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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 171 Bahasa Indonesia

“Wow, we can’t see shit,” Rozan stared at the black smoke as he looked around and barely saw his own feet.

Rozan used wind magic and blew the black smoke away from everyone while protecting everyone with a wind barrier. They finally could see everything in a ten-meter radius, and they were in the middle of the road of a big city.

Unsatisfied with the very short vision, Rozan expanded his wind barrier and they could see up to a fifty-meter radius around them more clearly. One thing they realized was that Kastor and his team weren’t with them nor anywhere near them.

“So where did everyone else go?” Gunnar asked as he followed Mykel.

“It looks like they’re being teleported somewhere else on this floor. Good thing that we followed Mykel’s words or we might get separated,” Agnez said and looked at the ruined buildings in front of her.

“This place looks like an old movie, doesn’t it? Where people wore a top hat and a cane just for fashion,” Vincze asked as he looked at the brick roads.

“It’s no wonder this world is destroyed. They’re too early to have advanced technology and have lost the skill to use swords and spears. Unlike us, we have no problem during the first breakout, but these people must have suffered a lot,” Jeanne responded.

While they were talking about the Caspea world theme which was in 1910, Mykel entered one of the buildings and grabbed a top hat that was hung on the wall. They kept walking and followed Mykel from behind until he suddenly stopped in front of a railway while cleaning the top hat.

“Did you guys hear that?” Sven asked as he looked to his right and squinted his eyes. “It sounds like a… what’s it called?” Sven looked at the others as they heard the bell sounds coming from the distance.

“Tram-train,” Nagy answered.

They all looked at the tram train that appeared from the black smoke and slowly moved toward them. It looked so creepy because there was nobody inside, not even the driver but the bell kept ringing as if a ghost was driving it.

“I know that we are dealing with demons, but I hate when they can’t be seen,” Gunnar said as he looked at the tram train. “Can you check with your sword, Jeanne? Just in case?”

Jeanne unsheathed the Soul Catcher Sword and she looked at the tram train.

“No, there’s no spirit or demon that drives the tram-train,” Jeanne answered with the glowing sword in her right hand.

Jeanne got a hang of the sword’s power and pain, the problem with using the sword was that she could see ghosts. No matter how hard she tried to get used to it, she always got surprised when seeing them out of nowhere.

“Let’s hop on the tram train,” Mykel said as he stood right next to the railway. “It’s faster this way and we might find something along the way,”

All of them stood right next to Mykel and waited for the tram train.

They all hopped on the tram train and made themselves comfortable inside but the seats were so cold.

“Can this tram-train go any faster?” Rozan asked as he walked to the front.

“Just enjoy the ride, dude. It’s better this way because we can see everything around us without missing a single thing,” Gunnar said as he looked at the buildings on his right.

Half an hour had passed, and they were all enjoying the ride but suddenly Gerrard stood up and whistled quietly. They all looked at him and then he pointed at something in front of the tram train.

“Is that people?” Jeanne asked with her eyes squinted.

A group of people in black frock coats and black pants with a top hat and a cane. They were walking toward a building that looked like had been maintained.

“It’s not another illusion, right?” Gunnar asked as his hand was ready to grab the axe on his back.

“Let’s find out,” Agnez said as she walked to the side and jumped off of the tram train.

Everyone decided to jump off and followed Agnez.

Rozan removed the wind barrier because the smoke wasn’t that thick compared to back there and it was Agnez’s order to not attract those people’s attention.

“You all wait here, let me handle this one. Your equipment is going to give it away that we aren’t from this world,” Mykel said as he looked at them over his left shoulder and removed the mask.

Mykel walked toward the group of people while he put the top hat on and grabbed his handkerchief in his blazer pocket and covered his mouth with it.

“Greetings,” Mykel said as he lifted his top hat and looked at the group of people with mustaches.

They were all covering their mouth with handkerchiefs because of the ashes and looked at Mykel.

“Greetings, we have never seen you before,” A guy with a monocle asked as he stared at Mykel.

“I’m just an ordinary man who serve my lord for the past few years, he has been sick and my job is to take care of him,” Mykel answered. “I’m here to get something for my master,”

“Ah, a good lad,” The monocle guy said as he nodded his head. “Let’s get inside, shall we?”

Mykel followed them into the buildings.

There were so many people inside the buildings, it was a fancy tavern, and people we gathering to socialize. They socialized once a week because they didn’t want to go out because of the ashes.

The place was filled with gentlemen and they all knew each other because they were the only people left in the city, or at least on that side of the city. They all looked at Mykel and were curious about him since they had never seen him before, but thankfully the monocle guy told his friends about Mykel.

Mykel walked to the counter and asked for three bottles of whiskey, rum, and gin.

“Restocking, eh?” A man behind the counter asked with a smile on his face.

“Yes, for my master,” Mykel nodded as he sat down and looked at his surroundings. “Any news about the gifted people?” Mykel asked and looked at the man.

Everyone suddenly stopped talking and stared at Mykel with suspicion while the man glanced at him while grabbed the bottles from the bar cabinet.

“Young man, why do you need to find them?” A man next to Mykel asked as he slammed the glass in front of Mykel. “You know they’re a bunch of freakshows, there’s nothing good about them,”

“Of course, I wanted to know since I have never been outside for years to take care of my master,” Mykel answered as he stared at the man.

“You have weird drawings on your neck, are you one of those freaks?” The man asked as he squinted his eyes with suspicion.

Myke smiled and shook his head. “No, I was a slave a long time ago, and this is the mark they gave me. My master bought me and freed me, but I decided to serve him for his kindness,” Mykel answered. “This has nothing to do with anything,”

Everyone was still suspicious about Mykel, but he casually lied and it took him an hour to convince them all.

“Alright, lads! It’s getting late, I have to close my place,” The man behind the counter said.

All of them stood up and left the money on the table, they all left and leaving Mykel and the man alone in the tavern.

“You should leave, lad, your master is waiting for you, no?” The man asked as he grabbed the glasses on the counter.

“Is my acting really that good?” Mykel asked and his tone changed drastically.

The man stopped and stared at Mykel from the corner of his eyes, he wasn’t scared or nervous, he was just shocked.

“I came here for them, can you bring me there?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised. “Don’t worry, I’m one of you,” Mykel said as he lit his right hand with fire.

Mykel didn’t remember the path to meet the Awakeners from the Caspea world because they were hidden underneath the city in the sewerage system that was like a giant maze. Rather than wasting wandering the sewerage system, it was better to ask one of them to guide him there.

“Who are you?” The man asked.

“I’m from another world that came into the tower to save your world from the demons,” Mykel answered.


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