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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 174 Bahasa Indonesia

“Freak! We should have killed every single one of you while we could!” A man in fancy attire was laying on the ground with blood running down from his nose. He stared at his surroundings and saw everyone was either dead or unconscious, but he couldn’t tell which was which.

Mykel sat down on the golden chair, he looked at the massive painting of the guy on the wall. The guy was the King of Caspea, his name was Ralph Harves and he ascended to the throne not long after the demons invaded.

“You came from the same world as them?” Ralph asked but none of them were answering his question, they were all just staring at him as they scattered around the room.

They heard footsteps coming from outside the room, and Ralph was hoping that those people came to help him. Unfortunately, what he saw was Clancy walking into the room with his underlings. Ralph was shocked when he saw Clancy since he was the most wanted person in Caspea.

“Clancy! I knew it, you’re the one behind all this madness!” Ralph said as he tried to stand up and stared at Clancy who walked toward him.

Clancy used the tip of his loafer and kicked Ralph right on his teeth and up to his nose. Everyone could hear a cracking sound and saw three teeth fall to the wooden floor.

Ralph started screaming in pain as he covered his mouth and nose with both hands.

“You screamed like a lady,” Clancy said as he grabbed Ralph on the collar and then punched him on the cheek. “I’m not going to let this opportunity slip away,” Clancy said as he kept hitting Ralph over and over until Ralph couldn’t protect his face anymore.

“You can have fun with him later, Clancy. It turns out he kept a few of them hidden underneath this building. You should go and free them all,” Mykel said as he looked at the expensive pack of cigars in the drawer.

Clancy stopped punching Ralph and then looked at Mykel with disbelief.

“There are survivors? Where?!” Clancy asked then slammed Ralph’s head on the floor.

“Follow me,” Mykel stood up as he grabbed the pack of cigar and then gave it to Edith.

Everyone followed Mykel all the way down to the bottom floor, he looked around and saw the whole parliament building had been occupied by Clancy’s underlings. They entered the kitchen and saw a metal hatch on the corner, Mykel opened it and walked down the stairs while the others followed him quietly.

It was a wine cellar, and there were so many of them, and most of them were already ten years old. Mykel went all the way to the back and saw another hatch, he opened it and the pungent smell struck everyone’s nose.

“After you,” Mykel said as he stared at Clancy.

Clancy walked down the stairs without hesitation and turned out, that the whole place was a dungeon. They could hear people coughing and groaning, they looked at one of the cells and saw a man laying dead on top of the table with his head wide open.

Some were skinned alive, some lost one or two of their limbs, and some were already gone crazy with stitches on their forehead. Clancy couldn’t bear to see them getting tortured, he and his men opened all the cells and helped them all out.

There were a few of them who were still trying to endure the pain and keep themselves sane. The moment they saw Clancy, they burst into tears with their mouths shut and trembled.

“You’re safe now, mate,” Clancy said calmly as he tried to hold down his anger.

They all hugged Clancy even though their bodies were covered in open wounds. Clancy looked at every single one of them and remembered their faces and the wounds on their bodies.

“Let’s get out of here, we will take care of your wounds,” Clancy said as he grabbed their cheeks and shook their heads gently.

They all left the dungeon while carrying all the dead bodies.

Clancy sat at the bottom of the stairs and noticed their wounds were worse than he thought because the dungeon was too dark. Some of the flesh was eaten by maggots so they had to carefully remove them from their wounds.

“Thank you, mate. I don’t know what will happen to them if you didn’t take those bastards down now,” Clancy said with his hands pressed together and put in front of his mouth.

“All good, they’re nothing but problems for us anyway,” Mykel said as he smoked the cigar.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Clancy nodded his head as he kept staring at those people getting treatment. “By the way, have you found out about your friends’ whereabouts?” Clancy looked at Mykel.

“I did, but only a few of them. Thankfully, those people are the ones that I know, and they’re sent to the north as you said,” Mykel answered as he puffed the smoke and looked at the cigar in his hand.

Lillith read Ralph’s memory and saw Asmond, Kastor, Enma, and some of Kastor’s team were brought to the parliament building. Ralph was surprised by how strong they were because bullets didn’t work on them at all.

Ralph immediately decided to bring them in and pretended he didn’t have any bad intentions toward them. He used Kastor and Asmond’s righteous personality and sent them to the north to fight the demons since it was a good opportunity to send them off and hope they died so he could examine their bodies.

“I see, then there’s nothing you want to do here, right?” Clancy asked.

“Yeah, I need to meet with my friends in the north,” Mykel nodded his head. “What about you? Are you going to torture the king again?”

“Nah, I want to lock him up in the dungeon on his own. I want the dead to haunt him in his sleep,” Clancy answered as he stood up. “Right now, I want to join you to fight the demons,” Clancy stared Archie in the eye.

“Fine by me,” Mykel said as he put out the cigar and burned it to ashes.

“Gunnar, you’re going to stay here until we clear the thirteenth floor. I want you to guard the dungeon and don’t let anyone enter no matter who they are,” Mykel said as he looked at Gunna who was watching those people getting treated.

“Huh? Are you serious, boss? But I want to fight demons since we barely had any action ever since we entered the tower though,” Gunnar looked disappointed.

“You will take care of the demons on the fourteenth floor if there’s any,” Mykel said with his hands in his pockets.

Gunnar sighed and nodded his head while Rozan, Vincze, and Sven were making fun of him.

“Alright, let’s hunt some demons,” Mykel said as he walked to the giant hole that used to be the entrance to the building.

Clancy and all his strongest underlings led Mykel and the others to the north. They had to use the tram train since it was quite far away, and since the threat was already taken care of, there was no reason to be scared of the people anymore.

It took them fifteen minutes until they finally heard the gunshots and explosions in the distance. They could see flashes and the sound of fighter jets flying around and showering the demons with bullets and bombs.

They finally saw the bridge in the distance, Clancy told the others to get off of the tram train.

All of them followed him from behind while watching the soldiers shooting at nothing in the thick smoke and fog on the other side of the bridge. One thing that they realized was the demons were swimming under the bridge but there was mine under the water and they exploded the demons into pieces.

Asmond, Kastor, and Enma were at the front line and saw the demons trying to jump over from the top of the bridge. There were some that managed to cross the bridge even though the gap was twenty meters.

“Let’s give them a hand,” Mykel said as he looked at the thick smoke and fog on the island.

“Finally some real action, let’s do this guys,” Rozan said as he pointed his staff at the water and blew all the mines and killed hundreds of demons in an instant.


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