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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 60: Volume 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 4, Chapter 11: The Demon Verse, Part 2

Within the [Blackness] which nobody could see through, I spread my golden wings and broke through the black storm.

To 【His】 original position……

To convey my feelings.


As I broke through the black light and storm, 【He】 bared his fangs at me.

【He】 was still wary of my power as a 【Devil】 .

【He】 was better than I was at close-quarters, but he chose to fight at long range, and I think that I approached him as a 【Devil】 in [Human Form] since I was confused and didn’t know what to do.

I also wanted it. Not because people thought that the 【Devils】 were specialized in magic combat, but because I wanted to show him that I could stand up to 【Him】 with my own power.

Besides, I had other reasons for keeping my [Demon Beast (Cat)] mode in reserve.


The instant 【He】 bared his fangs, I transformed into a cat.

I’m sorry… Showing 【Him】 that nostalgic figure of all the times we spent in the Demon World, his born fangs shook and hesitated for an instant.

And in that instant that I leapt into 【His】 reach, I turned back into my [Human Form], and softly wrapped his nose with both of my hands.

I took a breath. And stared straight into 【His】 eyes.

“……I am yours… 【Rinne】”

I recalled the time we met……

Commanding (Ri-ri) and Black (kuro)…… That is the name that I gave 【Him】.


As the shock of a name hit 【Him】…… Rinne stiffened.

The only one that could have 【Named】 him, was I, who was a [Human] with the magic power of a [Demon].

Naming a Demon was to mutually carve that name on each other’s soul. A sharp, intense pain wracked my body as I 【Named】 Rinne.

But even then, it didn’t mean that I fainted.

This, was the only opportunity that I would get to say it.

If I had an [Eternity] of time, I would give it all to Rinne.


“…Rinne… become mine”

At that moment, the black tempest and light faded away.

Slowly…… thousands of meters in the air, our power ran out, and we began to fall.

“[……You’re … really an outrageous one. ……Yurushia]”

Rinne, who went stiff longer than I expected, seemed to be astonished…… he leaked out a gentle voice. It’s a little bit ticklish to call out your name.


Going with the flow, it feels like I said some ridiculous things.

Again, my face felt awfully hot……

“[It was absurd……… Why, did you return to a human form? If you had stayed in your Demon form, you would not have received such a huge shock…]”


Even now, my body hurt a lot. But……

“I wanted Rinne to know……… I have the heart and the mind of a [Human]. I wanted you to know that both of them are ‘me’.”

Both of them were the real me. I can’t choose between either.

…… Because, well, I’ve gotten accustomed to the body of a human, and it’s somewhat convenient.

Rinne looked at me as I thought about such things, and gave a light sigh.

“[That is true. ………You are a 【Devil】… the Demon with the most freedom.]”

A Demon that was bound by no-one, Rinne said. …… But even then it’s alright to be fettered once in a while, you know? I felt puzzled as things suddenly improved.

I didn’t say anything as I might have gotten carried away.

But, what exactly was a 【Devil】………? I sort of feel what it means, but…… it doesn’t fit well.

“[…I am yours…… Yurushia.]”

It was a [Vow] that was engraved in the soul just like the 【Naming】.

“As I am yours as well…… Rinne.”

Those words were engraved on my soul.

The sky became bright. The thick clouds cleared.

The clouds that were formed of miasma and resentment, were ripped apart in fear of us, and were absorbed entirely by us, disappearing.


The Daemon King’s Base…… the people who had been left in [Gistez] that was directly under the control of the Daemon King, all stared up at the sky.

The black storm disappeared, and the clouds that were dyed black returned to their original colors, the warm sunlight falling like a pillar of light from the hole in the clouds that had opened up in the sky above the Daemon King’s Castle.

The Daemons all witnessed it.

In that light, the figure of an 【Angel】 with golden wings was descending, accompanied by that huge black beast.


The Daemons all stared in blank amazement at the 【Angel】.

When she descended below the clouds, the clouds that that blocked out the sun for thousands of years disappeared, as if they had been purified.

For the first time they saw the blue sky that stretched on forever.

A warm sunshine that brought with it endless blessings.

The Daemons that had been cast away to a forsaken land by humans, and who had cursed the [Gods] who didn’t save them even as they prayed, lived.

Humans had also, in the name of the [Gods], turned a violent hand towards the Daemons, painting them as [Evil].

For the Daemons, the Gods were an [Enemy].

The gods didn’t exist. The Daemons who believed so, witnessed an 【Angel】 on this day.

An old Daemon was silently shedding tears.

A Daemon child despite not being taught to by anyone, was kneeling reverently at the sky.

For the Daemons, on this day…… to who had given up their hope, the [God of the Daemons] descended.

“eh…… I…”

“[The Daemon God?]”


Author’s Notes:

I wanted to show it to you up until here. Well, it’ll be on the weekend next.

I am still waiting for someone to play the straight man with me.

Concluded. It’s a little short.


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