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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 63: Volume 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 4, Chapter 14: Becoming an Idol, Part 3

I wonder what I said…… The person who appeared in front of us was a silver-haired, black-skinned, slightly sullen and cool-looking older man.


I felt like Rinne wanted to say something, and since it was good to give one’s beloved some space, I gave him some elbowroom. …… Wait, that’s not it.

Yeah, yeah, this person was that Daemon who [Peeked] at us.

I had been seen while I forgot myself and was *kyahaha* and *ufufu*-ing and mofuing with all my might. It seems I was embarrassed and instinctively let out my [Presence], but because it wasn’t a misrepresentation, it was safe. I judged that I could win the court case.

“[……King of the Daemons?]”

………… eh?

Rinne got up, and in his enormous [Dark Beast] form, he murmured towards that older uncle in a low voice.

King of the Daemons…? Daemon King? Francois’ husband (candidate)…?

That uncle… er, rather, the Daemon King-san, who seemed to have overcome his stiffness at Rinne’s voice, kneeled down in a hurry.

“……I am the King of the Daemons, Hebrad”

The Daemon King-san’s waist was bent really low…… Are you a salaryman, as well?

Even though he seemed to have an absurdly delicious soul, I shouldn’t sample it……

Is that…? The Daemon King-san looked up at me motionlessly.

That’s no good Daemon King-san, you have a wife (to be) you know? I can’t betray my friends……eh? Is that wrong?

“You, in the past, I heard of the [Golden Beast] that was the talk of the humans. Art thou the same one, who has scattered the clouds of the Daemon King territory, and gave the land this blessing?”

I’m being looked at with entreating eyes…… Before, when I was in my Demon body, although there was fear, but I wasn’t being shown behavior like I was detested.

When I glimpsed at Rinne, who already lost interest, I figured that it didn’t matter and yawned a little.

This cat-haired guy………

I don’t quite understand, but I, as a Demon, can’t not greet my friend’s husband (provisional).

“[I am greatly honored by your politeness, Lord Daemon King……]”

Wh-what’s this feeling?

It’s the first time I’ve ever talked to another race as a Demon, and I don’t understand the feeling.

But it seemed that I’ve been recognized as an [Intelligent] Demon properly, and Daemon King-san openly made a relieved face.

“I would like to request something of the two of you. The Daemon tribes are on the edge of a crisis. As a result, we have presently sortied the entire Daemon King’s army, so by all means I would like to borrow your power.”


When I automatically replied, the Daemon King-san stiffened again. He’s mentally weak.

Am I not at an advantage?

“Well, that is…”

Daemon King-san faltered in his words, and then resolved himself again, and began to speak slowly.

“I… because I hated humankind, I lived in order to bring ruin to human beings. I won’t lie about my desire to save Daemonkind. ……but, I still cannot forgive humans…”


While speaking, he remembered his resentment for humankind, and Daemon King-san’s muddy hatred leaked out with his magic power. …… it looks delicious.

That sort of reason, I can certainly agree with.

If I could just get this [Soul], if the contract was for one or two countries, it’d be alright to do it, it seemed.


“…W-…… Why? If my soul is not enough, then I will dedicate all of the souls of the human beings that the Daemon King’s Army will kill from here on in! Then…”

He wanted to destroy humans. He wanted to save the Daemons. For that purpose, he would offer up the Daemon King’s soul and the humans’ souls to the Demon.

Both of the contracts don’t make me lose much, but regardless of the Demons around here, [I] cannot accept it.

“[It’s no good. The humans’ [souls], were already [My] things to begin with.]”

This [world], was my feeding ground where I can get whatever I wanted just by reaching my claws out for it.

In other words, it was an environment with a remote control, sweets, and a refrigerator beside my Kotatsu for all eternity. ………I wonder why, but I had a sudden feeling of depravity.

Although I’m now doing some deliberate [cultivation] for some of them, I just can’t stand stopping now for the sake of getting a bunch of cheap souls in large quantities.

……My thoughts seemed to have turned rather Demonic.

“………Haha, is that so, is that so?”

Daemon King-san who had been overcome with blank amazement at my words began to laugh.

Would he give in to his despair and attack me? I thought that would happen, but unexpectedly, Daemon King-san had a relieved face.

“If you are as much of a [Demon] as you claim, the humans will perish soon. ……fufu, that’s right, humans and Daemons are both [Livestock]…”


I don’t intend to do so, but…… well, Daemon King-san is convinced, so, ah, whatever.

Daemon King-san once again kneeled in front of me and prostrated himself deeply.

“……I have no regrets. I offer my soul.”

Arara…… did that just happen?

Rinne threw a fleeting glance at me at those words, but I hit him with my tail and held him down.

Although I want to eat it very much.

“[Daemon King, make the [Person (female)] around you happy. That is your obligation.]”

To eat Francois’ husband (nearly confirmed), would be a poor thing to do.

When I said those words, Daemon King-san had a very surprised face, and lowered his head again.

“After all…… all the surrounding Daemon tribes were worshipping you, and I could feel the depth of your benevolence… You don’t seem to be a [Demon Beast]…… it’s as though you’re the [God of the Daemons]”

“[Well, I suppose……]”

Oh dear…… In addition to having an embarrassing nickname, now there’s equally embarrassing feelings.

My heart hurts whenever Rinne gives me that look that says [What are you doing, you…]

“[Well then, will you stop the invasion of the Daemon King’s Army?]”

I tried to change the topic for now.

It’ll become a problem if the city where Rick and Noel were became a battlefield. ……ah, it came out without me saying anything, is that alright? Well, even if I’m not there, it’ll be alright.

