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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 58: Volume 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 4, Chapter 9: I turned 11 years old, Part 3

“Yurushia-sama has gone missing!”

When morning came, the maid who came to take care of Yurushia reported such to Vio, who was in charge.

“Where is the Princess!?”

“Where are the Saint-sama’s attendants?”

“We have not seen them”

As they searched for the [Saint] and the [Princess] who had suddenly disappeared, all of the staff went into a panic and couldn’t conceal their unease.

Today was Yurushia’s 11th birthday, and the faces of the maids, who had used the kitchen of the inn to bake a cake, sunk in worry.

Although she acted like an adult, she was only 11: the youngest in the whole group.

However, nobody thought that she had run away.

It was Yurushia’s desire to come here in the first place, and even as they were fighting monsters along the journey, she was the calmest.

In contrast, the knights and soldiers realized how they needed the [greatness of her being] that came from the [Saint].

Healing all their injuries in an instant, and since most of the monsters couldn’t break through her [Protection], they felt like they were standing naked in the battlefield without the [Saint-sama].

“Everyone, calm down”

Roderick… the [Grandchild of the King] and the [Holy Paladin], calmed everyone down with his rebuke.

“Yurushia’s most likely destination… is probably the Daemon King’s territory.”

At those words, heartbroken noises leaked out of the knights and maids.

A little girl that was not yet 11, who wished for the peace of the world, had understood, and chosen to confront the Daemon King alone as the Holy Saint for the sake of those that were grieving.

“Noel and I will head for the Daemon King’s territory. I will not ask you all to follow us. You will not be punished even if you do not come along, so do not worry. Let’s go, Noel!”

“Yes, Your Highness”

He made eye contact with Noel who was by his side, and they nodded to each other.

As for Noel and Rick, they knew that Yurushia was concerned about the 【Demon Beast】.

There was a terrifying 【Demon Beast】 that was aiming for her……

The two of them thought that she went by herself since she might have harmed the two of them who were close to her if they had gone together.

Also…… those strange events last night. Perhaps it was that the [Cat] came to tell them about the girl’s pure heart before she left.

The next day, Rick and Noel finished their preparations and departed for the Daemon King’s territory.

The knights and soldiers that followed them of their own volition, joined midway by several hundred mercenaries including the [Hawkeye Mercenary Company], came to number around the scale of about 500 people.



Walking as I was in a town of the Daemons, I was fully enjoying my first time by myself in a long while.

How long had it been since I had walked outside by myself? …… Uhhh, ehh?

Even if I read through all of my memories as Yurushia, I couldn’t find a single time where I had been alone other than inside of the mansion……

“……Ever since I met 【Him】”

How long have I been pampered?!

When I entered the town in the Daemon King’s territory, I didn’t want to stand out so I walked, but there wasn’t anything particularly interesting.

Most of the stores weren’t open. The only ones that were had been looted.

The town was completely dead…… I suppressed my presence, although it brought about a vulnerable atmosphere, however, after the first few attacked there haven’t been any more of them.

Everyone was thin and emancipated, so I had instinctively fed them with the dried octopus and squid, but I wonder if they liked it?

I thought about the balance of nutrients properly, so I let them eat the seaweed together too.

…… This dress can really store a whole lot of dried food.

I think, this might be the only piece of equipment in the world that is cursed with seafood products…

While I was thinking such things, I arrived at the Daemon King’s Castle.

…… This is the Daemon King’s Castle, huh? It’s got an old and eerie atmosphere, but I didn’t feel a single bit of presence.

I wonder if Daemon King-san is out…?

It seems a bit insecure to not even have a guard. I wonder if that self-styled Hero person is opening treasure boxes and stuff without permission somewhere.

……ah, there’s someone.

A big person stood alone at the gate of the Daemon King’s castle.

Big…… I wonder, he must be close to 3 meters tall. He’s a muscly strongman.

“Uho, uho, uho, (Welcome, foolish human. As long as I live, then it is impossible for this gate to open)”

…………………… ha?

