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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 202 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel went to Ra’s temple with Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite after Ra invited them. He didn’t bring everyone else because it was unnecessary and didn’t want everyone to get involved in what he was about to do.

Mykel walked to the front the moment they entered the hall, and he was immediately getting a judgemental look from them. They didn’t hate him, but they disliked him because of what he did during the Temple of Triumph, even Ra hesitated to bring him to his temple until Hera convinced him.

The sun behind Ra dimmed and it reflected Ra’s condition. He was still recovering from the battle with Nyx, and if Hera didn’t give him his staff back, he might be dead back there.

Mykel stood right below Ra with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face. Ra felt that Mykel was mocking him because of the smile he made, but when he used his third eye, Mykel was genuinely curious about Ra’s condition.

“You must be curious why I’m here, and so I will go straight to the point,” Mykel said as he stared at Ra. “I will give you something as compensation for what happened,” Mykel continued, and then gave Ra one million Arcana Coins.

Ra was unfazed by what Mykel gave him, but that didn’t mean he ignored the amount of Arcana Coins he received.

“What do you mean by compensation? It sounds as if you’re the one who’s responsible for it,” Ra asked as he immediately used the Arcana Coins to recover his injuries.

“Who do you think can compensate you in this situation? Everyone is at lost because Zeus had stupidly decided to bail with the plan,” Mykel answered.

“What’s that mean, Hera?” Ra averted his gaze toward Hera.

“As Mykel said, Zeus bailed and we all went to Nyx’s world for nothing,” Hera answered with her eyes closed as she tried to calm herself down after thinking about Zeus.

Ra used his third eye and could tell Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite were furious about it.

“What happened?” Ra asked with his arms resting on the arms rest.

Hera and Athena told Ra about Zeus’ conversation with Hades. Everyone listened to Hades’ reasoning, and since they were all just Constellations with barely any recognition, of course, they agreed with Hades.

“That’s reasonable,” Ra said after he listened to the story.

“Yes, it is, but you don’t understand the situation here,” Hera nodded her head in agreement, but before she could continue, Ra lifted his right hand from the armrest.

“It’s not my concern right now, because I’m more concerned about our deal. You promise to make them recognized, and I want you to fulfill your promise to me,” Ra said as he rested his head on his fist. “Don’t tell me after it didn’t go as planned you’re planning to bail with your promise,”

The sun started to glow brighter, and all the Egyptian Gods started to be on guard. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite looked around and they didn’t like the situation they were in.

“I still remember what Nyx said to us back then,” Ra said as he slowly stood up and looked down at Hera. “That we can’t fight her in her world, and that applies to you as well because right now you’re in my world,”

“Your world? So what?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised.

Ra grabbed his staff, but suddenly everyone in the temple felt a heavy pressure on their backs. Mykel activated [Judgement] and now everyone was unable to use their skills and got weakened.

Mykel walked toward Ra casually and then grabbed Ra on the mask with his left hand to force Ra to look him in the eye. He grabbed Ra’s neck with his right hand and then lifted him up with a smile on his face.

“You think just because you’re in your world we would lose to you? Then I’m going to prove you wrong,” Mykel said, and he then threw Ra to a wall made of gold.

Ra was on his knees and couldn’t do anything while Mykel walked toward him with his fists clenched. Mykel slammed Ra’s head against the wall so hard that his mask broke into pieces. Mykel could see the same face as the mask, a man with a hawk’s head.

“You threaten us first, so you’re the one to blame that this happens. Also, don’t you dare threaten her ever again,” Mykel said, and then he punched Ra in the face really hard so that everyone in the temple could hear a loud cracking sound. “Let’s see, if the God of Sun can handle fire,” Mykel smiled and used [Hellfire] to swallow Ra’s whole body.

For the first time in Ra’s life, he felt the heat and the burning feeling on his skin and inside his body. He started screaming, and it was insightful for a primordial God or an ancient God to make such a sound.

Nobody could see what was happening, and all they heard was a scream of agony and pain from Ra’s mouth. Mykel on the other hand, he enjoyed every second of it, but then he extinguished the [Hellfire] from his hand and Ra’s body.

Mykel threw Ra to the other side of the hall, and Amon, with the other Egyptian Gods, saw the burned body of Ra with smoke coming out of his body. They were bewildered and terrified to see him in that condition. They wanted to help him, but their bodies couldn’t move.

“Let’s make a deal, Ra,” Mykel said as he fixed his gloves and walked toward Ra. “Join me instead, and I won’t kill you. How’s that sound?” Mykel asked as he sat on top of Ra’s chest and stared down at him with his eyebrow raised.

Ra’s blood wasn’t red like a human’s, his blood looked like lava, and it was really hot that it melted the carpet and the gold floor around him. Mykel had to be careful and grabbed Ra’s beak to prevent his glove from melting.

“You can move your head either you want to die or live,” Mykel said as he lit his cigarette using the heat from Ra’s blood. “Right, even if I kill you right now, you can be reborn, but what if I destroy that sun behind your throne? Do you think you can be reborn then?” Mykel smirked as he smoked his cigarette.

Ra stared at Mykel in disbelief because Mykel knew exactly what his life force was made of. He had no option but to nod his head in agreement with Mykel’s offer. He thought that he might be able to seek revenge after her recovered, but he had no idea that Mykel already had six Major Arcanas on his side and soon to be seven.

“I know what you’re thinking, Ra,” Mykel smiled as he looked at Ra’s staff on the ground. “You’re going to regret it,” Mykel continued as he stood up, and then walked away to grab Ra’s staff. “I will keep this staff until you prove your loyalty to me,” Mykel looked at Ra’s staff.

Mykel deactivated [Judgement] and everyone immediately recovered. Anubis, Amon, and the other Egyptian Gods were about to attack Mykel, but then Ra stopped them.

“Smart call,” Mykel smiled as he gently lifted Hera. “Let’s meet again, in the Temple of Triumph, Ra. I will decide whether I will give your staff back or not,” Mykel said, and then the four of them left Ra’s world.


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