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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 191 Bahasa Indonesia

“Even after you both merge together, you still can’t beat me,” Nyx said as she floated above Hera who was in her normal form and laid down on the ground with wounds and bruises all over her body. “I know why you’re here, and I’m not your target while you’re just a distraction,” Nyx stared down at Hera.

Hera weakly opened her eyes and stared at Nyx slowly descending in front of her. She didn’t have the energy to even move her body and was too exhausted to speak.

“Do you realize that you’re just being used, Hera?” Nyx said with the dark mist covered her body and recovered all her wounds. “All of you are being used by him, you’re being fooled twice now. First, Zeus forced you to be his wife, and now Mykel used you for his own interest. How pathetic can you be, Hera?”

Nyx wrapped Hera with the dark mist and pulled her up, Nyx looked at Hera’s face but then a beam of light came out from Hera’s eyes and shot Nyx in both of her eyes. Nyx flinched and giggled, but then a bright light appeared from above the sky, she looked up and saw a massive sun descending so slowly.

“You never know when to give up, don’t you?” Nyx said as she covered her face with her left hand. “Do you realize that you had no chance the moment you set your foot in my world?” Nyx stared at the sun and used her right hand.

“I’m done playing around with both of you,” Nyx clenched her right hand and the sun disappeared instantly.

Nyx slammed Hera to the ground, and grabbed Hera’s face with her right hand, then she pulled out the ray from Hera’s mouth and eyes forcefully. Ra was pulled out and then Nyx slammed him to the ground and wrapped him with the dark mist.

“Ra, I thought you would stay neutral. What made you change your position and decided to help them?” Nyx asked as she tightened the grip.

Ra didn’t say a word and just glared at Nyx while he tried to free himself.

“Since you’re not a part of my family, there’s no reason for me to show you any mercy,” Nyx pointed her right hand at Ra.

Nyx could hear the bones inside Ra’s body cracking and before she could finish him, Hera stood up and shoved Ra’s staff into the mist.

“Leave! Save yourself!” Hera screamed.

Ra grabbed his staff and turned into a ray of light then flew away with the speed of light.

Nyx slowly turned her head toward Hera, she shook her head so slowly while smiling.

“Oh, Hera, what a pitiful Goddess you are,” Nyx said as she walked around Hera who was on her knees. “Why don’t you join me instead, Hera? I can assure you that you will understand why we are doing this,” Nyx stood behind Hera with her arms rested on her waist.

Hera spent millions of Arcana Coins to heal herself immediately, and it surprised Nyx that Hera had that many Arcana Coins to heal all her wounds. She then slowly stood up and turned around to look at Nyx and covered her body because her dress got ripped during the battle.

“I already have everything that I wanted, and I know why you’re doing this,” Hera answered. “You fell for his charm, don’t you, Nyx? He’s the only one who can provide you warmth and light in your eternal cold nightlife,” Hera asked as she fixed her dress with magic.

“Said the Goddess who spent most of her time with Mykel ever since his appearance in the Hall of Triumph rather than with your husband,” Nyx replied and scoffed mockingly.

“He gave me strength and freedom, and I’m interested in everything that he achieved and things he will achieve,” Hera explained as she stared at Nyx.

A loud rumbling sound came from the sky, it was Zeus and he ordered everyone to leave immediately.

“You can’t lie to yourself because you’re curious about him as well, it’s just that your heart has belonged to someone else,” Hera said as she opened a portal behind her. “We are in the same situation, and we both fell for their charm. A demon and a God with a desire to rule over all worlds,” Hera continued as she walked back and entered the portal then disappeared.

“Rule over all the worlds?” Nyx giggled. “I would love to see both of them try,” Nyx continued and then disappeared into a dark mist.

Hera went back to Mount Olympus, but she was surprised that Zeus came back without Hades, not to mention that Persephone wasn’t with him as well.

“Where’s Hades? Where’s Persephone?!” Hera asked as she walked through the other Gods and Goddesses who were also confused.

