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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 62: Volume 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 4, Chapter 13: Becoming an Idol, Part 2

I returned to the Daemon King’s Castle since I had something to do.

You might say that I made a dangerous bet in fighting against Rinne for the sake of doing this.

It was just that [Important].

I had both the strong [Will] and the [Duty] to do so.



I could hear Rinne’s voice, but I didn’t care.

I’m busy mofumofuing Rinne’s fur for the first time in 11 years.

Rinne was complaining, but he rolled over so it was easy to mofu properly. Fufu, this naughty tsundere!

I was also properly in my cat mode.

It was pleasant mofuing with human skin, but it was hard to give up the feeling of burying myself into Rinne’s fur.

Because it’s Demon fur it’s always silky and doesn’t dirty, and even if I rolled myself in it I wouldn’t get entangled, and being as smooth as it is fluffy, the stomach part is soft, when I was wrapped in it there was a complete feeling of relief and healing.

Furthermore, there’s a nice scent too, I say.

It’s the rich aroma and intoxicating sweet smell of a fruit wine that’d been left to ferment for many years. I felt it even more clearly than when I was in the Demon world because our souls were connected.

This is it, this is. This mofumofu, this fragrance, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[Hey, cut it out.]


As I was in the midst of swimming about in Rinne’s fur and *goronyan*ing, I was suddenly pushed into the air.

“[What? What?]”

When the huge figure of that idiot Rinne suddenly disappeared, I quickly returned to sobriety, became flustered and searched for Rinne.

“[I’m Here, Yurushia]”

“[……eh? Rinne-]”

Turning back towards the source of the voice, there was a normal-sized black cat that was slightly larger than me, standing there with a look of triumph on its face.

“[O, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Rinneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee]”


Seeing Rinne in [Black Cat] mode suddenly, my sense of reason broke.

Cute cute cute cute cute Rinne is so cute! Oh my god what a thing!

I remember that I loved [Kitty cats] from that memory of the dream world, but it was different being one myself compared to seeing one before my eyes.

Whenever the cats of this world were in front of me, they would howl like [Shaaaa] or [Migya] and run away, and not let me hold them as much as I wanted! That’s why!

[So anyways… let’s stop now~]

*kapu* (TL: Bite)

I’m reflecting…………

Although it seems like I’ve broken completely, I’m fine.

Oh my, the charm of mofumofu kitty is terrifying. For me, a Demon who was famous for keeping her calm, to forget myself……

Truly he is the strongest in the Demon world…… terrifying.

Thanks to Rinne’s [Kapu] I was able to stop myself. Rinne’s fangs hurt, even if they’ve become tiny. But I was licked immediately.

Whether you call it following the flow, or my apology after punishment, this time I was being mofumofu’d by Rinne. …… It’s tickly.

We were in the half-broken Daemon King’s Castle. Since we had blown away the upper half, the sunlight was warm and I felt like a cat.

“[Come to think of it, when did Rinne get the ability to turn into a [Black cat]?]”

“[Not until today…]”

As Rinne murmured as if amazed, he stopped mofuing and stretched out across the floor just like a real cat.

“[Probably… after I received a name from you. The magic power and my body stabilized quite considerably.]”

I don’t feel a violent presence spreading from the current Rinne, unlike the time when we had just met while I was in the Demon World.

It’s calm… is it alright for me to say it? The anger and impatience have disappeared, and unlike the first time we met…… there’s a more mature atmosphere in the air.

When I listened calmly like this, I loved Rinne’s mature voice after all.

For a while he was being too restrictive and I [Ran away from home], and I also rebelled against the brutal Rinne, but after all that he’s calmed down.

Although it’s calm……

“[Hey…… won’t you [Manifest]…?]”

As I asked him while rolling and lying there on the warm bed that was the floor, Rinne made a little delicate face.

……even though he’s a cat, he’s dextrous.

“[Thanks to the fact I was [named], my presence has also grown. I don’t know how many sacrifices it would take for me to obtain a vessel. and also……]”

Rinne was a [Demon Beast] with a brutality that was entirely different from the elegant taste of the [Greatest Demons].

