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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 85: Volume 5 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 5, Chapter 14: What I Wanted to Say, Part 3

“It seems that nowadays, elementary schoolers also have stuff like this.”

“……society nowadays is dangerous?”

I was struck with an idea, and tried to do something I hadn’t with the battery-powered cellphone inside of my pocket.

Even if the battery was running out, it would still startup for a few seconds. I tried to touch the screen while it was in my pocket, and if I was lucky it would redial someone.

However, my unnatural movements were discovered, and my mobile phone was taken.

“Fumu…… The battery seems to be out. Oi.”

One of the black-suited men handed my cellphone to that man I met in the shopping district.

“After charging it and checking the contents, leave it at the riverside there. It’s likely that they’ll track the GPS function. Also, watch out for fingerprints.”


“You, what are you doing……?”

As I asked him with a somewhat unpleasant premonition, he had a thin smile on his face and bowed as if he was facing a noble.

“Please, call me Kyoji. Oh yeah, you were carrying that phone. But it’s so common for children to go missing in the river”

So said Kyoji as he cut himself off in the middle of his explanation.

Was it because it was troublesome? Did he think that children wouldn’t understand? Maybe it was both.

But surely it was something like this.

If they mistook that I had drowned in the river, the police would take their time to search it. But since I wasn’t going to be in the river, the investigation would be derailed.

And finally, he was going to make me a “drowned body”.

…… again.

From the depths of my heart, “something” like a fragment of a memory emerged. It gradually connected the dots little by little and filled with color.

There was something like this before……? I was kidnapped…… what did I do? I remember little boys and girls…… eh?

As it was, I was taken onto their car and taken somewhere.

By the feel of it, it was about an hour. I thought that we were going quite fast because we got on a highway along the way, but we got off and on several times, and ended up in a narrow street as if we were waiting for someone.

As I glimpsed behind me, the fake taxi driver who was sitting in the rear passenger’s seat stared at me with eyes filled with hatred, and I waved at him lightly while smiling.

“You’re rather composed.”

Kyoji looked at me with eyes of amazement.

“Is it uncute?”

“You’re definitely composed……”

While that was happening, we entered a region with many trees, and reached a building.

“……A school?”

“Yes, that’s right. It was a school that went out of business five years ago due to the decrease in enrolment. They had thought that the countermeasures against the declining birthrate would be effective and the number of children would increase, but the results are as you see.”

“Even though countermeasures and subsidies are alright… with no hope for the future, the number of children won’t increase, you know?”

“…… are you really an elementary schooler?”

I was taken out of the car and was having a conversation while we walked, but Kyoji stopped for a moment and stared at my face.

“Yes, I’m a second-grader in elementary school. In other words, I have nothing to do at all with that shopping district.”

It was meaningless to keep it hidden now that we were here. I didn’t mean to capitalize on it anyway.

“As expected, you are smart, Yuzu-san”

Kyoji called my name despite me not having introduced myself.

“When did you notice that we were aiming for the shopping district?”

“That aside…… I also thought that it would be good to show my hand. But…… are you ok with me?”

“At first I thought that you were the child from that shop…… but it was good either way. Because Yuzu-san is famous in the shopping district.”

“……Life sure is full of parts where things don’t go one’s way.”

“Truly, you are unlike any child. If you were an adult, I might well fall in love with you. It is a pity that I will not see you again.”

“Yeah…… it is.”

Really…… why am I not afraid?

I knew that it might be possible that I wouldn’t be able to see my family any more, but in one corner of my head, I got this sense that it wasn’t entirely certain that if I was killed, my life would disappear. …… or so I thought of myself.

Whatever kind of elementary school student I am.

“I’m going to the principal’s office on the second floor of the office building.”

“It is because there’s a reception area?”

“That’s right. The leader wanted to know the progress, so we came to this place. Will you make trouble if we meet?”

“It can’t be helped…… I wonder if you’re having trouble with your subordinates?”

“Really, I’m just a worrier.”

There wasn’t any electricity except for some emergency lamps in the corner of the hallway where we passed by. When I entered the principal’s office, there was an older man that looked very much like Kyoji, and next to him was a powerful-looking grandpa in a kimono.

There were several other black-clothed guys in this room. By the time I’d gotten into the principal’s office and the school building, I’d seen dozens of these black-suited, ill-bred men.

“Kidou, is this child related to the shopping district?”

“Yes. She is related to one of the people living in the shopping district. Because her face is well known, it should be enough to fuel the anxiety.”

“Might you be Kouki-kun’s grandfather?”

As I said my thoughts, the grandfather’s eyes suddenly widened, and he looked straight at my face.

“……that uniform, is it Takamine’s? I see, did you hear about me from Kouki? Loose-lipped fellow. It would have been good if he had just married who I chose for him. It’s horrible to think of that child as my grandson.”


Seriously…… talking about doing whatever you like.

“I am looking for someone to carry on my post. Let’s carry on with the plan after I return to the world of politics.”

“Understood. Make sure you get a good partner that will bear me decent grandchildren.”

“Is Sir going to make one himself?”

Said Kyoji from the side, interrupting the conversation between the grandfather and Kidou.

“Hey, Kyoji!”

“Hmm…… Myself? That is also agreeable, but it would be a scandal if I had a child at this age. Even if I raised him as a grandchild, a girl from a well-educated and well-groomed family would not accept being relegated to just having such a child. Besides, I do not have the time to wait until he becomes an adult.”

“Several years from now…… Thinking about it, it should be someone of a good family, and with intelligence. Hey… here, is someone who has seen through the plan that Sir is behind the entirety of everything……”


Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were staring at me.

“She’ll be able to have children in about 5~6 years. She’s pretty and has a good head. Furthermore, she’s a missing person too.”


I could feel their “malice” bubbling up like hot coal tar……

From within me, something brushed aside my warm everyday life, and a dark lump slowly appeared, smiling faintly.

A person who doesn’t think of others as people, a rotten heart. Aah…… why……

It just looks so delicious……


Kyoji felt something, and then started back when he looked at me.

With his eyes following me quietly, perched on top of the large tree outside of the window of the principal’s office, was that [Black Cat].

…… I see. [He], wanted to tell me this……

I…… am a [Demon].


Author’s Notes:

It’s a serious development.

Next time, on Demon Noble II, 1-15, [A Demonic Christmas.]


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