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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 173 Bahasa Indonesia

“You’re not joking about this, huh? This whole place is guarded heavily like a fortress,” Gunnar said as he looked at the parliament building with walls and barbwires on top of it. There were four watchtowers on each side and were guarded by soldiers with heavy machine guns bolted on top of the tower.

“Yeah, they knew that people like us are so strong, that’s why they have to guard themselves like this,” Clancy lowered his ivy cap as he took a peek at the building from behind the wall.

Clancy looked at Mykel and his team but he looked quite a bit surprised that they weren’t nervous or even bothered after they saw how heavily guarded the parliament building was.

“I have sent my men to gather some information from inside. They should be here in an hour, so let’s wait in that building over there,” Clancy said as he nodded up at the building.

All of them followed Clancy into the abandoned building, it was covered with thick ashes. There was no place for them to sit down without getting covered by the ashes, but they didn’t care since they had been in worse places.

“If your friends are really that strong, I think there’s no reason to be worried about, but the problem would be how are they going to deal with the royal family,” Clancy said as he sat down. “The highest possibility would be they’re going to ask your friends’ help to deal with the demons,”

“Right, you haven’t told us anything about the demons. Where are the demons at? We haven’t seen one around the city,” Gunnar asked.

“The demons are on the north, there’s a small island over there where the volcano is at. The demons have to use the long bridge to get into the city, but the army is holding them off. The demon horde comes every three days, and today is the third day so the demons should be trying to cross the bridge by now,” Clancy answered as he lit his cigarette.

“You’re not destroying the bridge?” Agnez asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

“They did, that’s why they can hold the demons off. If not, the city would have been occupied by the demons,” Clancy answered. “Even if the demons only come once in three days, they have been stacking up for the past five years. It’s only time before they decided to cross the bridge or even swim through the ocean and there’s no way for the army to stop them,”

“Luckily we came at the right moment,” Rozan said as he looked at the road through the window. “By the way, how many demons are out there on the island?”

“Who knows, they can’t see the island because it’s covered with thick smoke and mist. There should be at least hundreds or even a thousand of them on the island,” Clancy answered and looked at Rozan.

Brandon came into the room and he looked at Clancy then nodded his head.

“Bring them here,” Clancy said as he nodded his head.

Brandon nodded his head and left.

“They have come back, let’s hear what they got,” Clancy said.

The men Clancy sent reported to him that the royal family did bring in some people to the parliament building. Unfortunately, they didn’t know who or how many but as Clancy expected, the royal family sent them to the north to help them deal with the demons.

“What should we do, boss?” Gunnar stood right behind Mykel and stared at him.

“It’s obvious to turn this world upside down first, let Clancy and his men take over the power or there will be no future for Awakeners like him,” Mykel answered. “The question is, how are we going to do it,” Mykel stood up and looked at them.

“We can negotiate but it will take a lot of time and there’s no guarantee they will hear our words,” Mykel leaned his butt on the table. “Or, we can use force and revolt until they have no choice but to obey us. Which one do you prefer?” Mykel asked.

“Like hell, we are going to negotiate, we experienced it ourselves in Asmodeus Tower when we cleared the fifteenth floor. Royalty is a pain in the ass and they treated us like nothing but a helper for them,” Rozan answered and looked at Gunnar and Jeanne.

“Revolt it is then,” Mykel smiled and looked at them.

Gunnar and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

“You hear that, right? We are going to take over the parliament building,” Mykel said as he looked at Clancy. “You can just chill here because you will need as many men as you can have to run this world. To be exact, we don’t really need your help and we don’t want to bother thinking about your safety,”

“You sure you don’t need our help?” Clancy asked with his legs crossed and smoking his cigarette.

“I have flattened a whole city in a blink of an eye twice. What makes you think I can’t take over that small building with the toys they have?” Mykel replied with a smirk on his face. “Just relax and watch if you want to,”

Mykel left the room with the others while Clancy and his men were watching them leave.

“Gerrard, Lilly, you both take care of the guards on the towers and walls while Gunnar will protect you from them,” Mykel said as he pointed at the tower. “Rozan, Sven, and Vincze, you guys are going to ambush them from the back of the building,” Mykel pointed at the back of the building.

“The rest, follow me, we will make a big entrance and take all their attention to us,” Mykel looked at Agnez, Jeanne, Edith, and Nagy. “You guys need to wait until you see the signal, and you should know what kind of signal I’m talking about,” Mykel looked at the others.

They all nodded with understanding and then started moving their separate ways.

Mykel walked in the middle of the big road with Jeanne, Agnez, Edith, and Nagy. Clancy and his men were hiding in the dark alleyway and watched them in the distance.

The moment the soldiers could see them on the road, they pointed the military spotlights toward them.

“Stop right there! This area is restricted!” A guy yelled at Mykel as he pointed his rifle at him.

Mykel didn’t stop walking and he pointed his right hand at the big gate behind the soldiers. He used [Telekinesis] as he clenched his fist and took all their weapons from their hands then crushed them together. He made a giant ball of weapons and used them to break the gate open with it.

“I did my job, now you both can do the rest,” Mykel said.

The three of them nodded and immediately ran so quickly toward the gate. The soldiers used the heavy machine gun from the towers and started showering the bullets at them.

Mykel used a wind barrier to protect him and Edith while Agnez, Jeanne, and Nagy dodged all the bullets like it was nothing to them. The three of them walked past the guards and entered the parliament area, the soldiers immediately sounded the alarm.

Gerrard looked at Lillith and Gunnar as he nodded his head, he then grabbed both of them and blinked to the top of the wall. On the other hand, Rozan shattered the ground and made the wall collapse while Sven and Vincze knocked out the soldiers.

“So this is the power that we can achieve if those bastards helped us instead of killing us one by one for their own curiosity,” Clancy said as he looked at all the mess that happened in less than a minute.


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