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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 114 Bahasa Indonesia

Henos leaned on the wall as he stared at Mykel who just killed the demons and cleared the fourteenth floor on his own. Mykel showed them how to clear a dungeon in the most efficient way and they were in awe because he cleared three floors in two days.

“Barika, how can someone be that strong and so vigilant while at the same time could handle all the situation so calmly? I think now we understand why those people from Helmga world respected him,” Henos said as he looked at Barika who was guarding the Awakeners that they captured as what Mykel ordered them to do.

“Who knows, he might be an elite soldier in his original world because of how relentless he is and how unbelievably reliable a leader he is makes me respect him more,” Barika answered and stared at Mykel from the corner of his eyes.

Asmond walked toward Mykel who was enjoying his smoking time and sat next to him.

“Mykel, when are we going to go to the fifteenth floor? Everyone seems to be ready to leave,” Asmond asked and looked at the smoke that came out from Mykel’s mouth.

“We rest here for today, we will be fighting a demon lord’s servant or servants. They’re not the same as the servants that you fought on the fifth floor so I want everyone to be prepared for it,” Mykel answered.

“Right, I was swayed by the mood,” Asmond replied and looked at his surroundings where moss covered most of the things around him.

“You did great, Asmond, so why don’t you treat yourself and get some rest while you can?” Mykel said with a smile on his face and looked at Asmond.

Asmond smiled and nodded with understanding but then his smile disappeared.

“Mykel, can I talk to you about Caesar? There’s something that I find weird,” Asmond stared blankly at the muddy road under his feet.

“What do you mean?” Mykel glanced at Asmond from the corner of his eyes.

“Caesar had never done any harm to everyone and he was the most reasonable person that I have ever met,” Asmond answered. “As far as I know, he never had any enemy because his only goal was to clear the tower and protect everyone in our world,”

Mykel only looked at Asmond and listened to his blabbering.

“What I’m trying to say is, why did they kill someone who wasn’t even a threat to them? There’s Kastor, you and your team, and even me. From all the people, why Caesar?” Asmond was talking to himself and questioned everything.

“You just answered your own question with your own explanation, Asmond,” Mykel replied as he put out his cigarette. “Because he’s the only one who can bring everyone together,”

“So he was the real threat to them?” Asmond looked at Mykel and furrowed his forehead.

“If you’re in their shoes and you can see that Caesar could bring everyone together to go against you, would you let him live and wait for your own demise?” Mykel asked.

“But because of his death, our bond is stronger than ever because we want the same thing. Doesn’t that a bad thing for them to kill him?” Asmond asked.

“Maybe, but without Caesar around, do you think that we will stay together? The only thing that put our problems aside was Caesar’s death, and our own desire to avenge him,” Mykel answered as he looked at the people walking by. “Sooner or later we will be focusing on our own goal and everything will be back to how it used to be,”

Asmond looked down and clenched his fists.

“Just go to sleep already, we will be leaving early tomorrow in the morning,” Mykel said as he stood up and stared at Asmond.

“Is that really what you think, Mykel? You think that we can’t work together for goodness sake?” Asmond asked quietly.

Mykel stopped and turned around. “I’m no hero, Asmond. I’m just a guy who only cares about what’s best for me. Being a hero means that you have to be selfless and that’s something I can’t do,” Mykel answered.

“You’re the same, Asmond. You can’t even handle losing someone in your life and you keep on dwelling on it. You can never be a hero with that weak heart and mind,” Mykel said and stared at Asmond.

Asmond gritted his teeth and clenched his fists that were strong enough to break the concrete that he was sitting on.

The morning came, and Mykel with the others was ready to go to the fourteenth floor. He looked at Asmond and he looked down and quiet after the conversation he had with Mykel.

“Let’s move,” Mykel said and entered the portal.

[The servant of Second Demon Lord Kazguul Azrael has been waiting for this moment]

[Kill the servant and the Bumi world will be reunited]

“I never thought we would be able to go this far,” Enma said with her shield up and looked at the Azrael tower in the middle of the lake in the distance. “This is it, right? Once we kill the servant we save the world, right?” she asked as she looked at Mykel.

“Yes, but don’t think it would be that easy, just follow my lead and everything will be fine,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head and kept staring at the tower.

Mykel and the others walked toward the lake and the moment Mykel stepped his foot into the water, bubbles appeared from all around the lake. Mykel pulled out his foot from the lake and it started to make small whirlpools and something came out from each whirlpool, it looked like a humanoid that was made of water but with no legs.

“There are so many of them, are they the demon lord’s servants?” Barika said as he gripped his spear so tightly.

Even though those humanoids appeared from the water, they didn’t do anything and just floated above the water. It made them feel uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do because they had no idea what those were and what kind of things they were capable of.

“Should we wait until we see what they’re going to do?” Henos quietly asked.

“Do you see that red ball inside its chest?” Mykel pointed at one of the humanoids. “I believe that’s its core and we should target that ball,” he explained.

Barika nodded with understanding but the moment he stepped his foot into the lake, all the humanoids faced toward him and threw a crystal ball where his foot was. The crystal balls moved so fast that they exploded like a grenade the moment they touched the ground.

After Barika triggered the humanoids to attack him, the same humanoid appeared in the middle and it just stood there and did nothing.

“That was close,” Barika said as Henos pulled him back before the crystal balls hit his foot.

“It seems that we can’t set our foot into the lake or they will target us immediately,” Henos said as he looked at Mykel.

“It seems that way, then I have a plan,” Mykel replied and looked at Barika and Henos. “I want you all to grab your gun and go around the lake. I want at least four people on each humanoid and aim at that red ball but I want you to ignore the one that just appeared,” he continued as he pointed at the twelve humanoids in front of him.

“Alright, everyone goes to your position,” Barika said as he grabbed his gun on his waist and lifted it up.

“What are you going to do? Should we just shoot it?” Barika looked at Mykel while he aimed at the red ball.

“Wait for my command, I will freeze them all first then you can burst them down,” Mykel said as he put his hand above the water. “Everyone ready?” he asked and all of them nodded their heads.

Mykel raised his left hand and slowly counted down with his fingers. The moment Mykel clenched his left fist he froze the whole lake in an instant.

“Now!” Mykel shouted.

Barika and his team bursted all the humanoids with their plasma gun and destroyed not only the red ball but also the humanoids’ bodies.

The one humanoid that was ignored started to free itself and Asmond looked at it and then decided to run into the frozen lake. Mykel looked at him and sighed while Barika and Henos yelled at him because Mykel specifically ordered everyone to not target that one.

Asmond used all his skills and then stabbed the humanoid in the chest with his sword. He smiled as the humanoid started to crumble but then he realized that it was just the ice that crumbled, not its body.

The humanoid grew bigger and broke the whole ice platform, it grew bigger and bigger then released crystal bolts. It killed dozens of Barika’s men in an instant then Mykel used his throwing knives to break the red ball.

[You have cleared the fifteenth floor of Azrael Tower]

[You are the first to clear the fifteenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[Enter the Tower of Azrael to enter the sixteenth floor]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

[You have saved the Bumi World from Demon King Azrael!]

[All the floors that belonged to the Bumi world are now being reunited!]

Barika looked so furious as he walked toward Asmond and then punched him in the face.

“Do you think you’re a fucking hero?! You just killed my men!” he yelled and emptied his lungs out of anger.


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