Oh no…… I wonder if the automatic translation function of the 【Spirit Language】 has gone wrong somewhere……

“Uhoho, Uho! (Why are you silent? I see you’re a thin human girl……Hey, why does everyone ignore Francois, the Iron Princess of the dwarves)”


Finally, they appeared……

Furthermore, it’s everyone’s long awaited [Princess-sama], yo!

“Uhoo, uhouhouhoho (Is this your first time seeing a dwarf? But, you understand the dwarf language, I will praise you, human.”

Amazing, Mochipurun. (remember that old, old chapter with ridiculous names?) Even though that Salt Daifuku (read: Elf) looked so decent………

“Uhohoー, Uhoohooho (Then, I will reintroduce myself again in light of that. I am the iron Princess Francois. I am the woman that will be Daemon King Hebrad-sama’s wife.)”


Still, looking at this Daemon King…… his strike zone is infinite.

“S-sorry, I didn’t think that there would be a Dwarf in the Daemon King’s territory.”

When I said so, Francois’ boulder-like face turned a little downcast and lonely.

“Uho… uho, uho (I see…… Seven years ago, when I was four years old, since my sisters were jealous of my beauty, they exiled me to this place)”

“The same age……!”

This child is only 11 years old………!?!

“Uhoo? Uhoho, Uhoーo (Well, is that so? Is your growth stunted? If you don’t put on some meat, you won’t be attractive to men, hohoho)”

But an ordinary Dwarf is about 2 meters tall, I hear……

“Pardon the late introduction, I am Yurushia. …and, uh, why is a queen-candidate like Francois in such a place?”

“Uuhoーuhouhouhoo (Hebrad-sama went forth in order to destroy the humans. In his absence he left guarding Daemon King’s castle to me. …… Because I’m afraid that I’ll get injured…)”

“………Is that so.”

What a troublesome rose…… No, that’s not it.

This girl has a very beautiful maiden’s heart! Daemon King-san, should also understand.

I gently touch Francois’ basketball-sized fist.

“Francois…… because you’re a lovely child, the Daemon King-sama didn’t want to do anything that might have hurt you…”

“uho… (Yurushia…)”


The girl who probably weighed 300 kilograms knelt down, and put her eyes at my height.

“Uhoo, uhoho, uho… (Thank you… that… Will you be my friend…? I don’t have… any friends of the same age)”

“Yes, I wish for that too. Nice to meet you, Fran.”

“Uhoー, uho, uho (Nice to meet you, Yuru…… Hey… Yuru’s dress, is very wonderful…) ”

When Francois saw my dress, she wiggled bashfully, and fumbled with her hair.

…… that… it was curly hair. I had thought that it was a helmet made of black iron.

“Do you like this…?”

“Uhoo, uhouho, uhoho (Yes… but it’s impossible. If I tried to wear it, it would surely tear immediately…)”

“This was made by my attendants. It’s really durable, so I’ll ask them to make one for you, Fran.”

“Uhoーo, uhouhoho, uhoo! (Really!? I, I’m sorry, that was immodest of me. But, I’m very glad. If it’s Yuru, I’ll let you into the Daemon King’s castle. Because, you’re a friend, and that’s special!)”

“Waa, thank you, Fran”

And in this way, I was able to enter the Daemon King’s castle without issue.

Because there isn’t much food left in the castle to speak of, I gave a lot of dried goods to Francois for food in passing, in order for her to feed the elephants that she kept in the castle garden, and she ran off like a storm.

…… With this, she’ll be in no danger.

And then……… I walked alone into the Daemon King’s castle.

It transmitted…… my warmth.

Just as I felt it, 【He】 has certainly noticed.

A slightly sweet and nostalgic feeling that tickled the nose……

With each step that I took down the stair into the basement, the 【Smell】 became stronger.

The other side…… of this door.

“…… At last,”

The two of us met.

Author’s Notes:

I am reflecting. I am also regretting it a little.

Explanations that are not particularly important to read:

Last time, we spoke about the templates for the story.

【Because the evil lady’s sister had everything snatched away from her, she rose in the world!】

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Flag that have already been broken.

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