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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 295: Another powerful being. Bahasa Indonesia

296 Chapter 295: Another powerful being.

“Where are we right now, Abel?” Nagy asked the woman who slept with Jonnastein last night.

“We are in the mainland. We are in the Ortelia Empire, and that’s the Ortelia Town. How did we get here so fast?” Abel looked so confused.

Nagy explained it to Abel while Asmond looked at the town in front of him. The town was covered in ice, but only some of the area, and there were people walking in and out of town.

The people seemed busy fixing the walls, and there were soldiers fixing the ballista and the catapults on top of the walls. They all looked so anxious and rushed for some reason.

“There are people, that means they survived and still fighting,” Asmond said as he stood next to Mykel.

“Yes, but they’re struggling. Let’s just hope those people don’t eat babies as well,” Mykel responded as he nodded his head.

“Right, I hope so too,” Asmond replied.

They walked into the city, and the townsmen were staring at them with suspicion as they were whispering to each other. Although they were suspicious of them, they didn’t do anything and let them in since Agnez and the others had armor and weapons on them.

A man with black hair and black eyes with a mustache was sitting on the edge of the well as he stared at it with empty eyes. He had a sword hanging on his waist and armor on his body. He then heard murmurs and whispers around him so he decided to look at what was going on.

The man furrowed his eyebrows as he walked toward them.

“Who are you?” The man asked as he looked at every one of them.

“We are like you, the people with power. We came from a different world, and we are here to deal with the demon lord,” Lillith answered.

The man rested his hands on his waist as he scoffed, and started chuckling in disbelief.

“I see you just like him. What a relief,” The man said as he covered his face with his right hand. “So you came here to help us, right?” The man asked. “Oh, where’s my manner? I haven’t introduced myself, and my name is Raden,”

“Tonight will be busy, huh?” Lillith asked.

Raden looked a bit surprised and nodded his head.

“Yes, the wave is coming tonight, and we have been struggling to defend ourselves. Luckily, the ice around the town is giving us the advantage, but not for long,” Raden answered as he looked around.

“The wave? What’s that?” Roxanne asked.

“It’s the wave of demons, and we have to kill them all so we can get to the next floor. It happened in Helmga World. So we are actually lucky enough to be here before the wave comes or we will have to wait for another wave before we can go to the twentieth floor,” Jeanne answered.

“I see, then we should prepare as well. Do you need any help, Raden?” Asmond asked.

“Yes, but, do you have anyone who has the ability to heal people? We have too many casualties from the last wave,” Raden asked.

“Let them rest, we can handle the demons ourselves,” Agnez answered.

Raden raised his eyebrows in disbelief, but he knew that Agnez was serious about it. He also knew that they were stronger than him based on the aura they oozed off. He then nodded with understanding and sent them to the north side of town where the demons would appear from the portal.

“I remember you said that there’s someone like us, and who that might be?” Asmond asked.

“It’s complicated, and it’s better for you to see him yourself,” Raden answered. “Come, I will introduce you to him,” Raden continued as he walked back into town.

Suddenly the bells were rung, and Raden turned around with a panicked expression.

“What?! They’re here already?!” Raden shouted.

“Why don’t you go and meet that person, Asmond? We can handle it here, and your team can’t do anything either since their weapons are in really bad condition. Just find out about that person, it might be useful,” Mykel said as he lit his cigarette.

Asmond nodded his head, and then looked at Raden.

“Show me where he is. Mykel and his team can handle everything on their own,” Asmond said.

Raden was a bit worried and concerned, but he believed in Asmond. He then showed where the person that came from another world lived to Asmond and his team.

“Why did you do that?” Agnez asked.

“I have my own reason,” Mykel answered as he puffed the smoke. “Just take care of the demons. We wasted two days here, and the clock is ticking,” Mykel continued.

They all walked out the gate as they drew their weapons while Mykel watched near the gate and smoked his cigarette.

Raden showed the house where the guy lived, and they entered the house. Once they entered, they smelled a strong scent that made their noses hurt. They couldn’t help but cover their noses with their hands.

“What’s this smell? It’s so strong and making me nauseous,” Glen asked.

“This is the smell of incense. You will get used to it,” Raden answered.

Raden knocked on the door and slowly opened the door. Asmond and his team took a peak and saw an old man sleeping on a bed with dozens of incense inside. They couldn’t handle the strong scent and immediately waved their hands to get rid of the smell.

Raden sat on his knees as he stared at the old man. The old man slowly opened his eyes and immediately focused his gaze on Asmond. The old man then slowly sat up with Raden’s help as he coughed, and it sounded really bad.

“Asmond Radfeld,” The old man said weakly.

Asmond was surprised when the old man knew his full name.

“You have a powerful God with you,” The old man said, and his focus slowly went above Asmond’s head. “What a powerful Goddess she is,” The old man mumbled to himself.

“How do you know that?” Asmond asked.

The old man didn’t answer Asmond’s question, and he reached out his hand to grab a plate full of flower petals. He ate the flowers and it made them look at him with disgust and confused looks on their faces.

“He’s not actually from another world, or at least physically,” Raden answered as he offered a glass of water to the old man. “You can say the body isn’t his, and he used this old man’s body as a vessel for his soul,” Raden explained as he watched the old man drink the water.

“What’s that mean? Is he possessing the old man’s body? If that’s the case, where’s his body?” Asmond asked.

“Bimasakti,” The old man answered as he chose the petals on the plate. “That’s the name of my world, and Bimasakti is inside that tower, the world that has fallen to the demon before the Braspati World,” The old man explained.

“How did you come to this world? I don’t think that should be possible,” Asmond asked.

“Yes, you can’t go to the world after your original world, at least physically. But spiritually, you can, and I’m the living proof of it,” The old man answered. “I possessed this man’s body when he tried to save my world and he agreed to sacrifice his soul for me to live in his body after he failed to save it. This man is a Sakti, like me. A man with power and abilities, like you,” The old man explained.

“I see, but how did you know my name, and who’s my Benefactor?” Asmond asked.

“In a spiritual world, you can see what ordinary eyes can see. You can hear things that not any human can’t hear. Whispers of the spirits, they’re everywhere and they will give everything you need,” The old man answered.

A notification appeared in front of Asmond, and the portal to the twentieth floor had finally opened. Raden was surprised when he saw the notification because he never thought they would be able to fight off the demons, and in a very short time as well.

“Although, there’s another being here that’s as powerful as your Goddess, Asmond Radfeld,” The old man said as he stared blankly at the wall. “Someone that could end this chaos and madness,” The old man continued.


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