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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 144 Bahasa Indonesia

“Look at him, Jeanne, aren’t you proud of him?” Agnez asked while she leaned on the sofa and sat next to Jeanne as she watched the TV where Asmond was being surrounded by reporters after he managed to clear all the tenth floor of the demon towers.

Jeanne silently watched the TV and then looked for the remote since she didn’t want to watch it.

“I think Jeanne and him are in a bad term because back when we were hospitalized, she was annoyed by his presence and told him to leave,” Sven said and looked at Agnez.

Agnez chuckled as she looked at Jeanne who was still busy searching for the remote.

“Good for him, so can anyone please change the channel?” Jeanne asked and looked at them. “Gunnar, you’re holding the remote, don’t you?” Jeanne asked and stared at Gunnar.

“Oh? Yeah,” Gunnar answered and immediately changed the channel because Jeanne started to get pissed by Asmond’s voice and how proud he was about himself.

The moment Gunnar changed the channel, Jeanne sighed with relief and leaned on the sofa.

“Why do you hate him so much, Jeanne? The more I look at you, the more hatred you have for him. I thought he’s your childhood friend,” Rozan asked as he ate his bowl of cereal at the dining table.

“He changed, he’s so full of himself right now and the Asmond that I know has disappeared. I don’t know who that guy is,” Jeanne answered. “Can we stop talking about him?”

Rozan raised his hands and then continued eating his cereal quietly.

Mykel entered the suite and saw everyone was gathering in the living room as always. Everyone was looking at him silently because they were waiting for the good news.

“The weapons and armor are ready in the workshop, you can go and grab them,” Mykel said and everyone jolted from their seats.

After the breakout, everyone couldn’t go to the tower and clear the fifteenth floor of Behemoth tower. They were waiting for Mykel since he promised them that he would give them a better weapons and armor. He did half the work while Gallant did the finishing, and the result was better than he expected and good enough for them.

All of them left the suite and hurriedly went to the workshop while Agnez kept watching the TV on her own.

“I made a weapon for you as well, you should go down there and check it out,” Mykel stared at Agnez’s eye and Mazikeen didn’t go back on her words, so she became Agnez’s servant now.

“So, you’re really a God, Mykel?” Agnez asked and stared at him in the eye.

“A demi-god to be precise but I do have some power like them,” Mykel answered and nodded his head.

“That explains everything why nobody knows about your past,” Agnez said while she looked down and stretched her neck. “What’s your purpose to come to this world?”

“That’s a secret,” Mykel immediately answered. “You already know what you need to know, so don’t ask more about it,”

Agnez chuckled and nodded with understanding. “Fair enough,” Agnez stood up and walked past Mykel then went to the workshop with the others.

[Goddess of Vengeful is waiting for you]

Mykel looked at the notification and nodded his head.

“Right, it’s time already. Take me there,” Mykel said as he closed the notification

[Goddess of Death is summoning you to her world, Niflheim]

Mykel teleported to the hall and he was a bit surprised that the hall had become more spacious than before. He heard a commotion from behind him and when he turned around, he was surprised to see thousands of Gods and Goddesses sitting at hundreds of long tables in front of him.

Hera, Loki, Hel, Aphrodite, and Athena were sitting at the table that looked like a council table next and under the throne with a C shape. Hedone, Apollo, Dionysus, Keres, and Artemis were sitting right behind them and they were all looking at Mykel with smiles on their faces.

“How many of them in total?” Mykel stood in the middle of the council table and stared at them.

“11,742 Gods and Goddesses are present in this hall right now,” Hera answered with a smile on her face.

“That’s a lot more than I thought, what’s happening?” Myke furrowed his eyebrows with confusion.

“You gave us a really nice show when you fought Luciel. All the Constellations were watching you and they were all rooting for you. You have proved yourself worthy, Mykel Alester,” Athena answered with her hands pressed together and rested them on the table.

