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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 224 Bahasa Indonesia

Jael with his gray skin like ashes stood up and glared at them with her bright yellow eyes. His muscular body was so intimidating even though he had lost his wings, but that didn’t scare them since the only threat was his wings, or at least that was what they thought.

“What’s the plan?” Gunnar asked Agnez.

“Fuck plans, we are going to fuck him up until he can no longer stand up. Every cut counts and as long as you make a wound on his body, it’s good enough,” Agnez answered as she stared at Jael. “No holding back, let’s fucking do this,” Agnez continued as she stared at her sword and it was already in bad condition thanks to clashing with Jael’s mace.

Jeanne stared at Agnez’s sword, and then she grabbed her other sword and offered it to Agnez. “You can use mine, so there’s no need to hold back, right?” Jeanne said.

“It’s nice to have another swordsman on the team,” Agnez replied with a smirk on her face as she grabbed the sword from Jeanne’s hand. “I guess I should start making a spare one for myself,”

Jael started running toward them with his mace up above his head.

“Get ready!” Gunnar yelled as he raised his shield.

Jael slammed his mace on the ground and shattered the ground in front of him. It moved all the way toward them like an avalanche. But then Rozan fixed the ground and stopped the aftereffects of the blow so casually.

“Not on my watch!” Rozan said as he stood right next to Gunnar. “Don’t worry, boys. I will take care of the mess, just kill that bastard so we can go home and sleep on our bed,” Rozan continued.

“Let’s go!” Agnez said as she charged toward Jael with Jeanne next to her.

Everyone followed both of them from behind and felt so confident with how confident those two were.

Gunnar slowly caught up with those two and started running in front of them as he screamed his lungs out. He had been training and increasing his running speed for this kind of moment, and it paid off.

Jael started slamming the mace to the ground over and over to stop them from advancing, but Rozan countered him with ease. He had enough of it, and decided to run toward them with his mace lifted up and swung it around like sweeping the ground.

“I will take care of that, you guys go right ahead when I parried this fucker!” Gunnar said as he ran way ahead of the others.

Gunnar was right on the range, and immediately held his shield with both hands, but to his surprise, he was like a fly who tried to stop a flying basketball. He was thrown so far away, but Rozan pulled him back with wind magic.

“I will handle this, you guys run as fast as you can the moment I block his attack,” Agnez said.

All of them nodded with understanding as they watched Agnez run ahead of them.

Agnez activated [Harmony] and stacked it up with [Demonic Manifestation]. She stood right in front of the coming mace and immediately swung her sword at it. Everyone was shocked when Jael was the one who lost and his mace bounced back. He even got knocked to the side a bit after the impact.

Everyone started running past Agnez and readied their weapons in their hands.

Agnez looked at her sword and it shattered into pieces. She sighed and threw her sword away after she plucked the energy stone from the blade.

“The mace, I need to take care of that,” Agnez said as she stared at the golden mace in Jael’s right hand.

Jeanne with her still active [Harmony] ran straight to Jael’s right foot and swung her sword to create a projectile attack. It cut deep into Jael’s right shin, but not deep enough as Jeanne expected. Suddenly the cut healed itself very slowly and everyone was surprised that he could regenerate.

“If he could regenerate, shouldn’t we be worried about him regenerating his wings back? We should hurry before he does that,” Sven said.

Although Jael could regenerate his body, the wings were different from the rest of his body. His wings didn’t belong to him, they were given to him, so he couldn’t regenerate it if he lost his wings and Mazikeen knew about it.

Jeanne didn’t bother by it and immediately took a giant leap forward and swung her sword right where the cut was. She screamed her lungs out and cut off Jael’s right ankle with everything she got.

Jael growled in pain with his deep voice that trembled everyone’s eardrums.

Jael swung his mace down vertically and Agnez was there to parry his attack. It was enough to make Jael off balance and start tilting his body forward.

Looking at the opportunity, Brynhilde and the others went to Jael’s left foot and started attacking his heel. They couldn’t even penetrate or even cut his skin. The only one who could do it was Asmond thanks to his sword.

