snapped her fingers and the flowers turned purple-ish red. “Do you like this one?”

Hel raised her eyebrows as she stared at the flowers. She didn’t complain about it yet, and she kind of liked the color and the shape of the flowers.

“What flowers are those?” Hel asked as she approached the flowers on the wall.

“Sunsparkler Dazzleberry. Although they won’t survive the cold with no sun, I can preserve their bodies for the meantime and feed them something to keep them alive later,” Gaia said as she looked at the flowers on the ceiling.

“Does that mean you will be coming here often, Gaia?” Mykel asked as he walked toward her.

“That depends if I’m welcomed here or not, but looks like I have been accepted here by the queen of hell herself,” Gaia said as she looked at Hel who was fascinated by the flowers.

“So, what brings you here?” Mykel asked.

“I thought there would be a lot of people here, but I barely see anyone here,” Gaia answered as she looked at the empty tables in the massive hall.

Mykel told Hel to invite everyone into the hall.

One by one, thousands of Gods came out of the portal. They were always happy to come to the hall because Mykel always gave them [Arcana Coin], and the wine from Dionysus was always something they were longing for.

The Norse Gods, they didn’t even know who stood next to Mykel, but not for the Greek Gods. They all went to their knees and pressed their hands together as they stared at Gaia respectfully. Hera and the others were also on their knees because of Gaia’s presence.

Mykel looked around and noticed Themis was with them.

“Goddess Gaia,” Hera said as she looked up at her.

“It would be bad for all of you to bow your heads to someone other than the God you follow. So, stand up because I also don’t even need all of your recognition,” Gaia said as she looked at them, who bowed their heads. “Although, there’s one that piques my interest. She’s outside somewhere,” Gaia mumbled as she turned around.

“Do your thing,” Mykel said to Dionysus and Apollo.

Dionysus smirked and nodded his head as he snapped his fingers.

The quiet hall became so noisy in less than a second, and everyone immediately dirtied the floor with wine that spilled over from the cup. Gaia looked at the table where Hera and the others sat. She then created her own chair using the roots of the Yggdrasil tree behind Hera’s seat which made Hel and the other Norse Gods shocked by what she was capable of.

“Ah, even Keres is here. I hope they treated you well for someone from the north,” Gaia said as she looked at Keres sitting in her seat.

“I really don’t mind how they treat me. I also do things my way, and being alone for a very long time,” Keres answered.

“Looks like we have something in common then,” Gaia said with a smile as Dionysus offered her a glass of wine.

“It’s not strong, right?” Gaia asked as she looked at the cup in her hand. “The last time I had this with Mykel, we both had a bit of trouble,” Gaia said as she chuckled softly.

“No, it will only make you a bit tipsy no matter how much you drink it,” Dionysus answered.

“Really? Looks like I have to learn how to make a proper and delicious wine from you, Dionysus,” Gaia said as she smelled the wine and then took a sip of it. She raised her eyebrows and approved of the wine that Dionysus made.

“Goddess Gaia, what brings you here?” Themis asked.

“Mykel and I had a small talk recently, and he invited me here, so I decided to check what kind of fun he has. Seeing all of you here makes me realize how can a mortal God did something amazing in a very short time. Although, there’s someone who seems forced to be here,” Gaia said as she looked at Ra.

“You should fill her up and tell her everything,” Mykel said as he looked at Hera. “I will go and check Nidhoggr because I have been wanting to do something with him,”

“I want to see her as well, might as well we talk outside while I watch you play with her,” Gaia said.

“Well then, let’s go outside and let these people enjoy their party,” Mykel said as he walked to the gate.


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