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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 296: Marion, the second Demon Lord of Abaddon. Bahasa Indonesia

297 Chapter 296: Marion, the second Demon Lord of Abaddon.

“A being that can end the chaos and madness? Who?” Asmond asked with curiosity.

The old man silently stared at the wall, and he didn’t move a muscle. The old man then looked at Asmond with a bit of a smile as he shook his head.

“Forget what I just said,” The old man answered.

They looked at the old man with perplexed looks on their faces. They wanted to know who that being was, but the old man decided to lie down on the bed and made himself comfortable.

“Asmond Radfeld, can I ask you a favor?” The old man asked. “Once you clear this world, you will enter my world, Bimasakti. Once you’re there, I want you to find my body, and bury it because I no longer have a body since I abandoned it a long time ago,”

“The people in my world, they’re powerful, like me. They have the ability to fly, use the spirits to fight for them, or even have the power to turn into beasts. They should be alive, but they could be hiding from the demons. Tell them once you find them that I, Sutan is alive,” Sutan said.

Asmond looked at Sutan who looked dead serious as he stared Asmond in the eye.

“We will save your world. I can promise you that, but we don’t know when will it be because we are currently not strong enough,” Asmond answered.

“That won’t be a problem, they can wait because that’s the only thing they can do,” Sutan replied as he slowly closed his eyes. “You have promised, and you have to fulfill that promise, Asmond Radfeld,” Sutan continued, and then he fell asleep.

Raden slowly stood up and walked away from the bed.

“He’s asleep, let’s not bother him anymore. He’s weak, and nobody knows for how long the body will be able to hold two souls,” Raden said as he looked at Asmond. “Let’s meet with your friends, they have defeated the demons and now they should be on their way to the tower right now,”

Asmond nodded and followed Raden out of the house.

Mykel stared at Sutan’s [Character] story, and then he closed it.

“I should have known that he won’t keep his mouth shut. Luckily, I manage to stop him before he says anything,” Mykel mumbled to himself. “Speaking of him, I just remember the unique skill that the Bimasakti World has,” Mykel said as he activated his [Admin] skill.

“Inner Strength, there you are,” Mykel said as he stared at the skill that he tried to [Modify].

[Inner Power (Lv.1) (Passive): The User will have spiritual and willpower that will help the User’s body to achieve something that a normal brute power can’t achieve. (Current skill level is 1, increase basic skills effectiveness by 10%)]

“Let’s see if I can nurture this with the Godly Physical. Last time I wasted so much time for nothing,” Mykel said as he stared at his status screen.

Agnez walked toward the gate as she stared at Mykel.

“Should we go now or should we wait for Asmond?” Agnez asked.

“They should be here any moment now,” Mykel answered as he closed his status screen. “There they are, let’s go,” Mykel said as he looked over his shoulder.

They entered the portal and found themselves in the middle of a vast field with ice covering the ground. There were so many ice crystals everywhere, and the fierce blizzard was enough to put Asmond’s team in trouble since they didn’t have high enough [Cold Resistance].

[Marion, The Second Demon Lord of Abaddon, The Lich King has been waiting for this moment]

“What a menacing gaze that Demon Lord has,” Gunnar said as he looked at Marion stood tall with a sword and a shield in his hands. Gunnar readied his shield as he took a deep breath.

Marion swung his sword around and stabbed it into the ice. The ice crystals around the field slowly reshaped itself and turned them into ice dragons.

“Are you fucking kidding me! So all this time he can make dozens of them?!” Rozan asked as he chuckled in disbelief. “I want to know how he does that, and I will learn from him,” Rozan said as he readied his staff.

“Nagy, Gerrard, Edith, on my right. Vincze, Sven, Lillith, on my left. Gunnar, and Rozan, take care of the dragons if they tried to interfere. Asmond, Jeanne, with me and kill that Demon Lord,” Agnez said as she drew her sword.

“What about my team?” Asmond asked.

“They’re dead weight! Both them and their weapons are useless. Let Mykel protect them,” Agnez answered as she looked at Mykel who seemed busy staring at something in front of him.

Asmond looked at Mykel, and he was a bit unwilling to leave his team to Mykel. Deep down, he was afraid that Mykel would snatch them from him.

“Don’t be stupid. Mykel isn’t interested in your team,” Lillith said as she scoffed.

Asmond was surprised when Lillith could hear his thoughts, but somehow it made him at ease when she said that. He then drew his sword as she looked at Agnez and nodded his head.

“Alright, Gunnar. Lead the way!” Agnez said as she patted Gunnar’s back.

They all followed Agnez’s order and started running toward Marion. The dragons flew as they breathed cold breath, and Rozan immediately created a fire barrier. He then blasted it toward the dragons.

Although the dragons got hit by the heatwave, they didn’t melt. They flapped their wings and tried to extinguish the flare, but Rozan’s flame was too powerful to be put out.

Gerrard shot two [Hellfire] arrows at the dragons’ heads, but the dragons flew up to avoid the flame. Knowing the dragons were up high, it was a nice opportunity for Agnez, Jeanne, and Asmond to go straight toward Marion.

“On your left!” Vincze said as he looked at one of the dragons flew toward Agnez.

Gunnar changed his direction and charged toward the dragon as he held his shield with both hands. The dragon opened its mouth as it flew toward Gunnar. The moment the dragon was about to bite Gunnar’s shield, Gunnar bashed the dragon’s head with his shield.

The dragon’s head shattered into pieces, and Gunnar immediately roared and activated [Herculean]. He banged his shield and then ran toward Vincze and Sven to help them deal with the dragons.

Jeanne activated [Harmony] while Agnez activated [Demonic Manifestation] and [Harmony]. They both left Asmond behind as they dashed toward Marion in the blink of an eye. Asmond tried to catch up and used [Nemesis], but he didn’t even get close to how fast those two were.

Marion raised his shield and used the momentum that those two had made by bashing his shield toward Jeanne. Since Jeanne was above the ground, she couldn’t dodge it, and so she slashed her sword at Marion’s shield while Agnez aimed for Marion’s sword.

They both broke Marion’s shield and sword. They flew past him and immediately turned around. They were surprised when they saw Marion stab the hilt of his sword and the remains of his shield into the ice. Marion recreated his shield and sword by using the ice around him.

“That’s troublesome, let’s just aim for his body then,” Agnez said.

They both dashed toward Marion, but this time they both were aiming their swords at Marion’s body. Marion dragged his shield on the ice, and it made the shield bigger and thicker.

To their surprise, their sword didn’t reach Marion’s body because their swords were too short. Agnez lit her sword with [Hellfire], and it immediately melted the shield. But the moment they melted the shield entirely, Asmond was already in the air and stabbed his sword at Marion’s head.

Of course, Marion wasn’t dead yet, but both Agnez and Jeanne didn’t let him do anything. They cut both Marion’s legs and arms and then stabbed him right in the chest as Agnez kept the [Hellfire] to burn Marion’s body.

[You have cleared the twentieth floor of Abaddon Tower]

[You are the first to clear the twentieth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[Enter the Tower of Abaddon to enter the twenty-first floor]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

Agnez swung her sword and extinguished the [Hellfire].

“I wonder how did he make this sword. It’s immune to the Hellfire,” Agnez said as she sheathed her sword. “Anyway, good job,” Agnez looked at Asmond as she walked past him.

Asmond nodded his head, and then he looked at Jeanne, but she didn’t even bother to look at him. She ignored him as she walked next to Agnez and talked about the sword.


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