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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 240 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel listened to the details in the hospital room, and he was right about it that the snake was the same snake that Demon King Astaroth had. The snake was enough to destroy a single world on its own in just a single night.

Mykel listened to their story and they were extremely lucky to leave the room alive, all of them. Somehow it made him think that something was suspicious about it because it would be impossible if they stayed in that room and survived.

“He won’t do that, right?” Mykel asked himself as he stared at the city from the window. “He should know about Asmond and who his Benefactor is. She would be furious if he purposely ordered Astaroth to send his snake down there,” Mykel continued as Gunnar and the others shared a look with no idea what he was talking about.

Mykel brushed it off and walked to the window as he watched Agnez and Lillith’s feed on the screen. They both were doing fine since they hadn’t reached the twentieth floor yet. Jeanne was going on a vacation on her own, Edith was with her little family, Nagy was in Helmga studying, and Rozan was busy mastering his gemstone craft.

“By the way, do you know when this happened?” Mykel turned around as he pointed his finger at the sky and stared at them.

“What do you mean, boss? Did something happen with the sky?” Gunnar asked as he lowered his head to look at the sky Mykel was pointing at.

Mykel looked at them and they had no idea what he was talking about. “You guys don’t feel it?” Mykel asked.

The three of them shook their heads slowly.

“I see, never mind then,” Mykel said as he walked toward the middle bed.

“When is Asmond going to clear the twentieth floor of the Astaroth Tower?” Mykel asked as he walked toward the fridge.

“Uhh, the plan was three days after we entered that secret room,” Gunnar answered. “By the way, boss, what happened to your shirt and blazer?”

Mykel looked down and realized that he hadn’t changed his shirt.

“Odin struck me with his spear, I almost died, and here I am,” Mykel answered as he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. “Anyway, you should be able to get all your limbs back in three days, right? Don’t whine and immediately go with Asmond’s team when you guys recovered,” Mykel said as he left the room.

“Mykel, how are they?” Asmond asked with a worried expression.

“They will be fine in three days, so don’t change your plan and just prepare for the attempt,” Mykel answered as he opened the bottle. “What did you get from the secret room?” Mykel asked.

Asmond showed his wrist and he wore a bracelet made of black ashes. It was a [Nocturnal Bracelet] which allowed the wearer to be insanely strong during night time. Enhanced all their senses, lowered stamina usage and doubled all basic skills.

“That will help you a lot,” Mykel answered with a smile on his face. “What about the one from Azrael Tower?” Mykel asked.

Asmond opened his hand and showed his index finger with a ring on it. [Ring of Devilry] it was the quite opposite of the artifact that Rozan had. While Rozan’s artifact allowed him to use magic without using stamina, [Ring of Devilry] made magic trice as powerful as the original, but in exchange, it doubled the stamina usage.

“I thought you can’t use magic?” Mykel asked the obvious and pretended he didn’t know it.

“Yeah, well, I was lucky that I got it and I have no idea how did I get that skill,” Asmond answered as he chuckled.

Mykel smiled as he stared at the ring on Asmond’s index finger. “By the way, when you entered the secret room, did you get a warning or something like that?” Mykel asked.

“I did, the system warned me about thousands of pairs of eyes behind the door,” Asmond answered as he nodded his head.

“I’m talking about your Benefactor,” Mykel replied as he stared at Asmond with a serious expression.

“Uhh, no, she didn’t warn me anything. I mean, she never talked to me in the first place and only gave me Arcana Coins when I achieved a lot of things,” Asmond answered. “Why do you ask?”

Mykel shook his head with a smile. “No, I thought she warned you,” Mykel answered. “Anyway, I have to go back home. I need to change my shirt,” Mykel said as he showed his shirt and blazer.

Asmond wanted to ask about what happened to Mykel’s shirt, but he noticed that Mykel looked tired. So he didn’t ask him anything and let him walk away and take the lift.

“No warning, not even a single scratch on each one of them,” Mykel said in his head in the lift. “What’s happening here?”

“I need to clear all the twentieth floor as soon as possible,” Mykel said as he warped to Lyneth’s apartment.

“Ah!” Lyneth screamed, and the glass of wine fell from her hand and broke into pieces on the ground. “M-Mykel?! Is that you?!” Lyneth asked as she huddled the pillow on the couch and covered half of her face with it.

“You’re home? I thought you would be at the office,” Mykel asked as he walked to the bedroom to get changed.

“I was, but I’m a bit tired and decided to go home early,” Lyneth answered as she looked at the mess she made. “By the way, what was that? How did you do that?” Lyneth asked as he grabbed the tissues on the table and started cleaning the floor.

“Just a new skill that I got, nothing special,” Mykel answered as he put on his shirt, but then realized that he wasn’t going anyway and changed to a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Mykel walked to the living room and saw Lyneth busy cleaning all the mess, so he used his magic and evaporated the wine and turned the pieces of glass into dust.

“Have you eaten? If not, I can make you a sandwich or pasta,” Lyneth asked as she watched Mykel do his magic.

“I’m good, I just need a bottle of vodka right now,” Mykel answered as he grabbed the bottle of vodka on the kitchen counter and two glasses. “I just want to enjoy the rest of the day here,” Mykel continued as he sat down next to Lyneth.

(Inside the Behemoth Tower, Floor 19)

“I just realized how weird it is to be walking in the desert but we don’t feel hot at all,” Lillith said as she squinted her eyes to look at the two suns on her left that were about to disappear. In the place they were at, there was nothing but sand as their eyes could see.

“I’m more surprised that Behemoth is interested in this world. Why the hell is your father is interested in a desert, Mazikeen?” Agnez asked. “I mean, I know the people from this world is strong and tall as a pole, but seriously, nothing is interesting in this world,”

“Don’t ask me, ask him,” Mazikeen’s voice could be heard from Agnez’s mouth.

“Right,” Agnez said.

After hours of walking, they finally saw the portal that was hidden behind the hill of sand. Before they entered the portal, Agnez’s body stopped moving, and it was because Mazkieen prevented her from entering the portal.

The two moons were covered by clouds, and suddenly an earthquake happened. They both were trying so hard to stay on their feet, and then the suns suddenly rose and went up again. They both were so confused and couldn’t believe the suns came back and the moons disappeared.

“What’s happening?” Agnez asked.

“A sandstorm?” Lillith asked as she stared in the distance in front of her.

“Listen to me, Lillith,” Mazikeen’s voice came out of Agnez’s mouth.

Lillith looked at Agnez and was surprised when Agnez turned into Mazikeen.

“Stay close to me,” Mazikeen said as she stared at Lillith from over her shoulder with a serious expression.

Lillith didn’t ask a single question and followed Mazikeen into the portal.

The moment they entered the twentieth floor, a strong wind hit Lillith’s face and the sand hit her eyes. She covered her face as she tried to get rid of the sand in her eyes, and the moment she looked forward, she was shocked when she saw three gigantic silhouettes behind the sandstorm.

“Why are you here?” Mazikeen asked.

“We came to bring you back, Princess Mazikeen,” A loud low voice that was so loud and bassy that it almost stopped the sand storm from flying around and made a wavy motion.

“Really, just the three of you?” Mazikeen asked.

The three gigantic silhouettes were already big enough to make those two look like ants, but then something appeared behind those three silhouettes. A silhouette that was five times bigger than those three, and it made Mazikeen take a few steps back.

“Father?” Mazikeen asked in disbelief.


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