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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 97: Volume 6 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 6, Chapter 8: I became a Fifth Grader, Part 2

“How cute, Yuzu. It suits you well.”

As I was attending a party for the first time, Kotone-chan coordinated with me most enthusiastically.

Wearing dark colors so as to not be gaudy, it was a knee-length one-piece that had fluffy hems, with an American-style sleeve that exposed both shoulders while covering the nape, with many beige-colored areas. The back was also slightly visible.

Since I’m an elementary schooler, I thought that a more childish dress would have been better, but it seems that the mood isn’t one for a child.

“……So, is it good?”

“O-of course.”

Ah, a stammer.

Even so, I was surprised that I didn’t feel much resistance towards baring my shoulders, and felt a sense of incompatibility about the knee-length. I got a feeling that the hem was longer than was supposed to be on the dress, but why is that?

“……It’s Yuzu’s first time wearing a proper dress, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct?”

“You seem strangely accustomed to it? Or perhaps I should say, you wear a dress like it’s a normal piece of clothing for you.”


Aah, now that I mention it, I wonder if I was able to wear this dress normally because of those fragmented memories of that castle.

And now, today is the 70th anniversary of Nikuno Ham.

It’s a big party where affiliate companies like ours, celebrities and local politicians are all attending.

For the children like us, to put it bluntly, the reason for these is for us scions to meet face-to-face and make our choices of marriage partners. I’m worried for Kotone-chan.

I went out early with my family and had my make-up lightly done by my usual hair stylist, and having done up my hair in a half-up, I affixed a flower hair ornament carved out of a seashell that I’d gotten from my mother.

Is it necessary for a grade-schooler to have makeup? After all, the skin of a Demon doesn’t even have visible pores, much less acne. The makeup artist only put on foundation and blush, and seemed to be at a loss.

The venue seems to be a combination of three banquet halls that can hold 500 people total in a luxury hotel.

With that many people coming, I think that the possibility of me meeting with Kouki-kun and Kako, who are supposed to be attending is quite low.

I told them to meet me after they were done with their greetings via email, but I guess that the two of them have an incomparable number of greetings compared to me……

We came as a family, but once we were done with the greeting, mother broke away from us.

It seems that she got captured by the other wives of the company directors, and couldn’t leave, and since she seemed like she wouldn’t be done soon, we left. That is the Hell of this world.

Next, Ooba-onii-chan got captured by two executives from Nikuno Ham. Because it’s someone that would be looking after him in his department when he takes the job, it seems that his conversation wouldn’t end any time soon.

And then……

“That’s right, Yuzu, there’s a cake smorgasbord over at the other side. I’ll go get something.”

“Ah, Kotone-onee-chan”

Her back walking away…… that was the last I saw of Kotone this day. Also, her enthusiasm for swimming will definitely intensify tomorrow.

“F-father is on the other side.”

“Excuse me, President Toukaki. There’s a matter that I would like to discuss with the Nikuno Company, I would like to ask of you………”


As father was called out by the secretary of the president of Nikuno Ham and walked off, I felt that it was going to be bothersome, so I took a break out on the sofa out in the hallway.

As I emailed Kako, I noticed something approaching.

“Ah, Mob-girl, you were here.”


There, a cute girl wearing a pink princess dress with a twin tail set in drills pointed at me with an imposing stance.

…… Oh, ah, it’s Matsuri. As always, the only thing cute about her is her face. Her dress taste is on the level of a Showa-era idol.

“For once, you look like a lady. Pupu, what is with that lowborn dress? Well, you’re Mob-girl after all, so it’s normal to be shoddy.”

“Why are you here, Matsuri?”

“Haa? Are you stupid? There is no party where the heroine’s ‘event’ doesn’t happen. Papa was invited, so I came as his daughter. Papa is fortunate to have such a lovely girl as me.”


Is Kako going to take much longer? I received an email from Kako, replying that she was done.

“But papa didn’t want to take me along at first. As expected of a mob character parent.”


“So I kept bothering my dad. Mob-girl, if you’re supposed to be part of my entourage, you should have some great ideas for harassment, no?”

“……Eh, aah, I think it’ll be good to go get your hands on some chicken bones.”

“Why would you try to harass people with chicken bones!? Really, you’re useless.”

Ah, was it wrong? Which reminds me, since Dad-chan had been done a good turn by them, perhaps I should go and make my greetings to the President of Nikuno Ham.

Should I mail Ouji-kun too?

“Mob-girl, Kouki-kun is supposed to have come here, did you see him?”

“Nn~? I haven’t seen him.”

“Previously, I had bumped into Kouki-kun at the corner outside the school, but no event occurred. I wonder if it has to be at night, after all. I knew from Papa that the grandfather of the Kuon family had retired, but wasn’t he a bad guy? Even though the event hadn’t occurred, such a thing happened. I don’t understand it at all, even though I’m talking to a mob character~”


“Is Kako doing something after all… Damn it, it makes me angry. She really doesn’t reveal her true colors easily, that girl. Hey, you, have you figured out any of Kako’s weaknesses?”

“Recently, it seems that she hasn’t been able to speak to Kouki-kun.”

“Heeh! It’s clearly to be expected! How satisfying.”

Yep yep, it was their puppy love up until now, but it seems that she’s finally realized her romantic feelings now that we’re heading into adolescence, and she went into that cute state, and went into a tizzy when the two of them were alone.

… I didn’t make a mistake, right? It’s not a pretense, right?

“That’s right, I thought that Kako being here would bring me good. Mob-girl, seize the opportunity and mix this into Kako’s drink.”

“Nn? What’s this?”

“Fufufu, it’s gonna be good. There is no need for one such as you to know. Pupupu.”

“Ah, I see.”

Because it’s a pain in the rear for now, I’m going to leave it in the drink that Matsuri brought. Since it’s a good thing, there’ll be no problems.

“And hey, Mob-girl, about Handsome-kun.”


“Did you know about a woman who’s been involved with the Nikuno family? Apparently there’s someone aiming at the seat of being his fiancé.”

“I know no such thing.”

Ouji-kun sure is popular lately… It wouldn’t be strange even if there was such a person.

“It was, err…… Kabosu or Zabon or something, some citrus-related name. (TL note: Yuzu is a citrus fruit.) I think even a dullard like you would be able to investigate if you know this much.”

What, is that person some freezer accessory……

It seems that in our school, there’s another child who’s named after citrus fruit other than myself.

“The event for Handsome-kun haven’t started either. It seems that in the end, nothing starts if I do not acquire Toshikuni-kun. It’s really annoying. Go search for Toshikuni-kun quickly, Mob-girl, and remove yourself from my surroundings. When a mob character doesn’t remain involved with me, their lives will end, hahaha, ukyuu.”

After saying all these funny things without consideration, Matsuri disappeared somewhere else into the hall.

Just what do you want me to do……? Do you really think that I am not human but some character in a story instead?

Haha, surely, there’s no idiot that dumb, right?


While I was playing with my phone on the sofa as I was, two e-mails had come in. One of them was from Father, and the other was from Ouji-kun.

Both of the mails had roughly the same content, and it seems that both his parents and mine wanted me to go over, and it seems that Ouji-kun was going to come pick me up.

…… This is about Prince-kun’s engagement.

Author’s Notes:

As per usual, the conversation doesn’t really mesh.

Next time, a serious party continuation.


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