“[It’s greedy to ignore the nature of [Demons] to kill.]”

[Demons] were fundamentally different from [Gods].

I don’t know if the thing called God really exists, and since believing in them did nothing, and disasters and unhappiness were called the scourge of god, they only sought the [Innocent Hearts] of Man.

On the contrary, the Demons … while the low-ranking demons were all stupid… all the Greater Demons knew about the [Value] of humans, and to increase the value of the [Forbidden Knowledge] that they dispensed, they cultivated them.

Put simply, both of them were sweatshop companies, but the Demon enterprise was the one that would [Feed] its employees. If you counted the seafood that I gave, I would likely have been superior even amongst Demons.

Anyway, Rinne, who didn’t manifest, would not be able to stay long in this world.

“[So what will you do now? Although I said as much, I won’t be going back to the Demon World for another few hundred years.]”

I’m not being selfish, but this is one line I refuse to cross.

I laid bare my stubbornness, and bared my fangs in a bitter smile.

“[If you’re returning in several hundred years, it’s not actually very long… but I will probably only be able to maintain the name for about a year. What do you think?]”

“[I see……]”

It looks like we won’t be able to manage it somehow, huh……

For the time being, since everything else is troublesome and the mood has become calm, let’s worry about the small things later.

Rinne felt the same too, and I suddenly felt someone’s eyes on me while the two of us were splayed out on the sunny floor.

…… My embarrassing moment was just peeped at by someone else!!?

Hebrad was perplexed.

When he entered the Daemon King’s Castle, he was chasing after the presence of the [Demon Beast], but the presence that he felt was that the anger from when it had first appeared had faded, replaced by a calm of an even greater intensity.

“What… on earth”

And as for this thing that he felt cuddled close to it, just who was this [Presence]?

From Francois’ witness account, he thought that it was some [Golden Angel] that was worshipped by the abandoned Daemons, and even though that presence didn’t have any feelings of violence or vulgarity, it was ominous and terrifying: completely something that was [Malicious].

Hebrad didn’t know whether it was a Demon, but perhaps, it was an [Evil] existence on the same level as that of the [Demon Beast].

“Angel? or Demon……?”

Either way, if he made a mistake in his interactions here, the Daemon King’s territory would perish.

For the whole of the Daemons that had once forsaken the Daemon King territory. Hebrad laughed at himself as a failure of the Daemon King that that was still unable to let go even at the very end.

Although he had given his whole life until now for the sake of his vengeance on the [Human society] that had betrayed him, at the end it seemed that he was unable to discard the naivety of his [Humanity].

Was it a mistake to attempt to implement reform as a tool of vengeance, to have gotten attached because he’d gotten involved more than was necessary……?

In that case, he would play out his role as the [Daemon King] that was king of all the Daemons, and die for the sake of the Daemons.

With this determination, Hebrad headed towards his [Grave].


Seeing two [Cats] there basking and relaxing in the sun, he could not close his mouth that had sprung open.

“………Two… [Demon Beasts]…?”

But it looked and felt like a cat…… Even so, that ominous and fiendish [presence] threw Hebrad’s head for a spin.

For there to be two of the legendary existence called the [Demon Beast], was this some sort of joke?

While Hebrad was stunned out of his common sense, the golden cat seemed to have started out of panic, and begun to move, and the previously gentle air was filled with the incredible intimidation of a [Demon].

Author’s Notes:

It’s the mofumofu time. The protagonist seems to have broken.

No need to read this…

More story templates that aren’t deeply related to the story.

[Is it wrong to aim for the hero for the sake of the princess?]

[The Handmaiden’s Blank Mind: Should I get closer to the Mistress…?]

I love story templates.

Although it gets twisted if the story drags, because I’m in the middle of writing a short story from a template that I can’t get out of my head, I’m thinking of adding it later.

I also wanted to talk about the Mochipurun and the sisters.


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