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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 56: Volume 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 4, Chapter 7: I turned 11 years old, Part 1

Deep in the basement of the Daemon King’s Castle …… 【He】 was having a light dream.

He wasn’t asleep. 【He】 doesn’t know what sleep is.

Lying on top of the massive magic formation that had already lost its light, he closed his eyes and tried to recover the magic power that he’d lost.

A small distance away, several hundred of the people called [Daemons], were pouring their magic power into 【Him】 with faces that looked like they were about to die.

If they were killed, and their souls devoured, he knew that he could gain some magic power.

But 【He】 didn’t do so.

From his thousands of years of experience, he knew that mere diluted souls wouldn’t help recover much.

It was worthless unless it was a soul that was filled with fear which fell into madness and depravity.

It was better that he bound them with fear and had them supply him with magic power.

Also, if he killed every living creature within his sight, he might be able to 【Manifest】 in this world with their bodies and souls.

But 【He】 did not.

Although he had been defeated once, 【His】 pride did not allow him to go seriously against her.

There was anger. …… But there was no resentment.

Even the anger almost faded when he kept his eyes closed like that.

He recalled the 【Girl】.

Every day that 【She】 spent in the Demon World……

At first she was tiny, and with her knowledge she was clearly a foolish existence.

Because he thought that her existence was interesting, he decided to keep her until he got bored, but 【She】 was different from anyone else 【He】 had met thus far.

Quite like a human being…… While 【He】 had more knowledge and intelligence than humans, he’d only done and said foolish things.

That weak existence wasn’t afraid of 【Him】, and buried its face in his fur, and it was very strong, its power easily rising to match his with only a little help.

Before he knew it, it had become normal for 【Her】 to stay be his side. It was like the thousands of years of loneliness was a lie, and it reached the point where he preferred 【Her】 gentle, laid-back atmosphere.

He knew that 【She】 loved the material world.

Thinking that 【She】 would someday forsake the Demon world to go to that place, 【He】, for the first time in his existence, was embarrassed about the [Feelings] that he couldn’t identify.

So he bound her. In order to keep 【Her】 from going away. He bound her with fear, bound her with power, gave her a toy (pet), and bound her with feelings.

But 【She】 still went away…… To the human world.

Angry, 【He】 rampaged across the Demon World.

Just with a roar, he would send weaker demons scrambling to hide, and with several 【Arch Demons】, 【He】 challenged one of the pillars, a 【Demon Duke】, killing and eating him. Even the six remaining pillar 【Demon Dukes (Demon Lords)】 all avoided fighting with 【Him】, and nobody dared to stay around 【Him】.

There was no resentment.

Only a burning anger that continued to burn 【Him】 from the inside.

What kind of anger was this…? Just [Who] was it directed at?

Before he even knew or realized why he had become angry, he felt a mighty magic power that distorted the dimensions.

Actually, the space was really being distorted. Feeling a nostalgic [Magic Power] leaking from that, 【He】 used his own magical power to wrench open the dimension, and 【He】 headed towards the material world…… only to be rejected by 【Her】.

He didn’t give up.

If she wouldn’t return to him, he would kill and eat her himself just to reclaim her.

And then… 【He】 woke from his dream.

It was slightly sweet…… that drunken feeling of that nostalgic magic power……


There was no day or night in the Daemon King’s Territory. Although it’s merely a metaphor, the Daemon King’s Territory was in fact thick with clouds due to the miasma and malice caused by the rotting meat of those who had been cruelly killed, the sun didn’t shine even at midday.

There were many nocturnal Daemons among those with strong monster blood, it was possible to move in the night or the day, so naturally whether it was daytime or night time didn’t matter.

In the country of the Daemon King… Gistez, everyone who could fight had already headed out in the [Daemon King’s Army], and all those that remained, were the [Weak] that couldn’t fight.

The sick, the young, the elderly, and the disabled all had their food taken away by the rest, and were given no choice but to die.

But the Daemons didn’t give up.

They refused to accept their fate and die docilely, and the weak aimed for the even weaker, struggling desperately and taking everything to survive.


Those that were afraid, held their breath and hid.

In a devastated, filth-covered city, a single [Human] [Girl] was lightly strolling.

She wore a well-tailored dress of black and silver, and had smooth, white skin, and golden hair that let out a faint glow.

With a beauty that could charm anyone, even the Daemons who didn’t believe in gods thought that she was an angel.

Although the strong had disappeared, if a human girl walked around this horrible Daemon city, she would have been reaped and ended before she even took a few steps.

However, nobody stopped the girl. No one even made eye contact.

It had been a few hours since this girl showed up in the town.

And the Daemons thought of the horrible brutalities that that girl had committed in that short time.

[The Black Demon is here!]

The girl didn’t show a single change in expression when she saw this ruined town.

She just loosened her cheeks with nostalgia, and walked lightly through the city.

“O, Oi, Human! Hand over the food!”

The children were not as sensitive to danger as the adults.

They misled themselves into thinking that that [Fear] that they felt instinctively was because of them seeing a human for the first time.

Still, they were young children.

Approximately 5 to 8 years old, the young Daemons looked no different from a human.


The girl stopped her feet, and turned her pale gold eyes to face the five children who called out to her.

“Y… You heard me! Hand over the food!”

While feeling the pressure from that glance, the oldest boy held out a rusty knife, and shouted his demands to the girl again……


As the girl smiled like a Demon, the children screamed out noiselessly.

The adult Daemons who were observing while hiding behind cover, gave the children a look of pity.

But, it was hopeless. They couldn’t do a thing.

And so……

The girl threw the [Black Thing] that she held in her hand against the Daemon youth’s face at a terrifying speed.


The children didn’t understand what had happened.

The girl that their boss had caught, had thrust some black thing into his mouth.

“…S-stop, *moga*”

The puzzled, terrified-looking boy was violently pinned down, as the girl tore out more dried seafood with a grinding sound and thrust it into the boy’s mouth.

Even as he cried out or shouted, she did not stop.

It might perhaps be called kindness that dried seaweed was thrust in alternately with the seafood.

As the youth’s stomach began to swell out after a few minutes as the seafood products were thrust into him, he was crying and curling up like a maiden who’d been defiled.

However, the horror wasn’t over.

As the time passed, the dried food in his stomach began to swell, and then the true fear began.

The girl nodded with a satisfied face, and then turned to face the remaining frightened children with a smile.

Their horror was not yet over……

Several minutes later…… After the satisfied girl left, the Daemon adults rushed over to rescue the children whose stomachs had were swollen and filled to the point of bursting, buried under all the dried, [Black] seafood.

Forcing others to eat, it was as if that evil girl was a Demon like the shape of the dried goods she forced them to eat.

As the girl walked off towards the [Daemon King’s Castle], they murmured with horrified faces, even as they collected the remaining seafood products.

“……The Black (food that she forced others to eat) Demon…”…… and so on.

Author’s Notes:

Daily ranking in the top 50!? Wow, it grew like *deruderu*…… like seaweed!

I’d like to thank you all new readers and the old readers who’ve been reading them here and there.

The whole day today, I’ll be working on it……


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