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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 265: All in. Bahasa Indonesia

266 Chapter 265: All in.

“All these artifacts, they’re for me?” Mykel asked as he looked at the artifacts on his lap.

“Yes, they’re all for you, but they’re not really useful and I’m not sure if they have any good on you,” Hera answered as she wrapped her arms around Mykel’s neck.

“It doesn’t matter, I can change the effect of each artifact,” Mykel replied and stared at the silver ring that he picked up. “In fact, I think I will try it now,” Mykel said as he put the ring on his left index finger.

Mykel opened his [Admin] skill and modified the artifact that he equipped. The first skill that he had in mind was [Ring of Devilry] and he changed the silver ring on his finger called [Ring of Rejuvenation] to [Ring of Devilry].

Hera was shocked and confused when the ring changed its shape and color. The silver ring turned into a shiny black ring with a gold outline.

“What did you do? What happened to the ring?” Hera asked as she grabbed Mykel’s left hand and pulled it closer to her.

“I changed the effect, but that’s not really important now. I want you to do something for me,” Mykel said as he stood up slowly so Hera wouldn’t fall off his lap.

Hera stood straight and looked at Mykel with a bit of confusion. Mykel asked her where Fenrir was, and Hera told him that Fenrir and Hel were at the back of the castle. They both then left the castle to see those two.

Mykel checked the [Necklace of Sustain] on his neck that prevented him from getting his skill level lowered once a day. When he tried to modify it, he noticed that the skill that he wanted wasn’t listed. He looked a bit confused, but then he tried to put [Ring of Restoration] on his right index finger which allowed him to fix or repair equipment once a day.

Turned out that the artifact skills could only match the type of artifact itself. He couldn’t put a ring exclusive skill into a necklace and vice versa.

Mykel modified the [Ring of Restoration] into the [Ring of Overlord].

[Ring of Overlord: Allowed the User to cast [Obedient] to a target. The target will be under powerful magic that cannot be dispelled by anything and will obey every word the User orders. The chance of success depends on the target’s [Level], [Status Resistance], and condition. (Can only be used for one target. If [Obedient] is cast on another target and succeeded, the previous target will lose the [Obedient] effect)]

The [Ring of Overlord] was in fact a reward from the secret room in the Satan Tower on the fiftieth floor. The ring helped Asmond deal with the demon lords, and he only used it when he didn’t have any other option. He used it and made the demon lords obedient, and then killed them.

“Now that we are here, what do you need from me?” Hera asked as she played with Fenrir.

“I want you to try to tame it,” Mykel answered as he pointed at Fenrir.

Hel who heard that immediately walked toward them with a surprised expression.

“You want to tame him? No, I don’t want her to tame him. Fenrir is mine,” Hel said in a worried voice.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think she can tame him. There’s no way the beast that can kill Odin can be tamed by anyone,” Mykel answered as he looked at Hel. “I just need Hera’s taming skill,” Mykel continued.

Hera and Hel looked at each other, and then Hera put her hand on Fenrir’s nose. She activated [Beast Taming] on Fenrir, but Fenrir immediately ran away and ran around the field as he shook his head to try and resist.

Mykel activated [Duplicate] and got the [Beast Taming] skill.

“I told you, Fenrir can’t be tamed,” Mykel said as he stared at the [Beast Taming] skill description.

[Beast Taming (Active): Allows the User to tame a beast or any animals. The chance of success depends on the relationship between the User and the beast. The skill will fail if the User tries to tame a wild beast who doesn’t have any intimacy with the User. Once the beast is tamed, the beast belonged to the User, and the User can summon the beast with the [Beast Summoning] skill. (There is no limit on how many beasts the User can tame. Can only be used once a day)]

“Why do you need my beast taming skill, Mykel?” Hera asked with curiosity.

“Do you remember the first time we were here?” Mykel asked as he stared at Hera.

Hera furrowed her eyebrows as she tried to remember, and then she raised her eyebrows. She remembered the conversation she had with Mykel when he looked down at the valley below the bridge.

“Wait, are you trying to tame that thing?” Hera asked as she looked up at Nidhoggr who was busy gnawing the root of Yggdrasil.

“You want to tame Nidhoggr? That’s impossible because that belongs to my father’s ancestor. I mean, he’s as old as the first man of Jotun, Ymir himself. It can be said that he’s something that’s impossible to interact with, not even the Aesir,” Hel looked at Mykel with a surprised look as she explained.

“You think I’m weaker than the Aesir?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised.

Hel went quiet and didn’t know how to respond because she didn’t want Ragnarok to happen. The prophecy about the Jotun would go to war against the Aesir with the help of all the serpents. It would be the end for them, and she didn’t want that.

“I can handle it,” Mykel said as he stared Hel in the eye because he knew that Hel was afraid of the consequences.

“Are you sure about that, Mykel? I honestly think even if thousands of Gods work together to bring that thing down, it would take forever. I believe even the titans of my ancestors are like lions trying to fight a mountain,” Hera said as she looked at how big Nidhoggr was.

“When was the last time you saw me in a battle?” Mykel asked Hera.

“I don’t think I have ever seen you in a battle for a very long time. The last battle you had was with Luciel,” Hera answered.

“Then just sit and watch, it’s been a while for me as well to fight to my fullest,” Mykel answered as he activated [False Daemon].

Mykel quickly flew away and had already reached the root of Yggdrasil’s tree in just a second. He then activated [Judgement] skill, and flew toward Nidhoggr who was busy tearing the roots apart with his razor-sharp teeth the size of a mountain.

Mykel’s [Judgement] skill suddenly reached out and touched Nidhoggr, moving him away from the roots and drawing his big, glowing yellow eyes toward Mykel. With a growl like the sound of the strongest earthquake, Nidhoggr turned his head toward Mykel and stopped gnawing at the roots.

The growl was so deep and crunchy that Mykel’s heart started vibrating like a subwoofer, sending vibrations through his entire body.

“What a majestic beast,” Mykel said with a smirk as he covered his fists with [Sacrilege Flame]. “I have thirty minutes, and trillions of Arcana Coins. Let’s go wild,” Mykel continued as he flew toward Nidhoggr’s face.

Mykel activated all the skills he had, including [Nemesis] except [Beast Tamin] and [Obedient] which made him stronger than Nidhoggr in brute strength. He punched the tip of Nidhoggr’s nose, and the shockwaves crumbled the roots of the Yggdrasil’s tree.

The shockwave reached Hera and Hel. It made both of them knocked down as Fenrir tried to protect both of them. They looked at the kingdom, and the castle was damaged by the shockwave.

“It’s not safe out here, let’s run away somewhere open and empty,” Hera said as she looked at Nidhoggr got knocked back by Mykel’s punch.

“I know a place, get on,” Hel said as she rode on Fenrir’s back.

Fenrir ran as fast as he could while Hera and Hel looked up. They both were bewildered and petrified that Nidhoggr’s face was on fire.

Nidhoggr let out a loud growl and scream. It was enough to deafen and flattened the whole Niflheim because of the sonic wave that he produced with his voice.

“How did he do it? Nidhoggr is supposed to be invincible,” Hel asked in disbelief.


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