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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 264: Passionate Kiss. Bahasa Indonesia

265 Chapter 264: Passionate Kiss.

“Ah…” Glasya tried to say a word, but she already had nothing left on her body as Mazikeen stared at her with a sinister gaze and huge grin on her face.

Agnez who was a ruthless person and didn’t bother to kill a human being felt sick watching the method that Mazikeen used to torture Glasya. She never realized that all she did all this time couldn’t be compared to Mazikeen and how inhumane she was even though Mazikeen wasn’t a human in the first place.

It made Agnez realize to not piss Mazikeen or she could easily torture her by forcing herself to hurt her own body. Thinking about that made her have a chill down her spine, and Mazikeen could feel that chill down her spine as well.

Glasya was laying on the ground with no limbs to move and a jaw to speak. Her tongue was hanging down and touched the floor like a dog.

“Let’s do this again,” Mazikeen said with a giggle.

Vixelleth who had been healing Glasya’s body for the fourth time decided to look at Beldathiel and let her decide whether to heal Glasya or not. Even Vixelleth started to pity Glasya, and didn’t want to see it again for the fifth time.

“Do it,” Beldathiel said without hesitation.

Glasya stared at Beldathiel with her eyes wide open as she shook her head in fear.

Vixelleth wrapped Glasya’s body, or at least what was left with her own pool of blood. It only took her a minute to fully heal Glasya’s body.

Glasya gasped for air, and before she could even finish to gasp the air, Mazikeen already choked her. Mazikeen pierced Glasya’s throat with her right hand, and then pulled the pipe out of Glasya’s body so she couldn’t say a word.

Beldathiel looked at Glasya’s mouth and face covered in her own blood. Every time Glasya tried to scream, blood squirted out from her neck. She then saw something that wasn’t blood on her eyes.

“That’s enough, Mazikeen,” Beldathiel said as she walked toward them.

Mazikeen was about to pull Glasya’s guts out, and immediately pulled her hand out of Glasya’s chest. She then dropped Glasya onto the ground and walked back as she licked the blood in her hand and between her fingers.

“I will ask you one last time, Glasya. Are you going to join us, or not?” Beldathiel asked as she stared down at her. “I have been patient all this time, and now I will not hesitate to use my dice to make you suffer for eternity,” Beldathiel continued as she showed the dice that floated above her left palm.

Mykel was staring at the pool of blood and suddenly it reminded him of the pool of blood in a bathtub. With a pale wrist hanging on the bathtub, he then snapped back to reality when Mazikeen sat down next to him.

“Mykel? Can we meet? Something happened, and I want to have a talk,” Hera’s voice could be heard in Mykel’s head.

“Of course, I will be there in a few minutes,” Mykel answered.

Glasya nodded her head without hesitation as her tears fell to her ears.

“Heal her,” Beldathiel said as she put away the dice.

Vixelleth sighed in relief and then covered Glasya with her own blood again.

Glasya slowly moved her trembling hands and touched her neck. She was still shocked about what had just happened to her. No matter how powerful and strong a demon princess was, they never had experienced of being tortured, so it was something new and overwhelming to handle.

Glasya slowly sat down and looked up at Beldathiel who was still staring down at her.

“I will follow you, sister,” Glasya answered in her trembling voice.

“It’s not me that you’re going to follow,” Beldathiel answered. “It’s him that you have to follow,” Beldathiel continued as she glanced at Mykel walked past her.

Glasya looked at Mykel stood in front of the others, and she saw a glimpse of Lucifer when she looked at him.

Mykel leaned his body down as he stared at the scared Glasya. He gently put both his hands on her head and stroked her hair gently. Since she was weakened, she had no status resistance, and it was a good opportunity to use [Mind Control] on her.

Mykel made Glasya feel relaxed and peaceful as he kept stroking her hair. Glasya closed her eyes because it felt so nice and calming that she let him do whatever he wanted to her.

Mykel gently kissed Glasya, and they both shared a passionate kiss. Their tongues wrapped around each other, and then Mykel gently bit her lips and sucked her blood while at the same time letting her drink his saliva.

They both didn’t stop kissing and made Glasya indulge in the passionate kiss. She let Mykel kiss her neck as he gently pulled the back of her hair. She enjoyed it so much that she felt like her mind was floating away and leaving her body.

Glasya didn’t realize that she had wrapped her arms around Mykel’s body, and didn’t want him to go. Mykel kept kissing her neck, and slowly moved back up and started kissing her lips again.

Vixelleth watched those two as she bit her lips since it aroused her and made her want to join them.

Mykel slowly pushed Glasya’s shoulders as he pulled his head away from her. Glasya looked at Mykel as she breathed heavily, she looked like she wanted more, but Mykel immediately stood up before she could pull him back.

“You want me to give back her power?” Beldathiel asked.

“No, let her be like that. I will tell you when to give her power back,” Mykel answered. “You can change her appearance into a human body. Let her stay by your side, and maybe bring her to the city once in a while to understand what kind of world she’s living in,”

“Then I will ask Zherlthsh and Vixelleth to do the second part,” Beldathiel replied.

“Of course, I know you’re too lazy to go outside, but you should try it. It’s fun,” Mykel said as he gently put his hand on her right cheek with a smile on his face. “I have to go now,” Mykel continued as he removed his hand, and then warped to Niflheim.

Mykel saw Hera on her own, sitting on her chair with her eyes closed. She looked stressed out, and so he silently walked toward her.

Hera didn’t know that Mykel was there with her until she could feel the warmth on her shoulders. She opened her eyes and saw Mykel gently massaging her shoulders, and up to her neck.

“What’s wrong?” Mykel asked as he removed his hands and walked to the front of Hera’s chair.

Hera hesitated, and didn’t know how or where to start, but then Mykel offered his hand. She looked up and saw Mykel was smiling at her, and then tilted his head toward the throne.

Hera held Mykel’s hand, and he immediately pulled her up. He brought her to his throne, and Hera slowly shrunk herself to match Mykel’s height as she followed him from behind.

Mykel sat down on his throne, and then he patted his lap. Hera raised her eyebrows as she looked at Mykle, and then she showed a bit smile on her face. She sat on Mykel’s lap, and Mykel gently pulled her head onto his left shoulder.

“We can stay like this until you’re comfortable enough to talk,” Mykel said as he stroked Hera’s long and curly dark brown hair.

It didn’t take long until Hera decided to tell Mykel everything about what just had happened on Mount Olympus. Of course, Mykel was a bit surprised, but he wasn’t bothered by it even though Hera looked so guilty for using him.

“I remember that you needed artifacts, so I brought some for you,” Hera said as she opened her palms, and showed the artifacts in her hands. “I will pay with something more valuable, but at the moment, this is all I have,” Hera continued.

Mykel started to chuckle as he looked at the artifacts.

“You’re the first God that I interact with. You gave me a ring, and you didn’t really ask me anything back in return. Now, I will do the same, and I’m not going to ask you for anything because you’re the first God who helped me,” Mykel said as he kept stroking Hera’s hair.

“If they want to take you back from me, they can try. If they want war, then I will give them war. I will not let anyone take you from me,” Mykel said as he stared at the door and wrapped his left arm around Hera’s waist.

Hera lifted her head and looked at Mykel with frowned eyebrows. She dropped the artifacts on Mykel’s lap and immediately put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him so passionately.


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