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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 10 Bahasa Indonesia

Demons were climbing up the buildings and pounced at the Awakeners from behind as they scratched and tore their skin and flesh. It was a slaughterhouse and Mykel watched them from the distance as he casually walked toward them.

A demon imp was lurking in the building as it watched Mykel walk past the building and when the imp thought it could ambush him, Mykel took a step back as the imp pounced past him. He grabbed the imp’s leg and slammed it to the ground, he watched the imp’s whole body parts scattered on the road.

“Please help me! Herhghghg…” An Awakener just charged at Mykel as a demon stood on his shoulder and slit his neck with its claw.

Mykel grabbed the demon’s head and crushed its head with his hand so easily. Both the Awakener and the demon fell and died at the same time with the demon imp holding the Awakener’s head.

Mykel looked at his sticky hand and clicked his tongue. “I should have wear gloves,” he said as he wiggled his hand to remove the remains of the demon’s head.

Mykel looked at the Awakener’s hands, he had a pair of gloves and decided to take them and used them. He then continued walking toward the main resource of the outbreak as he cleaned up the demons in his path.

The eclipse won’t disappear until all the demons from all the towers got annihilated so it was really hard for those Awakeners to fight the demons in the dark.

“God damn it!” An awakener said as he stabbed the imp with his spear. “How many are there?! And where the fuck is the reinforcement!?” he continued as he looked at his friend who fought next to him.

“I don’t fucking know! All I know is that all the 13 Districts are being attacked by the same demons!” A guy with a broadsword replied as he impaled the imp on the wall. “How is he doing? He looks worse than before,” he continued as he threw the imp away with his sword.

The guy with a spear looked at his friend who was lying on the ground with his head leaning on the wall. The guy was on a brink of death and the guy with the spear knew there was no hope for him. “He won’t make it,” he said as he stared at the guy with empty eyes.

“We can’t keep going on like this, we are going to die sooner or later,” The guy with the broadsword said as he walked toward the guy with a spear.

“Should we just leave-” The guy with a spear said but then a demon got thrown away onto the wall in front of them and splattered like a fly.

The two of them turned around and saw Mykel walking toward them as he fixed his gloves.

Mykel glanced at them from the corner of his eyes and kept on walking but the guy with a spear grabbed his shoulder. “Hey, where are you going?! It’s dangerous out there!” he said as he hold Mykel’s shoulder so tightly.

Mykel turned around and glared at them with his bright yellow eyes, they both felt intimidated by his presence and the guy with a spear immediately removed his hand from Mykel’s shoulder.

“Just bring that guy back, he might be able to survive if he gets immediate treatment,” Mykel said as he stared at the guy on the ground.

They looked at his friend that seemed to be trying his best to keep on living, the guy with the broadsword then looked at Mykel that went further to the south. “Watch out!” he screamed as he pointed at the imp that jumped from on top of the build and was ready to pounce at Mykel.

Mykel looked to his left and threw a right hook at the imp. The imp’s whole body exploded by a single punch and the two of them were staring at Mykel with disbelief.

“That’s impossible!” The guy with a spear said with his eyes wide open.

A horde of demons ran toward Mykel and he just stared at them so casually while he lit his cigarette. The moment the horde was close enough to him, they stopped running and slowly avoided him because they were intimidated by his presence. Some of them even started to run back to the tower while Mykel casually walked past them and ignored them.

“Who the fuck is that guy? How can the demons fear him?!” The guy with a broadsword grabbed his friend’s shoulder.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s bring our friend back and ask them to treat him,” The guy with a spear said as he carried his friend. “If he’s that strong, I don’t think he would need our help here, let’s go,” he continued as he walked past his friend and started running then the guy with a broadsword followed him from behind.

After an hour of walking, Mykel arrived at the entrance of the Azazel tower. He looked at his surroundings and the demons were just hissing and screeching at him but they didn’t dare to get close to him.

“Come on, I know you’re here,” Mykel said as he smoked his cigarette then the entrance of the tower slowly opened. A two-headed demon ogre came out from the tower with each hand holding a massive battle axe that they dragged on the ground. “There you are,” he said as he smirked.

The demon ogre stood not that far from Mykel and the ogre was 12 feet tall, they glared at him and started to roar as they raised the axes. The demon ogre level was 15 and at that moment, even if there were a dozen of Awakeners with level 10 they wouldn’t be able to fight it.

The demon ogre’s roar made the other demons’ morale raise, they weren’t sacred of Mykel’s intimidation skill anymore. Mykel looked around him and flicked the butt of the cigarette at the ogre with a smirk on his face. “Come, you ugly bastard,”

“The reinforcement has come!” A guy said as he entered the tavern.

“Fucking finally!” The guy with a spear said as he put the glass on the counter. “Let’s go, we have to send those demons back to where they belong!” he continued as he grabbed the guy with a broadsword on the shoulder.

The guy with a broadsword groaned as he stood up. “Alright…”

Those two walked past the Awakeners that were resting at the tables in the tavern. The moment they saw those two walking with confidence, it gave them the will to fight again and decided to follow them.

“Where’s the reinforcement?” The guy with a spear asked the guy who said it.

“Over there!” The guy pointed at a group of Awakeners with high-quality equipment that was worth at least hundreds of millions of zeny.

“Now we are talking,” The guy with a broadsword said as he scoffed and rested the sword on his shoulder.

All the Awakeners followed the reinforcement to the south because they were confident with their presence. Joan and his friends stared at those high level Awakeners from the side of the road and decided to join them as well because they wanted to help even if it didn’t much.

There were hundreds of Awakeners walked the road as they saw demons laying and scattered around the road. Not just demons, but also Awakeneres that they couldn’t recognize anymore because their faces had deformed real bad because the demons ate them.

“Where are the demons? The last time we were here, there were at least dozens of them,” The guy with a spear asked.

“Maybe he killed them all?” The guy with a broadsword answered then they both looked at each other.

“The guy? Who are you talking about?” A guy with long blonde hair who lead the reinforcement asked as he looked at them.

“Well, a black-haired guy with tattoos on his neck and arms that looked like a model just walked past us an hour ago,” The guy with a spear answered.

Joan and his friends were looking at each other then they looked at the blazer and the wristwatch in Joan’s hand.

They have prepared to fight the demons but they couldn’t find a single demon even though they were about to arrive at the Azazel tower.

Once they reached the tower, they were shocked as they saw a giant pile of demons in front of the entrance to the tower. They could see a person sitting on top of the pile of demons but they could only see the silhouette of the person.

As they slowly approached the pile, the person stood up with something in his hand that he had been tossing up and down. The person threw it at them and they were taking a step back as they saw a giant head of an ogre just rolled over to their feet.

“The party is over, unfortunately,” Mykel said as he walked down from the pile of demons.

They were squinting their eyes and finally saw the bright yellow eyes of Mykel with his whole body covered with demon blood. The blonde guy looked at Mykel and squinted his eyes with suspicion. “Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know, or do you want to end up like them?” Mykel said as he glared at him.

Mykel walked past the blonde guy and noticed that Joan was amongst the Awakeners. He smirked then approached him and grabbed his blazer and wristwatch. “Thank you for bringing them to me,” Mykel said as he put on his blazer and wristwatch then walked in between the Awakeners who stared at him with disbelief.


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