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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 203 Bahasa Indonesia

“I’m back guys!” Rozan said as he walked into the suite with a huge grin on his face.

“Welcome back,” Gunnar said as he walked into his room while eating his banana.

Rozan realized there were only Gunnar and Nagy in the suite. “Where are the others?” Rozan asked as he looked around and saw nobody else in the suite.

“Mykel is with Miss Lyneth right now. The others are still in the Azrael Tower leveling up. Miss Edith is with her daughter at home,” Nagy answered as she ate her breakfast in the living room. “Also, welcome back,” Nagy continued.

“I see, anyway, Nagy, do you want to help me? I need to gather the ingredients to make Energy Stone. I will make you the best Energy Stone for you,” Rozan asked as he walked to the kitchen to grab a drink.

“Really? But I haven’t showered yet and I’m still eating my breakfast. It’s raining outside as well, are you sure you want to go out there with that kind of weather?” Nagy replied and looked at Rozan.

“Don’t worry about the weather! I can change the weather as I pleased! Also, I’m not in a hurry and I’m also going to take a shower now as well,” Rozan answered and looked at the heavy rain outside.

“Okay then, I will get ready,” Nagy replied and finished her breakfast.

“Great!” Rozan smiled as he walked into Gunnar’s room. “Yo, Gunnar! Come help me!” Rozan said as he looked at Gunnar lazing on his bed.

(In District 1)

“Should we bring in Asmond and the people from Fraternity to the Guild Association?” Lyneth asked as she put on her bra on the bed.

“No, let them have it. I don’t want Asmond to work under me,” Mykel said as he enjoyed his coffee in the living room.

Lyneth peeked her head and stared at Mykel with a puzzled look. “What? I thought you want him to be working under you since you have been helping him. Am I wrong or is there another reason?” Lyneth asked as she walked to the sofa and then sat next to him.

“Well, I have my own reason,” Mykel answered as he stood up and looked at the thunderstorm through the glass wall. “I haven’t helped him in a while so that’s not the case anymore,”

Lyneth nodded her head with understanding and then turned around. “It appears that the Fraternity is on the verge of its downfall because of the internal problems. I can tell Asmond and Enma are not on the good term with each other, but I can’t blame her because of what happened inside the Samael Tower,”

Mykel nodded his head in agreement.

“By the way. it’s been raining nonstop for the last four days, not to mention the thunder are so scary. I hope it’s going to stop soon,” Lyneth said as she listened to the rain hitting the glass wall.

“That depends,” Mykel answered as he stared at the lightning that started on the horizon and spread across the sky. “Someone sure is angry,” Mykel mumbled to himself.

(In the castle)

“Can sleep, sister?” Vixelleth asked when she stared at Beldathiel from the reflection in the window.

“Your father is really angry at something, isn’t he? It’s annoying when he does this because I can’t sleep,” Beldathiel replied while she was hugging the body pillow and staring at the thunderstorm.

“What’s he so pissed about?” Beldathiel asked as she yawned and slowly sat up from the bed.

“It has something to do with Mykel, but not directly. I have been wondering about it as well, but if he’s furious like this, it’s usually because he lost his followers. It must be related to Kazguul’s death or something but it shouldn’t be a problem since he can easily bring him back to life,” Vixelleth answered.

Beldathiel raised her eyebrows. “Then it must be because of the sword that Jeanne possessed,” Beldathiel grabbed her dice and threw it on the ground. It was a small number and she was surprised with the answer she got. “I see, so that’s why. Kazguul can’t be resurrected,” Beldathiel said.

Vixelleth stared at the dice through the reflection on the window and didn’t say anything.

“Who’s wrath that will strike this world next I wonder,” Beldathiel said as she laid down. “Can you take care of the weather? I have been awake for two hours now and I can’t sleep because of the rain,” Beldathiel asked.

“Yes, sister,” Vixelleth answered.

(In the Helmga World, Peom Kingdom)

“Jeanne, lend me your sword,” Agnez said as she reached out her hand toward Jeanne.

“Which sword?” Jeanne asked as she looked at the two swords hanging down next to her waist.

“The Soul Catcher sword,” Agnez answered.

“Are you sure? You know that you won’t be able to handle the drawback from unsheathing the sword, right?” Jeanne responded as she removed the Soul Catcher sword from her belt.

“I’m not going to unsheath it, Mazikeen wanted to look at it closely because she said that she felt Kazguul’s power there,” Agnez replied and grabbed the sword from Jeanne’s hand.

Agnez turned into Mazikeen, she stared at the sword closely and out of curiosity, Mazikeen held the handle. She slowly unsheathed the sword, but suddenly she dropped the sword and retracted her hands away from the sword.

“That isn’t an ordinary sword,” Mazikeen said as she glared at the sword on the ground. “Everything that it consumed has been purified by some kind of a divine power and leaving only a small taste of the souls that are trapped inside,”

Lillith and the others were just staring at the sword after Jeanne grabbed it from the ground.

“Not only the souls that are collected but also the soul of the wielder,” Mazikeen said as she stared at her right hand because she almost got purified when she stared into the painful memories of the souls.

Jeanne stared at the sword and she unsheathed it so casually, then stared at it.

“I guess you’re right because I don’t have to get through the pain anymore,” Jeanne responded. “I have been wondering what kind of world is Empyrean because I feel like it’s an extraordinary world if they have something like this in their world.

“Ask Mykel, maybe he will tell you something about it,” Lillith responded.

“I did, but he won’t tell me anything because he said it’s better to find out about it together with everyone,” Jeanne answered and put the sword on the belt.

“Then it’s going to be a while because if that world really has something amazing like that to lose to the demons, then it would be on the high floor of one of the towers,” Sven said as he rested his head on his fist with a cup of rum in his left hand.

“We should go back, it’s been a week and Rozan should be back by now,” Agnez said as she turned herself back and gently massaged her hands because they went numb after she tried to unsheath the sword.

All of them left Helmga World after saying goodbye to Costrezeir.

The next day, the heavy rain had calmed down thanks to Vixelleth, and everyone went to District 12 to clear the twentieth floor of the Belphegor Tower. Rozan told them about the Energy Stone he was planning to make after he got enough ingredients to make one, but unfortunately he wasn’t getting the time to make it since Mykel wanted them to clear another tower.

“Why are we waiting out here?” Agnez asked and stared at Mykel who stood in front of the gate.

“We are waiting for the Fraternity. Asmond and the others are going to join us,” Mykel answered, he then heard a bus coming to the tower and a car behind it. “Speaking of the devil, here they are,” Mykel said as he looked at Asmond and Enma came out of the car.

“You should have told us so we can prepare mentally and physically for this,” Agnez said as she exhaled deeply in an annoyed voice.

“It will be fine, he’s not Kastor,” Mykel answered.

Agnez scoffed and then chuckled. “You’re right, I’m glad that he’s dead now. He’s useless,” Agnez said but everyone looked at her in disbelief but didn’t say anything.

“Alright, let’s go,” Mykel said as he walked toward the tower.


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