“Why are you here?” Mykel squinted his eyes because he didn’t remember having Athena and Artemis on his side yet, but suddenly they sat amongst Hera and the others.

Athena and Artemis stood up then they walked toward Mykel.

“We heard everything from Hera, and we wanted to watch first before we decided if we want to join you or not,” Athena answered with her light-red hair tucked into her ears. “Of course, I came here to thank you for saving my beloved recipient, Manna,”

“I see, that’s fine by me,” Mykel said as he looked at Hera, Hera nodded her head as she closed her eyes because she was grateful for letting them both stay.

Athena and Artemis went back to their seats while Mykel looked at thousands of Gods and Goddesses in front of him.

Mykel walked to the middle and everyone was pointing their gazes at him. Some were admiring him, some were fear him, and nothing in between.

“Do any of you here who have no idea why you’re here in this place?” Mykel asked and his voice echoed throughout the hall.

All the Gods and Goddess were shaking their heads and they all knew exactly why they were there. They heard rumors about Mykel’s generosity and were also curious about him after they watched his battle against Luciel.

“There’s no need to be wary of me, why don’t we brighten this place first?” Mykel asked with his arms wide open. “Dionysus?” Mykel asked as he looked at Dionysus over his shoulder.

Dionysus smirked and giggled. “As you wish,” Dionysus said and snapped his fingers then food and wine appeared on the table.

“Of course, there’s more,” Mykel said and looked at some of the Gods and Goddesses who were still hesitant to enjoy the feast. “I also have prepared a gift, for all of you for coming all the way down here,” Mykel looked at Loki and Hera then nodded his head.

Every God and Goddess received a million Arcana Coins from Hera and Loki. Mykel prepared 11,742,000,000 Arcana Coins the moment he heard there were 11,742 Gods and Goddesses.

All of them were making the same expression except those who had devoted themselves to Mykel because they had waited for the reward. They were cheering for another free million Arcana Coins while the rest of them were dumbfounded by the notification.

Mykel looked at them with a smile on his face because one by one, those greedy Gods and Goddesses started to cheer with one and another.

Suddenly a notification appeared in front of Mykel.

[You have met the requirement to combine a skill]

[Combine [Semi-Deus] with [Deus Obcisor]?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button with his heart pounding because he waited for this moment all his life. One of his biggest achievements that he had been waiting for the moment he set his plan.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[You have attained [Deus (Ex)] Skill!]

[Deus (Passive) (System Exclusive): Ascend the User equally and above some of the Gods and Goddesses. Remove the limitation on your level and skills levels and will be changed to [Rank] instead of [Level]. (The lower the number, the stronger the effect of the skills) ([Rank] is affected by your wealth and number of followers)]

[You have met the condition to join the Constellations!]

[Would you like to join the Constellations?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button with a smile on his face.

An unknown beam of light appeared above Mykel’s head and everyone was staring at him with disbelief. A beam of light and then a pulse of cold wind struck his face and created a gentle shockwave to his surroundings.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[You have attained [Constellation] Skill!]

[Constellations (Active): The User is now a part of the Constellations. The User can summon the Constellations to your world if they accept your invitation and the User now have [Authority] skill. (Current skill level is 1. [Authority] skill is now level 1)]

[Authority (Active) (Level 1): Allow the User to choose a recipient from another User]

Hera, Loki, and Athena jolted from their seats as they watched Mykel get exposed by the mysterious light. Hera was staring at Mykel with her mouth open while Loki stared at Mykel with his eyes wide open and hands clenched in excitement.

“Mykel, did you-” Hera asked but before she could finish her sentence Mykel looked at her and nodded his head.

“Yes, I have ascended and become a God,” Mykel answered with a straight face.

Mykel looked at the throne and decided to walk toward it while all the Gods and Goddesses were watching him sit down on the throne.

“Now, this is more befitting,” Mykel said with a smirk on his face as he stared at them.


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