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264 Chapter 263: Work together for a reason

“Loki, I want your honest opinion,” Hera said as she played with Fenrir behind the castle of Niflheim. “What do you think about Mykel’s plan? Don’t you think it’s a bit bolt for him to challenge her?” Hera asked and stared at Loki who was with Hel.

“I already knew about this a long time ago. Exactly when we brought him to the Temple of Triumph,” Loki answered as he checked his black long nails. “His eyes when he said her name. It was when I knew that he’s someone that I would love to know,” Loki continued and turned his head to look at Hera.

Hera looked up as she brushed Fenrir’s mane and was a bit worried that Mykel would disappear.

“Although, there’s something that I can’t still find the answer to the question that I have about Mykel,” Loki said as he stood up and then walked toward Hera.

Hera stared at Loki as Fenrir licked her right palm. “And what’s that?” Hera asked.

“All the wealth that he has, his ability to bring people back to life. Even she can’t do something like that. Even the Gods that I know can bring people back to life, it would take a lot of effort to bring a single life back,” Loki answered as he stared at Fenrir.

“Maybe because he’s not strong enough?” Hera asked with her eyebrows raised and stared at Loki.

“He’s strong enough and he managed to survive and pissed Lucifer off. He’s already above us in strength and power. Especially that power that forced us to bow down and lose our power under his presence,” Loki answered as he shook his head.

“Or maybe he’s waiting for something?” Hera asked again as she stared blankly into the distance.

“Yes, that’s also what I thought, but what’s he waiting for?” Loki asked back with his arms crossed. “Sometimes I wish that I can get inside his head and get all the answers that I’m looking for,”

Hera stared at Loki from the corner of her eyes with suspicion. She didn’t even blink for a second as she kept staring at him because the way Loki said it, it felt like he was planning to harm Mykel.

Fenrir whimpered as Loki took a step back with his hands raised.

“You don’t have to look at me like that. I’m not going to do anything to him,” Loki said with a mischievous smile as he chuckled. “I will take my leave then and do my job to persuade the Gods from the Chariot Arcana to vote for Skadi,” Loki continued and then disappeared.

Hera stared at Hel who had been watching her in the distance, and suddenly a white feather fell right in front of her. She looked up and saw Hermes descending from the sky.

“What do you want?” Hera asked.

“Zeus is asking you to come back,” Hermes answered as he landed in front of Hera. “Before you say anything, it’s about Poseidon,” Hermes continued.

Hera furrowed her eyebrows and then opened a portal to go back to Mount Olympus.

When Hermes wanted to enter the portal, the portal got blocked by Fenrir. Hermes was surprised and took a few steps back.

“If I see you come to my world as you please one more time, he will tear your legs and eat them,” Hel said.

Hermes nodded with understanding and then flew away hurriedly.

Hera entered the hall and was immediately welcomed by the loud banging sound and the ground shaking. She looked at Poseidon holding his trident as he glared at Zeus who sat on his chair.

“What’s the meaning of this, brother?! You’re asking me to step down even though it was them who chose me as one of their candidates?!” Poseidon asked as he yelled at Zeus.

Zeus seemed to have had enough of the yelling and the tantrums that Poseidon did. The calm and collected Poseidon had gone, and now everyone had to listen and deal with the real Poseidon.

Zeus averted his gaze and noticed that Hera was back. He stood up and looked at her with a bright face.

“You’re back,” Zeus said.

Poseidon turned around and looked at Hera. He also made the same expression as Zeus when he knew Hera was there.

“I won’t step my foot back here if it’s not because of this,” Hera said as she walked to her chair on the right side of Zeus’ chair. “I heard enough of this commotion, what do you want me to do here,” Hera asked as she sat down on her chair, and Dionysus immediately served her a cup of wine.

“I want you to make Poseidon listen that he has to step down from being a candidate for the leader of the Chariot Arcana. He should listen to your words,” Zeus answered as he sat down.

“Why would I do that?” Hera asked coldly.

Zeus was shocked by the answer she gave him while Poseidon looked satisfied with the answer and smiled in excitement.

“Is there a particular reason why you don’t want him to become a leader? Isn’t that a good thing if your brother also has something in common with some of us? Don’t tell me you’re afraid, Zeus. You’re afraid because our family is crumbling, and you’re afraid that someone might surpass you, isn’t it?” Hera asked with a sharp gaze pointed at Zeus.

Zeus realized that it was a mistake to bring Hera to this matter. He regretted it, and now he didn’t have anything else to say because Hera was right about it since she knew him better than anyone else.

“Let him try and achieve something bigger. If you’re his brother, let him get what he wants, don’t try to interfere. If you keep doing this, this family will break sooner than you think,” Hera said as she swirled the cup of wine in her left hand and rested her head on her right fist. “Although I said that, I’m not going to support you for becoming the leader of the Chariot Arcana, Poseidon,” Hera continued as she stared at Poseidon.

“Your temper is the only thing that makes all of us things that you’re unfit to rule. That’s one of the reasons why Zeus doesn’t want you to be the leader, and I agree with that as well,” Hera explained as she put the cup on her lips. “I can guarantee you that you will lose to Skadi because nobody will support you, and that’s the truth,”

Poseidon gritted his teeth and glared at Hera furiously. He stomped his trident and made the whole hall shake fiercely.

“Hera? What’s the meaning of this?!” Poseidon asked as he walked toward her.

A thunder struck the ground in front of Poseidon, and Zeus teleported to that spot. He stood tall and stared at Poseidon as if he was ready to fight Poseidon if he tried to hurt Hera.

Hera sighed as she stood up and rubbed her forehead with her right hand. She walked away unfazed, and it made both Zeus and Poseidon look at her with confused looks on their faces.

“I don’t need your protection, Zeus, we are done. I’m done with all these problems in this family,” Hera said as she kept walking away. “Do whatever you want, and I will not care even for a single bit because I already have someone that I want to be with,” Hera continued as she stared at her own reflection in the wine.

Everyone was bewildered by Hera’s statement, and it made everyone look at her in disbelief.

“Hera?” Zeus asked with a confused look.

“This will be the last time I set my foot in this place. Goodbye,” Hera said, and then got summoned back to Niflheim by Hel.

Everyone was shocked, especially Zeus and Poseidon. Hermes slowly walked toward those two and whispered something into Zeus’ ear so that Poseidon could hear it as well.

Athena watched Hermes whisper into Zeus’ ear and immediately left the hall. She asked Hel to bring her to Niflheim and asked Hera about her action.

“Hera? What are you thinking?” Athena asked as she approached Hera who sat on her chair in the hall.

“Our family is crumbling, Athena. You know that, and if it’s going to be like this, something bad will happen. So, I decided to make myself the reason for them to work together for a reason,” Hera answered and drank her wine.

“By making them target Mykel? Is that what you mean?” Athena asked.

“I hope Mykel will understand,” Hera replied as she nodded her head and looked at the rings and necklaces in her hand.


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