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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 237 Bahasa Indonesia

“I’m curious, from the people that you have seen their future, how many that came true?” Mykel asked as he stared at Sif.

“More than I believe,” Sif answered as she stared blankly at the banquet, hugging herself tightly to comfort herself. She looked like she was still in shock from whatever she saw.

Mykel thought about the two visions about the future of himself that he knew. Both were totally different, but that didn’t mean they weren’t on the same timeline. Neither on both of the visions, they didn’t show his death. Although in Edith’s vision he got stabbed in the chest, that shouldn’t kill him because he could survive with the Arcana Coins that he had.

“Everyone died, but that won’t be a problem as well,” Mykel accidentally said it, and he immediately looked at Sif who appeared to be petrified by the words he just said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you out. I will take my leave then, and I apologise if I make you feel uncomfortable,” Mykel continued and then left.

Mykel looked around to search for Freyja, and then he found her by herself at the long table next to the throne. She was enjoying her mead and stared blankly at the fruits and mead jugs on the table.

“May I sit here?” Mykel asked as he raised his eyebrows at Freyja.

Freyja stared at Mykel for quite a while, and then she nodded her head.

“I’m not trying to make you feel worse by saying that you did all this to yourself, but I’m going to remind you that your world is no longer safe, and you’re going to need someone that can protect the Yggdrasil tree from him,” Mykel said as he crossed his legs and watched the Gods dance in the middle of the hall.

“Let’s talk about this somewhere else,” Freyja said as she stood up.

Mykel raised his eyebrows with a mild shock, and then followed Freyja outside the hall. She suddenly warped the hallway, and the warp was so subtle that he almost didn’t realize it. If only he could get that ability to warp into places as he pleased like her, it would be very useful. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a skill, or at least not from Freyja. It was her cats, Bygul and Trjegul who did that.

“The invisible chariot,” Mykel said as he stared at Freyja from behind.

Freyja turned her head to the right, and then she snapped her fingers with a smile on her face. Two small cats appeared and were resting on the fur of her fur coat on her shoulders, and they were grayish blue in color. They were so adorable that Mykel wanted to pat them or rub their small heads.

Mykel finally got the chance to see the cats since the skills they had weren’t in the system. He immediately used his [Duplicate] skill on Bygul, and he got [Time Temporal Continuum]. He used [Duplicate] on Trjegul, and got [Subspace manipulation].

The [TIme Temporal Continuum] skill allowed Mykel to manipulate time around him and move to another place instantly in exchange for consuming the same amount of time that he would take to reach that place. The problem was the skill was using logic and the law of the world where he could only move to places that he could go to physically.

Mykel could travel around the Earth in a blink of an eye, but the time would pass by the same amount he would take to walk/run from his place to his destination. He couldn’t travel to places where portals or teleportation were needed to reach his destination.

The [Subspace Manipulation] skill was basically a teleportation skill that allowed Mykel to move from one place to another place that he had visited instantly, but only he could use it. He couldn’t use it to bring other people with him.

With those two skills, it combined into a [Warp Space] skill. It defied logic and the law of the world. Mykel could bring everyone around him to the place he wanted instantly.

Freyja opened two big doors in front of her, and then she turned around to look at Mykel.

“Here we can talk more privately,” Freyja said.

Mykel tilted his head a bit to look at the room. It was a chamber with a big bed in the middle of the room. He could see dozens of items being displayed on the shelves. He then slowly averted his gaze toward Freyja with a smile on his face.

Mykel approached Freyja, and she thought that he would be walking past her, but he stood in front of her instead. He suddenly pinched Freyja’s chin gently as he slowly pulled his thumb down so he could see the red plump bottom lips of Freyja and her white teeth.

“After you accused me, attacked me, and now you’re inviting me to your chamber? I guess you’re as bad as Aphrodite and Hedone,” Mykel said as he stared at Freyja’s lips. “After seeing how strong I am, does that arouse you?”

Freyja didn’t say anything and kept staring at Mykel without showing any expression. Mykel could see what she was thinking from Freyja’s [Character], and she wanted him to take the lead. She was indeed worse than Aphrodite and Hedone because she had slept with countless men.

Mykel closed the doors behind him with [Telekinesis] as he gently pushed Freyja toward her bed.

Mykel kissed Freyja and she immediately wrapped her arms around his head and pulled her closer toward her. He removed Freyja’s fur coat, swords, necklace, and everything on her body. He lifted her up and slammed her on the bed as he kept staring her in the eye.

“What? You like my tattoos?” Mykel asked when Freyja saw the tattoos on his body as he removed his shirt.

Freyja stood on top of the bed and slowly walked toward Mykel as she kept staring at his body tattoos. She grabbed Mykel’s hair and gently stroked them while Mykel stared at Freyja’s belly button.

“Since you’re the one who wants it, why don’t you do the moving?” Mykel asked as he looked up at Freyja.

Freyja wrapped her arms around Mykel’s neck and slowly wrapped her legs around Mykel’s waist. Mykel grabbed her upper thighs from the bottom and lifted her up a bit, and the moment he was inside her, she started to sigh in relief. It was so wet that it right slid through so easily and immediately clamped it so tightly inside her.

Mykel was enjoying the moment and watching Freyja slowly consumed with lust and desire. She kept moving up and down as she started moaning in pleasure. Suddenly, he saw a notification, and it was from Ra. Ra was inviting him to enter his world, but Mykel ignored him.

Freyja moaned so loudly as her body started to tremble and hugged Mykel so tightly. Mykel didn’t want to stop and so he started thrusting her more and more which made her shaking and moaning more intense.

“That’s barely a minute and yet you already like this?” Mykel whispered as he moved her upper thighs up and down.

Mykel was really enjoying teasing Freyja, especially when she moaned and trembled uncontrollably. The most exciting part was that she didn’t want to lose and kept trying to move on her own even though she couldn’t handle the pleasure.

“Mykel,” Ra’s voice could be heard inside his head.

Mykel’s smile disappeared the moment he heard Ra’s voice. He lost his momentum and immediately removed his hands from Freyja the moment he walked to the side of the bed.

Freyja was catching her breath and covered in sweat as she lay down on the bed with her lower legs hanging over the bed. She looked at Mykel and was confused as to why he suddenly looked so annoyed.

“What’s wrong?” Freyja asked with a worried expression because she thought she did something that upset him.

“Stay there,” Mykel said as he walked toward the window.

“What do you want?” Mykel asked in his mind in an annoyed voice.

“Help us, Nyx is here! She’s trying to bring all of us to work for her,” Ra answered and he sounded so scared.

“And that’s my problem? I told you that you need to prove your loyalty to me, and this is the right chance to prove it. If you decided to join her, you can say goodbye to your staff,” Mykel replied as he walked back toward Freyja.

“Where were we?” Mykel asked as he stared at Freyja who was still catching her breath.

Freyja didn’t say anything and pulled Mykel to bed.


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