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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 74: Volume 5 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 5, Chapter 3: I became a kindergartener, Part 1

Because of the strange incident that had happened at the park where I was, my prohibition on going out was extended another two weeks. Incidentally, there haven’t been rumors about me either. Even if there were witnesses, nobody would believe such a thing had happened.

It seems that the apparent reason why the prohibition got extended was because I had gotten a shock from the scene of the accident.

Well, to be honest, I’ve been crestfallen for a while.

After all…… how was I able to do such a thing……?

I don’t understand myself. For I that, until now, couldn’t even bend a spoon, I didn’t know at all that I could do such a thing.

Still, in that instant where I felt anger against that [Existence]that had frightened Kotone-chan, I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt like “I could do it”.

…… well, there’s no point in worrying about what I don’t understand. It seems that I chafe at difficulty.

Anyways, beyond all of that, I’m going back to kindergarten starting today.

…… is it alright for me?

“You grew so well, Yuzu, you’re so cute.”

The kindergarten uniform made me look about three times cuter than I thought.

It looks amazingly expensive.

As for why the uniform is such, it seems that it’s because of Kotone-chan and onii-chan, who are in Takamine Academy, which is affiliated to the kindergarten.

…… how much does it cost for these clothes that will only be worn for a couple of years??

Well, the tuition fees are high, but children from ordinary families are also enrolled. It might be that an ordinary family would get the uniforms through net auctions or maybe they wear hand-me-downs.

So… I think my family is somewhere in the upper-middle class?

For the time being, I’m quietly attending kindergarten. There are also children of families who have relationships with Father’s company, so although I’m not normal I’m not going to feign friendliness.

My appearance reminds me of one of those high-class daughters if I was older.

…… However, there’s still some problems.

I feel like my appearance changed subtly since I woke up.

Although my aged, droopy-eyed expression hasn’t changed, it feels like a subtle “distortion” has disappeared.

Even when I wake up in the morning, my eyelids aren’t puffy. My face is also less puffy.

I had good skin since I was a child, but it was now strangely glossy, and my sunburns faded back into my original skin color, but the skin looked whiter even while my complexion got better.

And it seems improbable, but I think my features are now perfectly symmetrical……

It feels like an elaborate [Human-shaped Bisque doll] rather than a human…… I do.


“What’s wrong, Yuzu, you’re seriously cute today.”

Ooba Onii-chan hugged me and took me to the car.

Kotone-chan also wanted to hold me, but because of the size difference it seems that my uniform would crease if she did and become disorderly. For some reason the words “hugging personnel” came to mind.

Even then, my hair was tied by Kotone-chan. The hair that reached my collars was tied into a small pair of twintails with red ribbons.

Uwaa…… It’s cute if I looked at it objectively, but at the same time it’s embarrassing.

A real twin tail, is this a certain consumer-electronics street (read: Akihabara), or am I in some Catholic school that’s being watched over by a goddess?

…… It’s because I think about these things that I’mtold my memory has become hazy.

The car came to pick us up and send me to kindergarten, which started early, then to the middle and high school sections which were next door.

I can’t even recall the faces of my kindergarten classmates, and I worried if this was okay, but it seems that that matter had been made known well in advance.

Besides, if I saw their face, I might remember. So said the goddess-sama…… hmm, for some reason it feels like I don’t have the protection of the “gods”.

“Yuzu, if you get into trouble you can ask the teacher to call for me, okay?”

“No, it’s better to call for me, if any boy decides to bully you, onii-chan will take care of them, okay.”

“……I’m going.”

I got out of the car in front of the kindergarten, and was accompanied by the teacher who came to pick me up as I entered the compound. Sorry, teacher, but I don’t remember.

“……In short, because Yuzu has just recovered from an illness, please treat her kindly, everyone.”



What do I do? The teacher seems to have omitted the fact that I don’t remember things. It can’t be helped. I just don’t understand the difficulties of a kindergartener.

I was surrounded with some distance. I managed to remember some faces somewhat, but it just doesn’t come to me. A barrier was put up separating us automatically.

It might be because of the change in my appearance… The Yuzu that they knew seemed somewhat different, and they might be scared of me who seemed to resemble a doll.

I’m in trouble now. “I” was remarkably carefree about my change.

“Yuzu-chan…… are you alright?”

There was a tough guy speaking to me.

I was a little bit surprised and turned to look, there was this tiny little cutey looking at me with a worried expression.

“……Ah, erm……”

For some reason I felt like I played with this boy. But his name eluded me.

That boy game me a harmless smile.

“Yeah, it’s alright, I heard from my father. My name is Handsome, remember?”

“Han…… oh, I remember.”

In an instant, my whole back was covered in a cold sweat, and I felt like my consciousness was about to fly off.

Come to think of it, I remember hearing from Father yesterday that there was a boy with such a name. I thought at that time that he was joking with me……

When I hear it from the person himself, the destructive power of it is outrageous. What were this child’s parents thinking when they gave him this name? Recently, I heard that such fancy and sparkling names were popular, but for them to evolve this far……… Were they unable to cancel the evolution?

Oh crap, my face is making various expressions.

But if I scrunch my nose in I lose. He’s the scion of a famous meat processing company’s president and a major client of father’s company.

The capital of his company and the number of employees were at national levels, with completely different orders of magnitude.

“I’m so glad… I, had been worried.”


He had a pleasant plump smile on his face. Apparently, he has no doubts whatsoever about his own name…… the industry’s power is indeed deep.

While I spoke with him, memories of him gradually came to light. He was quite the carefree character, but because of his body shape, he was getting teased by the stronger boys in the class.

He was also biased towards our friendship, and played mostly only with children whose houses were like mine.

It’s more than I deserve…… As the scion of a large enterprise, with a good personality and looks…… he was cute like a stuffed toy, but had few friends whom he approved of.

Was he easy to remember because he’d had a big impact on me……?

“Yuzu-chan, shall we play over there?”

“Yes…… but, are you alright with me?”

When you’re with me, aren’t you scaring off the other children? I thought so, but he blushed a little and shook his head.

“It’s because Yuzu-chan is gentle that I get teased. ……erm, but… *you’re cute*”


“Oh, that’s right! Would you like some snacks?”


Even though it’d only been one hour since kindergarten began, he’s already taken out a majestic “snack” for me.

So I thought while receiving a round ham.

…… Please let me stay thin.

Author’s Notes:

Next time, the secret of Handsome.


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