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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 106 Bahasa Indonesia

“So? What you say? We are fine with either answer,” The guy said as he chuckled mischievously.

Mykel looked at the soldiers and the guns they were holding, then he scoffed so suddenly that it made them confused.

“Do you even have a brain to think? For people like you who can’t even clear the eighth floor think you’re stronger than us? Are you making a joke?” Mykel replied with a mocking smirk on his face.

“Kill these people!” The guy said as he pointed his finger at Mykel.

Mykel kicked the guy on the balls with the tip of his loafer then he used his other foot to kick him onto the wall. The moment Mykel lifted his foot, Gunnar and the others immediately dealt with the soldiers and the other three guys.

Everything happened in less than ten seconds and everyone was already on the floor and groaning in pain. Gunnar was holding two Awakeners down and they couldn’t even do anything against him which was really pathetic to see.

“Let’s make it clear,” Mykel said as he walked toward the black-haired guy who was leaning on the wall with blood coming out from his nose and mouth. “I came here to kill demons, and you’re going to lead us to where those demons are at,” he continued as he grabbed the guy’s armor and then slammed him on the table.

The black-haired guy giggled as he coughed blood. “You have no idea what you’re dealing with and it’s not that simple,” he replied with a smile on his face. “It’s too late for anyone to save this world, it’s better for you to leave before that guy noticed,” he continued as he coughed.

Gunnar and the others looked at each other. “Hey, what is he talking about?” Gunnar asked as he put more pressure on those two guys on the neck.

The guy on the left smiled as he pointed at the floor. “He lives underneath us, so watch out with the floor,” he said.

The moment he said that the whole building shook and the floor where Gunnar was sitting crumbled. He and those two Awakeners fell into the hole, Jeanne and the others looked at how deep the hole was. Without hesitation, Jeanne, Rozan, Sven, and Vincze jumped down to the hole to check on Gunnar’s condition.

Mykel squinted his eyes as he looked at the hole.

“They’re going to die,” The black-haired guy said and started to chuckle again.

Mykel knocked the guy out because his voice was really annoying and then he tied the guy to the chair. He told Agnez to tie the Awakener guy to the chair as well.

“Is it down there?” Mykel asked as he pointed at the hole.

The green-haired guy smiled and chuckled. “Who knows, why don’t you go down there and check it yourself?”

Mykel looked at the hole as he exhaled deeply.

“Should we follow them down there?” Agnez asked.

“No, it’s going to be a problem so I will be the one checking them down there. I want you guys to stay here and make sure these two don’t run away,” Mykel said as he jumped into the hole while Agnez, Lillith, Edith, Gerrard, and Nagy stayed in the room.

(Somewhere in the dark where Gunnar and the others fell)

“What the…” Gunnar said as he tried to float in a pool of water. “What the fuck is this place?! Why there is so much water down here?” he asked as he looked at how clear the water he was swimming in was.

Jeanne and the others swam toward him and looked at those two Awakeners who tried to swim to the edge. Gunnar and the others followed them to catch them so they didn’t run away, but when those two climbed out from the water they put their finger into their mouths as if they tried to throw up the water they accidentally drank.

Gunnar watched those two try to vomit but nothing came out and suddenly they stopped putting their fingers inside their mouth. Their eyes turned all black and it surprised Gunnar so he swam away from the edge.

“We need to leave this place,” Gunnar said but he didn’t hear any splashing or reply from Jeanne and the others, so he turned his head to look at them. “Oh, no, you must be kidding me,” he said as he looked all of them were the same and their eyes were turning black.

Gunnar looked at the water and realized that it had something to do with the water. He immediately swam to the other side of the pool of water while he brought Jeanne and the others with him.

The reason why Gunnar didn’t get affected by the water was because of the gauntlet he wore. It prevented him from getting the same fate as Jeanne and the others and because he already used the skill on his own, he couldn’t save the others with it.

“We almost there, guys, please hold it a little longer,” Gunnar said as he get out of the pool.

While Gunnar brought everyone out and only Sven was left in the pool, he could sense something lurking in the dark further from the light that came from above the hole. He looked at something moved in the shadow but he couldn’t tell what that thing was.

“I hate this place, I hate this fucking place so much,” Gunnar said as he pushed Jeanne and the others away from the pool.

Gunnar looked around for an exit and he saw a few tunnels that a person could fit in. He immediately dragged everyone into one of the holes with him since they didn’t want to move unless using a bit of force and left those two Awakeners behind.

“Hah! Look how smart I am,” Gunnar said as he tied a piece of cloth to everyone’s waist so he could drag all of them at once into the tunnel. “Let’s go,” he continued as he held the cloth and walked deeper into the tunnel.


“I won’t drink that water if I were you,” The green-haired guy said as he stared at Agnez who was about to drink the glass of water on the table. “I’m not joking, don’t drink any water that you see in this world,”

Agnez looked at Lillith and Lillith nodded her head in agreement with the guy’s word after she looked into his memories.

Agnez looked at the dried lips of the guy and then looked at the soldiers with the same dried lips. “What are you hiding from us?” she asked.

“Why don’t you drink the water so you can see it yourself,” The green-haired guy said with a smile on his face.

Agnez hummed as she walked toward the guy with the glass of water in her hand. “You look thirsty, why don’t you have a drink?” she said and then forced the guy to drink the water.


Mykel dove into the water with his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth closed. He immediately swam to the edge and then got out of the pool.

Mykel looked at the surrounding areas and found nobody down there, he looked at the pool of water and immediately evaporated them with hellfire. Since Demon King Azrael was a demon that specialized in the water element, anything inside his tower that had something to do with water was all dangerous.

The pool of water Mykel just evaporated wasn’t actually real water, it was the demon’s body itself. A single drop of water into the throat of a person would be enough to possess their body. Knowing that he didn’t find anyone down there, he thought that all of them got possessed and went somewhere.

Mykel looked at Gunnar’s location and he wasn’t that far from him so he looked around for an exit. There were so many tunnels and he didn’t know which one to take and so he went to the one that was closest to the coordinate.

Gunnar was so busy dragging everyone into the narrow tunnel that his body oftentimes got stuck. He was a bit annoyed and wanted to destroy the tunnel but he didn’t want to make a ruckus since he always made ruckus that brought problems to the others.

“How far is this tunnel? Why everything is so dark in here!” Gunnar started to feel irritated by everything.

“Are you guys getting back to your senses?” Gunnar asked as he turned around and couldn’t see anything. “Guys?” he asked but all he heard was the sound of footsteps.

Gunnar could see a light in front of him, he smiled and immediately ran toward the light. When he reached the edge, he jumped back and covered his nose because of the pungent smell.

Thousands of corpses were stacked together and the place looked like a landfill.

“What the fuck?!” Gunnar said as he looked down.

“Gunnar?” Jeanne said.

Gunnar turned around and looked at Jeanne and the others stared at him. “Thank goodness, you guys are back to your sen-” before he could finish his sentence, a sword, a spear, and a scythe were stabbed onto his body. “G-guys?” Gunnar said as he started to bleed from his mouth.

“Goodbye,” Jeanne smirked and kicked him off of the edge.


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