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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 291: Ice cold. Bahasa Indonesia

292 Chapter 291: Ice cold.

“How are you feeling? I can see that you’re still affected by that skill,” Mykel asked as he walked next to Lillith to the Abaddon Tower.

“I think a part of my soul got sucked into Jeanne’s sword when she stabbed Exima,” Lillith answered as she pressed her chest with her left hand.

Mykel couldn’t help but chuckle, and it made Lillith look a bit worried.

“Of course not. That Sentient Skill doesn’t transfer your soul into the target’s body. You’re just controlling their consciousness, and seeing what they’re seeing. That skill is different from what Shelly has, Quintessence. If Shelly used her skill and Jeanne stabbed the body that Shelly occupied, she would get sucked into the sword,” Mykel explained as he looked at Lillith who was listening to his explanation so seriously.

“You’re not lying, right? So I’m fine and nothing is happening to me?” Lillith asked, and she was still a bit worried.

“Why would I lie? You’re fine,” Mykel said as he gently rubbed Lillith’s head. “It’s just the drawback of using that skill because you shared the same feeling and pain as Exima. Nothing more,” Mykel continued as he pulled Lillith closer and rested her head on his chest to comfort her.

They arrived at the Abaddon Tower, and now they were waiting for Asmond’s team to arrive. Mykel used the opportunity to try to speak with them through the new skill from his [Authority] skill called [Channel].

“Can you hear me,” Mykel said in his mind to Jeanne.

Jeanne was startled and immediately looked at Mykel with a confused look.

“I see that you can hear me. I’m just testing a new skill, and I think you should be able to speak to me back,” Mykel said as he looked at the skill description.

“Hallo?” Jeanne said as if she was on the phone.

“I can hear you now,” Mykel answered.

“Mykel, the system charged me fifty thousand Arcana Coins just for this?!” Jeanne said in disbelief.

Mykel saw a notification and got the fifty thousand [Arcana Coins] that Jeanne had spent to speak to him. That was nice, and he started to understand why it was such a thing because the system wanted to give profit to the [Benefactor].

Mykel also realized that the price of items he added into the [Benefactor Shop] couldn’t be lowered than the price he bought them from the system. The minimum price he could put up was 10% more than the price he bought it for.

“Always late,” Agnez said as she sighed and looked at her wristwatch. “Anyway, Mykel. Can you add more items to the shop? We need more Recovery Potion because it prevents us from getting fatigued,”

“It’s out of stock already? I put five hundred of them in the shop a few days ago,” Mykel asked as he checked the shop, and then refilled the items in the shop. “There. This time I put ten thousand so everyone else can buy it as well,” Mykel said as he closed the screen.

While they were waiting for Asmond, Mykel checked Nexus and Lexus’s feeds. The first thing he saw was the two of them were chilling in a city and disguising themselves to blend in with the crowd.

So far, they hadn’t found anyone that they thought was worthy of being brought and introduced to Mykel. Those two had been killing and assassinating the Awakeners from left to right, from country to country based on their [Character] story.

“There they are,” Gunnar said as he looked at the SUVs approaching them.

They entered the tower and went straight to the sixteenth floor. They looked at how underwhelming the second world was compared to the Kastihel World.

[The second world, Braspati]

[Free Braspati from the Second Demon Lord Marion’s army!]

“Stranded in the middle of the forest again, nothing new. Although, this might be the second time for us to see snow in a different world,” Rozan said as he stretched his arms and sent a wind barrier to check the surrounding areas.

While they explored the snow forest, they heard a loud rumbling sound. The ground shook, and everyone looked at each other as they drew their weapons.

“What was that? Is that a demon?” Roxanne asked as she looked around.

“No, not a demon,” Rozan answered as he shook his head. “It’s something else, but I’m not sure if I’m right. Right now, we are safe because I don’t detect any demons around us in a mile radius,” Rozan continued.

Asmond looked at Rozan, and he wanted to be able to do something like Rozan. Sending wind barriers as detection like radars, he decided to ask Rozan to teach him.

“You want to be able to do this? You need to understand what’s magic first. It’s not that easy, but the simplest way to understand magic, you need to enhance your senses first. From there, you need to implement science into magic to maximize your magic skill,” Rozan explained.

“I see, how did you find all this knowledge? Did you find it yourself or did Mykel teach you that?” Asmond asked as he looked at Mykel who walked in the front with Gunnar.

“It’s a secret, but I will tell you things that might help you,” Rozan answered.

“Really? That’s really nice of you,” Asmond said with a smile on his face.

Rozan lowered his head as he smirked and scoffed quietly. He wasn’t planning on teaching Asmond what he knew because it would be a waste of his time. Mykel already told them about his relationship with Asmond’s Benefactor, so they wouldn’t want to help Mykel’s enemy’s recipient.

“Look! Icebergs!” Gunnar said as he walked out of the forest.

“That’s called glacier you moron, and yes, I was thinking that the rumbling sound that we heard earlier came from that,” Rozan said as he looked at the glacier that was surrounding them, and the frozen lake that they could walk on.

“We are surrounded by it, and looks like that’s our only way out,” Agnez said as she pointed at the path that they could walk on to the top of the glacier.

“What are waiting for then? Let’s go,” Sven said as he looked at Agnez.

They all carefully walked on the frozen lake and realized that the ice was so thick and dense that they didn’t have to worry about falling. They then kept on walking until they heard another rumbling and cracking sound, but it came from below them.

Rozan saw the frozen lake crumbling in the distance as he readied his staff.

Two long white arms like ice reached the surface with their long and thick claws. They saw a creature crawl out of the frozen lake. It had no legs, and it crawled with its hands. The demon had glowing blue eyes and the top of its head was shaped like a crown.

“No wonder I can’t sense anything, turns out they’re underneath us,” Rozan said.

Gerrard shot [Hellfire] arrow at that creature right on the forehead. The creature started to roll over as it made loud screeches. The creature then went back to the hole he came out from, and everyone could hear the screeches echoing through the hole.

Everyone silently listened to the screeches, and suddenly they heard more than once screeches.

“You know what they say, if there’s one, there will more,” Vincze said as he swung his spear and readied his stance.


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