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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 50: Volume 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 4, Chapter 1: I became a 4th Grader, Part 1

A year has passed and I’m a 4th grader, now.

Of course, I hardly ever go to school… so having a school arc was completely impossible, after all.

There was a declaration of war from the Daemon King, but the Holy Kingdom of Tariterudo is still too peaceful.

Since Tariterudo is far from the Daemon territory and a 【Holy Boundary】 was stretched across the whole country in preparation for the 【Demon Beast】from the start, the magic that the Daemons’ riders use can’t break through it.

Though I had a hard time making sure that my attendants weren’t affected………

Also, given that the brand-name products of this country like the[Hero of the Holy Kingdom], the [Holy Paladin], and the [Saint of the Holy Kingdom], the public is naturally at ease.

I was having doubts about Rick’s fighting strength…… but when I thought about it, once he’d been given that [Title], it seems that the 【Spirit of Light】 have sort-of stayed, and the skills of the two have been going up. It’s different from the self-proclaimed hero.

Although that Vampire beauty Millaine-chan did mention once that the Holy Kingdom was the “Land from which the Holy Ones were born,” was this it?

… The blessing didn’t come to me, though. Spirits-of-light, won’t you speak just a little? Eh, you’re sleepy? Is that so…

Although there were [Intelligence Reports] that came from who-knows-where that said that the Daemon King’s army was using the 【Demon Beast】, even then it was still relatively calm.

After all, since I had repelled the Demon Beast, 【He】 had openly declared that I would be his first target, so the ambassadors from the other countries were unexpectedly sympathetic to me. Internally, though, they were just relieved that their countries were safe.

Still, being the ambassador of a small country that didn’t have much military strength, we couldn’t entirely stamp out the feeling of unease, so it seems like I’m going to have to go on a Saint (Idol) tour once again in the meantime.

…… Is it okay if I don’t sing?

What I meant earlier by too peaceful, is that tonight there’s a [Party for the Heroes of the Holy Kingdom], and I’m attending this ball.

“Millaine-sama, you came.”

The ball was organised by the merchant guild in the capital. When Zest-san who became the new Duke Kapell called out to Millaine, who I had forced to attend, a large amount of people congregated around her… made entirely of males, who trembled as she met their gaze.

…What the heck’s with those reactions?

“Yurushia-sama, I am feeling a little warm, so let’s go outside to the terrace.”

“…Eh, Millaine-sama?”

Millaine, who gave the man an elegant smile, left the men surrounding her, and took my hand, heading to the terrace.

Because you’re feeling warm, huh…… Although there isn’t much in the way of temperature differences here between the seasons, is it winter now?

“Millaine…… please don’t use me as your pest repellent.”

When I took off my [Duke’s Daughter] mask out on the terrace, Millaine also reverted from her [Countess Successor] mode and sighed heavily.

“Well… I can’t help it if a [Soul] that’s that thin approaches me.”

Millaine is 18. As the beautiful maiden called the [Silver Princess], she was already remarkably popular. Now that she was tentatively the head of the Count’s house, a large number of marriage proposals from the second and third sons of other aristocrats aiming to become the son-in-law of the house came fluttering in.

Millaine used to lavish smiles upon everyone regardless of gender previously, but after I taught her how to distinguish what kind of person would have tasty blood, she’s totally become an [Gourmet].

“Oh, that reminds me, I have the prototype, Millaine, would you like to try it?”


When I brought out the octopus tentacles that I’ve secretly brought, Millaine received it with a sullen face.

“……These things that come from the basement of my home…… they’re annoyingly good. ”

“It’s not merely good. It’s delicious, no?”

“But, my hands still stink of the ocean after handling these……”

Only the two of them were on the terrace at this party…… seeing the [Golden Princess] and the [Silver Princess] talking, many eyes watched them intently.

In the midst of this, the dried octopus that was seasoned with souls for the consumption of the Demons that lived in the Holy Kingdom was being concealed by the Demon and Vampire aristocrat with a fan. …… Yup, nothing to say about that.