“……It can’t be done. Your benevolence gave us the blessings of the sun, but the land around here was barren from the start, and these several thousand years where the Daemon elements have lived, the crops have never grown properly. Now, unless we invade, the Daemon tribe will only die of hunger…”

They were cornered more than I thought.

Will plants not grow where the Daemons dwell… That [cloud] that had collected the grudges and the miasma tasted like [Cotton Candy], and the Daemon element in the earth……

Hmm? ……Wait a minute.

“[That’s no problem. Leave it all to me]”

“……Oh! Goddess”

And so, it was stopped……

I moved a little, and approached the thick wall that hadn’t broken when I hit it. Fufufu, today I’ll get to show the results of my research.

“[Summoning Magic Formation!]”

Pouring my magic power into the [Spirit Language], I drew out an enormous magic circle on the huge wall.

“Thi-this is !”


A black shadow emerged from the summoning circle…… that’s right, it’s an [Infinitely Unlimited Seaweed Summoning Circle].



At this magnificent sight, Daemon King-sama and Rinne were both so impressed that they went silent.

“[This magic formation, can not only summon seaweed from this continent, but from all of the seas of the world indefinitely. With this, the food problem is solved]”

“…Wa-wait a minute, can it be turned off?!”

As I boasted of my research results, Daemon King-san raised the question. Being eager to learn is a wonderful thing. If the magic power is cut off to that, and the food is gone, there might be insecurity again.

I dragged Millaine into my studies for this. The [Unlimited Wakame Seaweed] is a revolutionary magic circle that boasts performance that is six times higher in comparison to regular magic circles, with a magic power use of less than half that of a conventional one.

Being given such a wonderful thing, he would surely think that he was special, and he would feel just like the favored grandson of a grandfather and be happy.

I nodded slowly to reassure him.

“[Worry not. There are no problems whatsoever. This magic circle draws on the Daemon elements present in the soil to power itself, so it won’t stop easily.]”


Daemon King-san, who was now standing before a pile of seaweed that was so large that it could not even fit it on a 10-ton truck, sat down as if he was exhausted.

I wonder if he was that relieved.

“[Oh, right, right, because the formation will continue for thousands of years with the Daemon element in this area, if you don’t do your best in eating it, it’ll bury the Daemon King territory, so please be careful. ]”


Daemon King-san jolted vigorously at my words, and smiling a little with a “Haha” he placed both his hands and knees on the floor loosely.

After doing good things, the Demon becomes comfortable.

Daemon King-san was muttering something or another, but Rinne gently tapped the Daemon King-san with his giant paws affectionately.

“……She’s a Demon after all……”


For a few days after that, we stayed at Daemon King-san’s house.

I was in my [Demon Beast (cat)] mode when I came into contact with Daemon King-san, but I properly reported to Francois in my [Human] mode.

Well, today at Daemon King-san’s request I’m going to show myself to the Daemons.

The people’s belief in god seems to be something like the desire for an [Idol].

Finally, my debut!

“[Well then…… what should I sing?]”

“It’s alright if you don’t sing.”

“[…You don’t need to be reserved, you know?]”

“I’m not being reserved”

“[You don’t need to fuss about the problem of having a backup dancer while I sing?]”

“Please do not sing. Please do not dance”

What’s this……? Daemon King-san’s attitude towards me seems a little [Sloppy].

For the sake of everyone’s peace of mind, I wanted to be in human mode. I thought that it would be good if my dress was a miniskirt.

It’s for everyone’s sake… It’s not that I want to sing… It’s true~.

Even though so many people are gathered here…… *kusun*

When I spread my wings in my [Demon Beast (cat)] mode and made my appearance, all of the Daemons kneeled down on the spot and began to worship me.

…… wait, what? Wasn’t there supposed to be cheering?



Turning around to face a familar voice that I suddenly heard, Demon butler Noa and Demon maid Fannie teleported in out of thin air.

“……We were looking for you”

“[Ah~, sorry, there was the matter of [Him], [Rinne].]”



Noa and Fannie hurriedly kneeled down before Rinne who was beside me in his black cat mode.


“[At ease. Why were you in such a hurry…?]”

Waving his two tails calmly when Noa lapsed into silence after greeting us, Rinne prompted him on.

“Yes. Actually, the Daemon King army has gathered together and begun to advance, and we were led by Roderick-sama and Noel-sama out to search for Mistress, and after meeting with the mercenary group and knights numbering 500, they started to fight.”


Isn’t that terribly dangerous? The Daemon King’s army was still well in excess of a million strong.

Daemon King-san’s black face also turned blue…… how deft.

“Foolish… did they not receive the message. Who was it……Geas?”

He murmured. There wasn’t a need to fight anymore.

“Well, it’s alright?”

“[How is it alright?]”

When I yelled my tsukkomi in without thinking at Noa’s mutter, Fannie continued from the side.

“Uhm, well, Tina-chan and Nia-chan have gradually become unable to endure it and seemed to have started rampaging, so I came to pick you upー”


How many of them will survive……

Author’s Notes:

The 4th book is entering its climax.

One of the common story templates,

[I avenged myself against the world -reforms of the poor Daemon Lord-] has ended.

The original story was that Rinne was supposed to be knocked down in an outburst of anger, and the [Demon Duke] was going to be summoned by the Daemons, and they had to cooperate with the humans in order to defeat it, it was a story about the proper way to rule the world……

The Daemon King, do you think he’s happy?

* The template story assumes that Yuru is born a human being.

Thank you for rating.

Well, then, I await your impressions.


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