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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 127 Bahasa Indonesia

Agnez stared at the giants running away and hiding in their houses as she kept walking into the village. She looked at all the giants and she could tell they were all starving and sick, none of them were a threat to her.

None of the giants in the village seemed to be a warrior, it was all just villagers who tried to survive. Agnez looked around and the only ones that could be called a warrior were those two that she killed near the gate.

“Let’s find the chief of the village,” Agnez said as she looked at a giant kid peeking his head and staring at her. “I wasted my skill for this?” Agnez sighed as she sheathed her sword and walked past the houses.

Asmond looked at Agnez and he was surprised by how strong she was after she showed them what she was capable of. The inferiority was so overwhelming that he thought of giving up at that moment but then he looked at Jeanne and remembered Mykel’s words. It gave him a push that was enough to put him back to his sense.

A man with only a piece of cloth covering his waist and thighs suddenly came out from the corner. His brown bun hair and long mustache and beard covered his neck and stood in front of Agnez and the others. Gunnar was as tall as the giant’s knees and it was enough to tell how big the giant was compared to the ordinary human.

“Come with me,” The giant said with his super low-pitched voice.

Agnez and the others followed him without even asking a question.

They were brought to the middle of the village and could see the four main roads that circled around the massive hut in front of them. The giant entered the hut through the curtain made of animal skin, then they followed him inside.

An old giant man with his white hair and beard sat on a throne that was made from the carcass of an animal. He was surrounded by bones that looked like ribs and he was leaning on the backbone of the carcass.

“Who are you and why are you invading our village?” The old man asked while the brown-haired giant sat with his legs crossed next to the old man.

“Isn’t it obvious? We came here to save your world, but your warriors thought that we are demons and attacked one of us without even listening to our explanation,” Agnez crossed her arms and looked up to stare at the old man.

“I see, so you’re not one of them,” The old man said. “Can I ask your name? Little people,” he slowly stood straight then leaned his body forward and looked down at Agnez and the others.

“Agnez Maurice,” Agnez said as she nodded up and kept making eye contact with the giant that seemed to be the chief of the village. “You don’t need the other names because I’m the leader so if you have anything to say, say it to me,”

Agnez glanced at Dougal and then stared back at Duaval. “Let’s cut to the chase, where are the demons?” she asked.

“If you’re asking the one behind all this, it’s not here, at least physically,” Duaval answered as he leaned his back so slowly. His ribs were shown and his collarbones as well, it was enough to tell he hadn’t eaten for days or even weeks.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Then how can we clear this floor if the one behind this isn’t here?” Agnez asked and looked at both of them back and forth.

“I will give you the answer, but I have a favor to ask you first,” Duaval said and scratched his cheek. “Kill all the demons to prove your strength and then I will lead you to the one behind this chaos,”

Agnez nodded in agreement. “Fine, just tell me where are all the demons,” she said as she sighed.

“Go to the west, all the warriors are now fighting the demons over there. Just tell the gatekeeper that Duaval send you there,” Duaval pointed his right arm to his right. “Please hurry, my warriors can’t hold them any longer,”

Agnez turned around and looked at the others. “Come on,”

All of them left the hut as Duaval and Dougal watched them leave.

“Are you sure they’re the ones, father?” Dougal asked and looked at Duaval with curiosity.

“She said that a group of men and women would come to our world, I believe they’re the ones that she mentioned,” Duaval answered and started coughing, he looked at his hand and saw blood on his palm. “We don’t have much time,”

Agnez went to the west and saw the gatekeeper standing in the middle of the gate.

“Open the door, Duaval sent us here and we are here to deal with the demons,” Agnez said as the gatekeeper stared down at her with his eyebrows furrowed.

The gatekeeper raised his eyebrows and pulled the door open then watched them leave the gate.

They heard screams and grunts from behind the hill, then they saw a giant being thrown away and falling on his back. A massive minotaur walked heavily with a hammer in its hands, the minotaur smashed its hammer on the giant’s head and it looked like a watermelon being crushed with a bat.

“Try to defeat all the demons in fifteen minutes, use it once, and if it took more than fifteen minutes, just try your best to kill them without activating it again. Do you guys understand?” Agnez asked and stared at them from the corner of her eye.

“Alright, we are all eager to test it out anyway,” Gunnar said as he punched his palm.

“Let’s go,” Agnez said and started to walk then ran toward the battlefield that came from behind the hill on their right.

Everything in that world looked so big, even the grass was enough to cover legs and it made them hard to walk.

The moment they turned right and checked the battlefield, they were surprised because the demons were as big as the giants. The demons weren’t only minotaur, but also gargoyle and bird-like demons with arms.

“Make every second count!” Agnez said as she activated [Harmony].

Gunnar and the others were running so fast that Kastor and the others were left behind. They had no idea what made Agnez and the others could move that fast and Kastor knew it had something to do with what they received earlier.

Agnez and the others dealt with the demons on the ground while Rozan and Gerrard dealt with the demons that were flying.

Even though they were so small, the giants were overwhelmed by their presence and how easily they killed the demons. The giants immediately joined Agnez and the others, it looked like a human who was walking their dogs in size comparison.

Fifteen minutes had passed and they failed to kill all the demons but it was enough for the giants to handle the rest of the demons. They looked at each other and chuckled in disbelief because the skill that they received was nothing like what they imagined. The [Frost] skill made them invincible and not even a single scratch on their armor or weapons.

After the giants had done killing the remaining demons, they all walked toward Agnez and the others.

“Who are you people? Are you from another world?” A giant with long red hair and beard asked as he crouched to respect them and be of the same height as them.

“Yes, we came here to save your world. Duaval sent us here and he promised to show us the one behind this so we can go to the next floor,” Agnez answered as she nodded her head and looked at all the giants.

All the giants looked at each other and something felt wrong with their stares.

“I see, we should go back to the village and report to the chief that we have taken care of all the demons,” The red-haired guy said and nodded his head with understanding.

As they walked into the village, all the people started to look at Agnez and the others. They were grateful for saving them from the demons but they still had fear in their eyes for some reason.

They entered the hut and the red-haired guy informed Duaval about the demon’s clearance. Duaval and Dougal were a bit surprised that it only took them only half an hour while the giants had to fight for weeks.

“Thank you for saving my people, Agnez Maurice,” Duaval said as he stood up so slowly with the help of Dougal and the red-haired giant. “Now, let’s do the ritual. I will summon the demon for you,” he said as he looked down at Agnez and the others.


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