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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 192 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel went back to Earth early in the morning after he comforted Hera and accompany her until she felt better. He walked into Beldathiel’s room and saw Zherlthsh and Vixelleth enjoying a bottle of wine while Beldathiel was asleep.

“Oh, you’re back,” Zherlthsh said and stared at Mykel with displeased.

Vixelleth didn’t even bother to look at Mykel because he knew that both of them were angry at him for bringing the Gods to his goal to take down Lucifer. He didn’t bother with what they were thinking because they couldn’t do anything to him since he was their master.

“Where are the others, are they staying here or did you send them all back to the hotel?” Mykel asked as he grabbed the bottle of wine, but then his hand was grabbed by Vixelleth and she was gripping his wrist really tightly. “What? I’m not allowed to get a sip?”

“This one is ours, if you want one go buy one,” Vixelleth said with a cynical look.

Mykel smirked as he shook his head.

“You haven’t answered my question, where are the others?” Mykel asked.

“They’re upstairs, asleep,” Zherlthsh answered. “By the way, can you stay away from us? You have a really strong scent of a God and it’s making us dizzy,” Zherlthsh looked at Mykel with her eyebrows furrowed.

“Just send me to District 8, I’m not planning on staying here anyway,” Mykel said as he fixed his gloves. “You should send them as well when they wake up,”

Zherlthsh opened a portal and then Mykel walked through it.

The sun rose and everyone was ready to enter the Azrael Tower, but then a car came. It was Asmond and Enma, Mykel looked at them with his eyebrows furrowed because he believed that nobody told them that they were going to clear the Azrael Tower.

“Did any of you tell them about our schedule?” Mykel looked at them.

“I did, boss,” Gunnar raised his hand. “Enma messaged me last night and she asked about it and I told her that we are going to clear the Azrael Tower,” Gunnar answered and he looked a bit nervous.

Agnez and Jeanne stared at him dead in the eye.

“I see, that’s fine, I guess we have to bring the luggage with us again from now on,” Mykel sighed as he put his hands in his pockets because he wasn’t in the mood to put a facade in front of Asmond.

“Long time no see, Asmond,” Mykel smiled as he approached him.

“Yes, and congrats for clearing the twentieth floor,” Asmond replied and then glanced at Jeanne.

“Are you here to join us?” Mykel asked.

“No, we are here not for that because there’s still a lot of stuff that I need to take care of. It takes longer than I expected and I realized that becoming the head of the Fraternity Association is really hard,” Asmond answered and started chuckling nervously, Mykel could tell that Asmond barely had any sleep from his eyes.

“That’s why I have Lyneth to take care of everything for me. You should get yourself an assistant that you can depend on,” Mykel said.

“Yeah, I think I should but right now Enma and Kastor’s former assistant are already helping me. So, it’s just that I’m not suited for this kind of job, but since Kastor entrusted this to me, I should do my best,” Asmond replied and he looked a bit nervous.

“That’s why I came here to tell you that I’m going to meet her this afternoon to talk about the Fraternity. We aren’t going to merge with the Guild Association, it’s just that we are in need of a bit of support from you guys,” Asmond said as he looked at Mykel.

“Well, whatever it is, I just hope that it goes in your favor,” Mykel nodded his head. “Take care, Asmond and stay strong,” Mykel continued as he smiled at him.

“Yeah, thank you, and good luck on your attempt to clear the twentieth floor,” Asmond replied.

Mykel nodded his head and then walked back to the others and entered the tower while Asmond watched them all from the distance.

“Thank god he’s not joining us,” Agnez said as she wrapped her left arm around Jeanne’s shoulder. Isn’t that right, Jeanne?”

Jeanne just shook her head and smiled because she didn’t have anything to say or respond to Agnez’s question since she didn’t care about Asmond anymore. She was happy because the gap between her and him went wider again, she felt at ease thanks to that.

They entered the tower because they didn’t have the key to Bumi World since Mykel gave it to Barika.

It only took them fifteen minutes to clear up to the tenth floor, and then they entered the portal to the eleventh floor. It surprised them when they saw the Bumi World which used to be a big whole mess had turned into a civilized world.

“Damn, they really did make this world their second world, huh?” Rozan asked as he looked at all the buildings that had been rebuilt and there were people with modern outfits walking around. “It feels like we are in a different world rather than in Bumi,” Rozan continued as he looked at people who were still rebuilding the buildings in the distance.

“I wonder how did they bring all of this stuff here, did they carry the parts by hand and then build those vehicles inside this world?” Sven asked as he looked at the cars and cranes.

“That’s the only explanation and it’s not that hard for them since they came from a more advanced world than us,” Mykel answered as he kept walking on the sidewalk.

It didn’t take long until those people from Juven where Barika came from recognized them. Those people knew about Mykel because Barika and his team told them about him as the hero who saved Bumi World and gave the world to the people of Juven.

Juven’s population was a lot more than Earth and since they were separated into two territories, they couldn’t use more land than what they had. So they used the Bumi as their second world and used it as the neutral zone, a place where people from two different fatherlands live peacefully together.

“Huh, they even tore down the walls,” Agnez said and looked at the remains of the walls that used to separate the humans and the zombies or the cannibals. “It looks like the people from Bumi are fine with these people from Juven,”

“They have no choice and without people from Juven, they can’t rebuild their own world,” Mykel answered as he walked toward the portal.

They went to the fifteenth floor and so far people from Juven were still on the eleventh floor. Only a few of them were on the twelfth floor and they hadn’t planned to rebuild that floor yet because they were still focusing on the civilization on the eleventh floor.

“Alright, let’s go to the sixteenth floor,” Mykel said as he held the door inside the Azrael Tower.

[The second world, Leowa]

[Free Leowa from the Second Demon Lord Kazguul’s army!]

“Wait a minute, are we on a ship?” Gunnar asked as he looked around, they were on the deck of a wooden ship and they were in the middle of the sea.

“Seems like it, I guess we should use the ship to find an island,” Rozan said as he checked his surroundings and there was nobody else on the ship.


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