A portion of the 【Octopi】 were being sold by the Carpe company, but it wasn’t popular with human beings… even though it’s so delicious.

“When you look for a groom, will you be searching for a noble with a rich soul, to be able to make him a vampire?”

“Not yet. I’m not that desperate in terms of age yet.”

For a noble lady, it was best if they married by the age of 20.

“Come to think of it, when does a vampire reach adulthood…? I mean, aren’t you actually dressing younger than you are? Millaine, aren’t you actually over 200 years old?”

“…Yurushia-sama, please don’t make people sound like they’re grannies. There’s no reason that Vampires should age, you know? I haven’t changed a bit since I became a vampire in my late teens.”

“Really? I thought that you grew a little since we first met……”

“It’s because I tampered with my own bones and muscles, not because I was forcibly changed. Well, it’s best to be between one’s teens and twenties…Are Demons different?”

“But I’m growing naturally, though.”

“…That’s… not entirely normal.”

When I replied readily, Millaine had an amazed face as she muttered under her breath ‘Yurushia-sama is really irresponsible…’ Hey, that’s rude in various ways.

I think that my core is that of a [Demon], but since I have a human’s mind and body as well, I don’t know how it’s been affected.

I’m growing normally, but I wonder if I’ll grow old? If so, there won’t be a problem for me to live as a human being, but that hope is slim at best…

Perhaps, if my body is just trying to remain in its [Optimal] state, I may not even have a fixed lifespan.

“……Hey, Millaine, what do you think of those two?”

In my line of sight, were two boys that were surrounded by noble ladies and young knights in this extravagant hall.

Rick and Noel. Aged 13 and 12. They’re on the cusp of growing into adults.

While I came to this ball being escorted by the two of them, since so many people wanted to talk to the Holy Paladin and Hero, we’ve been separated.

Even then, only the religion-related people are talking to me…

“Well~… 50 points?”

“Eh…? What’s with the scoring system? Rather, why that amount of points?”

If she says it’s because of their looks, I’m going to fill Millaine’s house with seaweed.

“Although they seem to have tasty souls, it’s a pity that their combat power seems to be low, since they’re young.”

“I-I see…”

It was a surprisingly serious assessment. I was surprised.

I hadn’t meant to hear her evaluation of their fighting power… Well, I guess it’s a mistake to ask a [Non-human] for their assessment of a human.

I have few people I call friends.

For human friends I guess it’s Shelly and Betty, then Noel and Rick.

The two girls seem to accept [Me] as I am more or less, but what about Rick and Noel?

Especially Noel, who is now the [Hero of the Holy Kingdom]-sama, what will he do if he ever discovers that I’m not human?

…Even if I’m worrying about it now, it can’t be helped.

Now, what I have to worry more about is 【Him】.

Even with 【His】 disposition, I don’t think that I’ll be having a rematch with him before he 【Manifests】 a body.

I’m sure 【He’s】 saving up power now.

And by the time we have a rematch, I have to decide “Where we stand.”

Until then……

“Millaine, are you going out to play soon?”

As I asked her with a Demon’s smile on my face, Millaine had an astonished face and her eyes brightened.

“……That is, the Daemon King’s army?”

“You’re tired of the underworld of the Holy Kingdom, no? It’s too peaceful for a state at war. Perhaps the backers of the underworld are with the Daemon King’s army, so why don’t you go and play with them?”

As I said so, Millaine smiled wryly and leaked out a small sigh.

“Finally, I’m not working behind the scenes.”

“Go out to play, go play. Seriously, I don’t really understand that Daemon King. To give such a grand declaration of war like it was nothing, I don’t get it at all.”



Millaine suddenly leaked a voice of understanding, even as she stared into the distance.

…… What’s that? Did you figure something out?

Anyways, it’s really peaceful……

I had asked my attendants to go and [Keep an Eye] on the Daemon army… you guys, you’re clearly doing something on your own, aren’t you…?


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