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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 262: Taming the beast. Bahasa Indonesia

263 Chapter 262: Taming the beast.

“Welcome back,” Nagy said as she looked at Agnez and the others entered the suite with a sandwich in her hand.

“When did you guys clear the Asmodeus tower?” Agnez asked as she put Dainsleif on the table.

“Yesterday, but something similar happened to what happened to you,” Nagy answered as she sat at the dining table and ate her sandwich.

Agnez and Lillith looked at Nagy with surprised looks.

“Really? Tell us what happened,” Agnez said, and then walked to the dining table with the others.

Nagy told them about what happened, and about what happened to Rozan. He was in fact still hiding in his room and hadn’t come out ever since. Gunnar and the boys wanted to check on him, but Nagy stopped them because it was better to leave him alone for now.

“You were in the same place as Rozan when you died, Lilly?” Nagy asked as she put the sandwich in front of her mouth.

“Yeah, it was unpleasant, but it was nothing compared to what I experienced when I looked at Edith’s vision. It was somehow peaceful though, but that’s my opinion, and maybe for Rozan, it terrifies him,” Lillith answered as she rested her head on the table.

“Oh, Mykel said that you guys should rest because he wanted us to clear the Mahazael tower with Brynhilde’s team,” Nagy said as she chewed her sandwich.

“Where is he now?” Agnez asked.

“Not sure, he could be anywhere,” Nagy answered.

“I know where he is,” Mazikeen’s voice could be heard inside Agnez’s head. “He’s in the castle with my sisters. They’re calling me as well, and I know why they want us to go there,”

Agnez nodded and then went to the rooftop of the apartment. She transformed into Mazikeen and flew away above the clouds undetected by anything because she flew faster than the speed of sound.

It took Mazikeen an hour to reach the castle, and she landed right in front of the entrance. She entered the castle, and immediately hear loud clanking sounds from the hall as if someone was throwing a tantrum.

Mazikeen entered the hall and saw Beldathiel, Zherlthsh, Vixelleth, and Mykel watching Glasya on the floor wearing a torn-out cloth to cover her body. She was surprised when she saw Glasya, and couldn’t help but chuckle then burst out laughing.

“You’re finally here,” Beldathiel stared at Mazikeen.

“Oh? What do you want me to do to her, sister?” Maziken asked with a sinister grin on her face as she approached Glasya.

“Mazikeen…” Glasya looked a bit threatened by Mazikeen’s presence, and it was because Mazikeen loved to torture everyone just for fun. Mazikeen didn’t hesitate to kill demons, and even a demon lord out of boredom. Behemoth couldn’t stop her from doing whatever she want.

“I offered her to join us, but she said that she would join us if we go over her dead body,” Beldathiel answered as she stared down at Glasya. “This is your moment, and you won’t get this opportunity to torture her again, so take your time and enjoy it while it lasts,”

Mazikeen grabbed Glasya’s neck with her left hand and lifted her up off the ground, causing her muscles to crack and her bones to break. She then put her right hand claws on Glasya’s chest and started ripping and pulling the skin off her body.

Glasya was screaming in absolute agony as she helplessly tried to free herself from Mazikeen’s grip. She glared down and watched her inside being pulled out, and blood started pouring down Mazikeen’s arms.

While Mykel was enjoying the show, he heard Loki whisper into his ear. Loki wanted him to go to Niflheim because he had something that he wanted to show Mykel.

“I have another thing to do, so just tell me when she decided to change her mind,” Mykel said as he stood up and looked at the blood that almost reached his loafers although he was far away from the show.

“Okay, it’s going to take a while anyway,” Beldathiel replied as she nodded with understanding.

Mykel warped to Niflheim, and the first thing he saw was Skadi standing in the middle while Hera and the others were sitting on their chairs staring at her. He raised his eyebrows and walked toward them.

“What’s this?” Mykel asked in a flat tone as he stared at Skadi.

Skadi turned around to look at Mykel.

“I want to apologize for what I did, and I misunderstood the situation. I learned my mistake,” Skadi said.

Mykel furrowed his eyebrows because he had no idea what was going on. It felt like Skadi was being aware that she misunderstood the situation, but he didn’t expect her to make an apology for it. He then looked at Loki, and maybe he did something to her, but he wasn’t going to complain about it.

“I thought she was cold like Hel, but it appears she somehow has a gentle pure heart, and innocence,” Hera said as she looked at Skadi.

Hel raised her eyebrows and looked at Hera in disbelief, but she didn’t say anything and just let it pass.

“I’m not trying to say you’re not, but you’re somehow a bit similar but different,” Hera said as she looked at Hel.

“Okay, so what about it?” Mykel asked as he sat on top of the table and stared Skadi in the eye.

“She somehow agreed to join us thanks to Loki and Freyja explained about who we are and why we are all here. But, she wants something in return,” Hera answered as she stood up, and before she could say what Skadi wanted in return, Mykel answered it.

“You want me to bring Thiazi back to life, isn’t that right?” Mykel asked with his arms crossed.

“Yes, but Loki said that he didn’t know if you’re capable of doing that. So I want you to tell me whether you can or cannot do that,” Skadi answered with a serious expression.

“I can, but not with my current situation and position,” Mykel answered.

Mykel believed that it wasn’t impossible to bring all the Gods and everything inside the story back to life. The only problem was his [Admin] skill wasn’t high enough to modify Gods and Demons, so all he had to do was buy himself time and try to convince Skadi.

“Why?” Skadi asked with a suspicious look on her face.

“I’m just an ordinary God compared to everyone in this room. I need to be in a position of power officially rather than by only recognition,” Mykel answered as he looked at Dionysus and curled the index finger toward the palm of his hand.

Dionysus came toward Mykel with a cup of wine.

“The reason why I brought you all together is because of one reason,” Mykel said as he swirled the cup gently and stared at all of them. “I need a seat on the Heptagon,” Mykel continued, and then drank his wine.

“Which seat?” Ares asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

“The Judgement Arcana,” Aphrodite answered, and it made everyone look at Mykel with mild shock.

Although there were only twenty-one Major Arcanas that were mentioned in the story, there were actually twenty-two Major Arcanas. The one that skipped between The World Arcana and The Sun was The Judgement Arcana.

“Are you sure about that? There’s a reason that The Judgement Arcana isn’t in the Heptagon, right?” Loki asked, and even though he was a bit concerned, he was excited to hear it.

“I know because that’s the only seat and position that can match her,” Mykel answered as he looked at himself in the wine reflection. “I need your voices because I’m planning on taking her down as well, not just Lucifer,”

“Even if you have our voice, you can’t if your authority level is not four. It’s going to take you years,” Hera said.

“It won’t take that long, and I can keep Skadi waiting for that long either to see her father again,” Mykel said as he looked at Skadi with a serious expression.

For some reason, it touched Skadi’s heart when Mykel said that. She could tell that he was being serious about it, and it made her want to help him achieve that.

“After hearing my plan, does anyone here have an objection?” Mykel asked.

“There’s no reason to object to it since none of us want that seat either. If that’s what you want, then we will do what we can to help,” Hera said as she looked at everyone, and they had the same thoughts as her.

“I will help as well,” Skadi said with a serious expression.

Mykel smiled and nodded. “Thank you,”


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