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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 175 Bahasa Indonesia

Asmond cut the demon in half when it jumped toward the bridge, he looked down and saw so many pieces of demon bodies in the water. He noticed the underwater mine wouldn’t go off like that, and then he looked back and saw Mykel with the others walking toward them.

“Mykel! You’re here!” Asmond called with a huge smile on his face as he approached Mykel.

“Need a hand?” Mykel asked with a smile on his face.

“We got everything under control,” Asmond shook his head as he looked at the demons struggling to cross the bridge. “This is going to be an easy job because the demons are so weak here,”

Clancy stared at the soldiers and they were surprised to see him, they were a bit scared and nervous at the same time. He smirked as he lit his cigarette because he knew and those soldiers knew what would happen after they took care of the demons.

Kastor tilted his head and looked at Clancy and his underlings behind Mykel.

“Are they Awakeners?” Kastor asked.

“Clancy,” Mykel turned around and looked at Clancy. “These are my friends,” Mykel pointed his hand at Asmond and the others.

Clancy approached Asmond and looked at every single one of them.

“Nice to meet you, mate,” Clancy said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

Asmond, Kastor, and Enma introduced themselves to Clancy.

“What are we going to do now? Just stay here and wait for the demons to approach us?” Agnes asked with her arms crossed.

“No, if we stay here, we won’t clear the thirteenth floor,” Mykel answered. “We need to cross the bridge and kill every single one of them,” Mykel nodded up at the other side of the bridge.

“That’s fine by us, but how are we going to cross the bridge? The gap is too big and you’re not planning on swimming to the island, right?” Kastor asked as he furrowed his eyebrows.

Agnez stared at Kastor with annoyance as she sighed, and then she looked at Rozan and patted his shoulder.

“Can you do something so this guy stops whining?” Agnez asked as she pointed at Kastor.

Rozan chuckled and nodded with understanding, he then used wind magic and manipulate the air around him. He flew up high in the sky and everyone was surprised when they saw him fly in between the bridge.

Rozan used the sea below the bridge and lifted it up, he froze the water and created a path all the way to the other side. Because of that, the demons started to use the ice path that he made and didn’t hesitate to run as fast as they could even though the surface was quite slippery which made some of them fall off of the bridge.

“Are you going insane?!” An old man’s voice yelled at them.

Mykel turned around and saw a man in a uniform, his name was Uric Gorste, the field marshal of Caspea. A stubborn old man that would do anything to satisfy the royal family and he was the one who hunted the Awakeners.

Clancy and his men stared at him with hatred and then Clancy grabbed his revolver from the back of his waist and pointed it at Uric. The soldiers that followed Uric immediately pointed their bolt rifles at Clancy but then Clancy’s men pointed their revolvers at them.

“You finally have the gut to show yourself, Clancy Blake,” Uric scoffed as he stared at Clancy with disgust. “A bunch of freaks decided to show themselves after another freak came in,”

“I wouldn’t act too cocky if I were you, Uric. You have no idea what happened while you’re defending the bridge,” Clancy pulled the hammer of his revolver and pointed the gun at Uric’s forehead.

Asmond and the others were surprised and it was expected since they had no idea what was going on.

Uric squinted his eyes as he stared at Clancy, he started to feel suspicious about Clancy’s sudden appearance. He believed that the parliament was safe even if there were people from another world that came to their world, but after seeing how confident Clancy was, he started to doubt what he believed.

“I know what you’re thinking and you’re a smart bastard, Uric. I suggest you order your men to stand down or you will regret it,” Clancy said as he kept pointing his gun at Uric.

Uric looked at his men over his shoulder and then nodded his head.

The moment the soldiers lowered their rifles, Clancy swung and smacked Uric on the head with the bottom handle of his revolver that was made from oak.

Uric fell to his knees and blood started coming out from his forehead, the soldiers pointed their rifles at Clancy again, but Uric ordered them to stand down. Uric stood up and glared at Clancy furiously as he stopped the bleeding with his left arm.

“You two can continue your unfinished business later because right now the demons are coming,” Mykel said as he looked at both of them. “You guys as well, just focus on what’s on the other side of the bridge,” Mykel said to Asmond and Kastor.

The screams of demons were getting louder and closer, Asmond turned around and held his sword so tightly then ran toward the horde. Kastor, Enma, and his team followed Asmond from behind.

Rozan was still up high in the sky, he suddenly felt a cold breeze on his right ear as if someone was blowing onto his ear. He looked at the island and felt something was watching them from the island. He wasn’t sure what it was, one thing that he knew was that it made him feel a bit uneasy.

Asmond almost took care of all the demons on his own, he was on fire that he didn’t even let Vincze, Sven, and Nagy have their fun. He swooped the demons on the bridge in a single swing, Mykel noticed that his growth was faster than he thought and he could tell that Asmond was already stronger than those three.

It only took them an hour to clear the thirteenth floor, Clancy and the people from Caspea World were shocked by how easy for them to kill all the demons.

Mykel looked at the portal covered in fog at the end of the bridge on the island. Kastor didn’t want to enter the fourteenth floor yet because almost half of his team was still somewhere in the city and he needed to look for them.

They all decided to go back to the other side of the bridge, but instead of getting a warm welcome from the soldiers, they were pointing their weapons at them. Asmond and Kastor were confused but then remember the quarrel between Clancy and Uric.

“What’s the meaning of this?!” Kastor asked as he glared at Uric.

“Since the demons have been taken care of, I want all of you to follow us,” Uric said with his arms crossed.

Before Asmond and Kastor could grab their swords, Mykel stopped them and shook his head.

“Just do what he said,” Mykel said and looked at them over his shoulder.

Both of them looked at Mykel with puzzled looks, because they knew he wouldn’t let this be after knowing what he did and what he was capable of. Without saying a single word, both of them raised their hands in the air and followed Mykel’s words since they believe they would get the answer later.

Mykel and the others were escorted by the soldiers, and they even used the tanks to intimidate them. Little that they knew, that those toys weren’t really a threat to them except for Clancy and his men who were still scared of them.

“The king is going to be happy to see this,” A man sat right behind Uric said in the car.

“Of course! With this, we can use them for whatever we want,” Uric chuckled and nodded his head.

When they arrived at the entrance of the parliament building, they were bewildered by the fact the whole building was damaged and the Caspea’s flag had been lowered or burned down. Clancy looked at the opportunity and saw his men guarding on top of the watchtower, he then whistled as hard and loud as he could to alert them.

“Die you bastard,” Clancy said as he watched the heavy machine guns pointing at the car in front of him.

Clancy men showered the car with bullets and killed Uric and everyone in the car.


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