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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 183 Bahasa Indonesia

In the original story, Loki was despised by a lot of Gods and Goddesses for his behavior and trickery. His mind games were no match for anyone even for Ra’s third eye because Loki never lied, he only messed with people’s minds with his words.

Loki’s slyness was the reason why he was one of the Major Arcana, The Fool. Although there was no strongest or weakest amongst the Major Arcana except for The World, The Fool was limitless since the number that represent The Fool was zero. With that being said, The Fool had no worries because there was nothing to lose in the first place.

Ra would accept Hera’s offer after Loki managed to anger him and made him act rashly during the meeting as Loki reported. The offer that Hera proposed wasn’t half bad, it was even a good deal if Ra thought about it because even if he lost, his reputation would rise for helping them.

“I hope it’s going to work,” Mykel said as he stared at the people of the Cavasi Kingdom through the window while smoking his cigarette.

“Hero Mykel, everyone is ready,” Euros said in front of the door of the chamber where Mykel was staying at.

“Let’s leave then,” Mykel said as he burned the cigarette and grabbed his blazer from the bed.

Mykel and Euros went to the hall and saw everyone had gathered, he looked at each one of their status screens. He looked at how fast they grew ever since he rose their level up to 50, they were all as strong as Manna at that moment and even stronger than everyone in his team based on pure strength except Agnez and Jeanne.

“The time has finally come and based on Euros’ information, we know a glimpse of what we are about to deal with on the sixteenth floor up to the nineteenth floor because the first three heroes told them about their journey,” Mykel said as he looked at all of them. “Let’s clear the twentieth floor, and see what awaits us,”

All of them nodded and followed Mykel to the tower.

“Have you considered making an heir? Phirzia, Costrezeir?” Mykel asked, and everyone immediately looked at him as if he was asking them if they were interested in making an heir with him. “You should consider it because you will be following us all the way to the hundredth floor. Or at least get a husband to run the kingdom. You should consider it as well, Euros,” Mykel looked at Euros and the others.

Phirzia looked at Costrezeir as she raised her eyebrows, both of them looked at each other and didn’t know what to reply, but then Phirzia looked at Mykel as she cleared her throat with a reddened face. “I don’t think there’s anyone that I’m interested in,”

Agnez tilted her head as she stared at Phirzia. “Are you trying to signal Mykel to breed you instead?”

Phirzia choked on her saliva and her face turned bright red while Agnez chuckled mischievously. Costrezeir was patting her back to stop her from choking, and Mykel didn’t even look back and kept walking in the front with Edith.

“I have a question. If either one of you is pregnant with someone from a different world, can the baby move to both world since the baby belongs to both worlds?” Rozan asked as he stared blankly at the endless hallway.

Everyone went silent and thought about it while walking in the endless hallway.

“Could the baby even leave the world when they leave the world and go back to Helmga? I mean, wouldn’t the baby going to disappear from their womb and stay in that world or the other way around?” Gunnar asked as he stared at Rozan.

“Damn, that would be scary,” Rozan raised his eyebrows. “I guess that depends where you make the baby?” Rozan asked as he looked back at Gunnar.

“Alright, that’s enough baby talk, we are here,” Mykel said as he stood in front of the door.

“Come on, boss, aren’t you curious about it as well?” Gunnar asked as he stood in front of Mykel.

“No, because it depends where the baby born. Whether they’re born in Helmga or the other world, it will be decided where it born and that will be their main world,” Mykel answered as he opened the door and stared at Gunnar.

“How do you know that?” Rozan asked with curiosity.

“Because Jeanne’s ancestor isn’t from Earth, remember?” Mykel answered as he raised his eyebrows. “Now get in there,”

[The second world, Baesir]

[Free Baesir from the Second Demon Lord Tuzgolth’s army!]

“Baesir, it’s still the same world,” Euros said as he looked at the modern world as Earth. “It appears their world has been annihilated for the second time because I heard that they used to have beautiful and tall buildings but now it’s all in ruins,”

“Figured, then that means we have to find the survivors on this floor, if there’s any,” Agnez said as she squinted her eyes and tried to look in the distance. “Let’s get moving and kill all the demons when you see them,”

It took them an hour to finally found a survivor in a grocery store after killing hordes of demons. She was trying to find some food to eat and because of her clumsiness, they heard a can was falling in the grocery store and they found here there hiding behind the counter.

“You’re from another world?” A woman asked with barely anything to cover her top while Vincze and Sven couldn’t stop staring at her boobs until Nagy smacked them on the back.

“Do you know anything about heroes from Helmga?” Euros asked as he gave a blanket to cover her body.

“Helmga? You’re from Helmga?” The woman asked as he looked at Euros since he wore a full plate armor.

“Yes, we are, and we are here to safe your world again,” Euros nodded his head.

“Thank goodness, but where were you when we needed you?” The woman asked as she looked at Euros with a bit of anger.

“Our world was occupied with the demons as well after we lost our best heroes. Our world was saved by these people right here,” Euros answered as he pointed his hand at Mykel. “I’m sorry that we can’t protect your world, but let us redeem ourselves,” Euros said with a sorrowful expression.

The woman nodded and stood up as she kept covering her body with blanket and followed them outside.

“Our only way to clear this floor is by killing all the demons, right? The same as in Helmga?” Jeanne asked as she looked around.

“Yes, that’s what they told us,” Costrezeir answered as she looked at Jeanne’s sword that Jeanne had been holding on.

“I see, I just need to ask their help,” Jeanne replied and then unsheathed her sword and stared at it.

The sunlight got reflected by the sword and everyone could see a spirit floating above the road. Euros and the others were shocked when they could see them from the light that got reflected from the sword.

“Guide us to the demons,” Jeanne said as she stared at one of the spirits that was staring at her.

The spirit nodded and started flying toward a building.

“So, what are those? Ghosts?” Arvel asked as he stared at the spirit.

“It’s the spirit of the dead,” Jeanne nodded her head.

It took them three hours to finally cleared all the demons on the sixteenth floor after they decided to attract all the demons’ attention by collapsing one of the building in the middle of the city. It was an easy job and they weren’t even paying much attention because how weak the demons were.

During their battle against the demons, they found more survivors on the sixteenth floor.

“It’s time for us to leave, be careful here and it’s better for you to stay hidden until we defeat the demon lord,” Costrezeir said to the woman.

“Yes, I understand, and thank you for making our city safe from the demons,” The woman said as she nodded her head.

Costrezeir smiled and nodded then followed Mykel and the others into the portal.

The moment they entered the seventeenth floor, they were immediately welcomed by the sight of horde of demons in front of them.

“I hate party pooper, but this time I’m going to enjoy being a party pooper,” Sven said as he swung his scythe around.


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