Asmond felt proud of himself and immediately activated [Nemesis] on Jael. It made him a lot stronger and started doing the same thing as Jeanne did.

Jael started falling after Asmond cut his left foot, and then he fell on his knees as he growled in pain. Agnez saw the opportunity and jumped as high as she could and then cut Jael’s right wrist, but it didn’t go all the way.

“I got you, Agnez! Finish him!” Rozan said as he lifted Agnez and then started pushing her toward Jael’s wrist.

Agnez cut his right wrist all the way and landed on top of Jael’s arm as she watched Jael’s right hand fall.

“Jeanne! Cut his fucking throat with me!” Agnez yelled at Jeanne who was staring at Jael’s hand.

Both Jeanne and Asmond looked up to look at Agnez, they both then stared at Jael’s neck was wide open and unprotected. Asmond was the one who made the move and climbed up Jael’s leg. Jeanne did the same thing and they both were running on Jael’s back all the way up to his nape.

Jeanne wasn’t bothered by Asmond, and she thought it was a good thing he was there because she believed she couldn’t cut off Jael’s head on her own or with only Agnez to help her. She looked at Agnez and nodded her head to signal to her that it was okay to have Asmond with them.

“Do it, Asmond!” Jeanne said.

Listening to Jeanne’s voice saying his name, Asmond felt so overwhelmed because it had been a very long time since she had said his name or even talked to him.

Asmond rushed and jumped all the way to Jael’s neck. He used all his strength and swung his sword at Jael’s nape. He almost cut Jael’s neck on his own, and Jeanne was glad he didn’t. She then finished the job by swinging her sword right on top of Jael’s nape and jumped down to cut his neck.

Jeanne landed at the same time as Jael’s head hit the ground. His head crushed like porcelain, and it surprised everyone because it was new to them, but they had noticed since he didn’t bleed like any demons.

[You have cleared the twentieth floor of Lucifer Tower]

[You are the first to clear the twentieth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

Everyone was screaming in joy the moment they saw the notification. On the other hand, Mykel was bewildered by the notification in front of him that he couldn’t believe it.

[A total of [5] [Divine Arcana Chests] and [20] [High-Quality Arcana Chests]are being delivered to [Gehenna: Surface]]

[You have gained 1,000 [Constellation Points] from your donation!]

[You have gained 59,000 [Constellation Points] from your [Recipient(s)] amazing achievement!]

[79,730/100,000 [Constellation Points] to level up your [Authority] to level [3]!]

“Does that mean I got a thousand Constellation Points on each Recipient that cleared the Lucifer tower?” Mykel said to himself as he chuckled quietly in disbelief. “I made the right decision,” Myke continued as he hid his joy from everyone.

“Mykel, how are we going to distribute the chest?” Agnez asked as he approached Mykel.

“Two divine chests for us. The other three, give one each to Barika, Brynhilde, and Asmond. The rest, let them decide,” Mykel answered as he closed the screens in front of him.

Mykel and Agnez walked to the front and distributed the chests equally, but he took two [Divine Arcana Chest] as he said. Everyone was happy with that and went through the gate since the portal was right in front of the tower.

Nobody went to the portal straight away because they were curious about the tower in front of them. Rozan was the first one to walk on the long bridge toward the tower, and then he fell to his knees as he moaned in fear after he looked down the bridge.

“This isn’t real, right?” Rozan asked as he stared at everyone who stared at him with a puzzled look.

They all approached him and looked at what he saw down there. They were all shocked to the core and petrified by what they saw. The tower they had been staring at wasn’t actually the bottom of it. It was just a small part of it.

“So, this tower is actually just the very tip of the iceberg…” Brynhilde said.

Everyone lost their composure as Rozan. They all couldn’t believe it when they saw the tower was thousands of times bigger. The tower itself could be compared to how big the earth was if an astronaut looked at the earth from the space station.

“It’s called a Babel Tower, it has a thousand and one floors in it,” Mykel said as he stared down the bridge.


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