Zeus walked up to his throne so slowly and then sat down while everyone was making a commotion in the hall. He leaned his back and took a deep breath then cleared his throat which made everyone stop talking and looked up at him.

“Hades won’t come back, at least not now and Persephone is staying there with him,” Zeus answered as she stared at Hera.

Everyone was perplexed by Zeus’ answer, Hera furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Zeus furiously.

“What’s that mean, Zeus?! You’re saying that you decided to leave even though you can bring him back here?!” Hera raised her voice and everyone slowly walked away from Hera and made some distance to avoid getting involved in the quarrel between those two.

“It’s complicated and I can promise you that they both will come back,” Zeus answered.

“I tried my best to distract Nyx, and I offered myself to Ra so we can bring Hades back! But what did you give us in return? Disappointment!” Hera scoffed and shook her head in disbelief. “Your promise means nothing to me! Why did I trust you in the first place?” Hera continued and slowly turned herself into her vengeful form, she then left the hall hurriedly.

Zeus didn’t even respond to Hera’s anger and stayed quiet, he then looked at Hermes who tried to catch up on Hera.

“Hermes,” Hera said as she stood in front of the temple and everything around her became dead like the plants and the grass. “Bring me to Niflheim,” Hera glared at Hermes from the corner of her eyes.

Hermes didn’t say a word and immediately brought Hera to Niflheim.

They both arrived in front of the bridge, Hera then walked on her own to the bridge.

“You can report whatever you want to Zeus, I’m not planning on coming back at least for the meantime,” Hera said as she kept walking and didn’t look back.

Hermes raised his eyebrows as he stared at Hera entering the kingdom and then left.

Hera entered the castle and went straight to the hall hurriedly, and the moment she opened the door, she saw nobody in the hall. Everyone had left to war against the Death Arcana, but then she saw Mykel was on his own sitting on the throne while holding a cup of wine.

“I have been waiting,” Mykel said as he looked at Hera standing in front of the door.

“Mykel? You’re still here?” Hera asked and proceeded to approach him.

“Of course, I saw everything,” Mykel said as he stood up and stood still on top of the steps. He read everything from the [Story] tab of Hera, Zeus, and Hades, he knew what happened back there.

Hera started to walk hurriedly and then stood at the bottom of the steps as she looked at Mykel in anger, hatred, disappointment, and betrayal all mixed into one. Mykel slowly walked down and gently put his hand on her right cheek, he didn’t say a word and just rubbed her cheek with his thumb.

“I’m sorry it ended up like this,” Mykel said with his eyebrows furrowed.

“What should we do? Everything is a mess and it was all because of his fault,” Hera squinted her eyes as she held her anger.

“Don’t worry, I can fix it,” Mykel answered as he stared blankly at the door. “Unfortunately, I can’t bring Hades and Persephone back right now because of the thing that I’m having with her. I need to avoid being in the spotlight for who knows how long,”

Hera nodded her understanding. “I understand, but what about Ra?” Hera asked as she looked up at Mykel.

“I will personally deal with him. Everything will be alright,” Mykel answered and stared back at Hera.

Hera slowly wrapped her arms around Mykel’s waist as she slowly went down to her knees and dragged him down with her. He sat down on the step while she rested her head on his lap because there was nothing that need to be said.

“I want you to be patient, for a little bit longer,” Mykel said as he looked down at Hera. “Once the time comes, I will drag everyone down who would go against my will. I can promise you that,” Mykel continued as he kept staring at Hera and he started to stroke her hair gently.

Hera’s appearance turned to her normal self, and then she nodded her head without saying a single word. His words and promise were soothing to Hera’s ears, and she couldn’t help but agree with what he said.

“You have done a great job, you can close your eyes and rest. I will be here until you wakes up,” Mykel said with a gentle smile.

Hera closed her eyes and fell asleep on Mykel’s lap.


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