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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 48: Volume 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 18: Setting: 『Yurushia’s Secret』 , Bonus Chapter

The Secret of Yurushia-chan (At the end of the third book)

Name: Demon name Yurushia

Human Name: Yurushia-La-Verusenia

Species: Demon Beast 【Golden Beast】

Age: Human Age 10

Mental Age: Teenager

Human mode appearance:

Height 152 cm Weight ????

Fair skin. Hair is shiny and golden, rather than blonde, and is straight, extending to below the chest level. Past a certain point, the hair ends curl upwards and become rounded.

Her eyes are pinkish with a slight tinge of gold, and with slightly droopy eyes.

Of the things that make up a living being: blood vessels, skeletal structure, muscles, living habits, fatigue, health condition, temperature, humidity, all do not show on her, a living being without 【Flaws】.

She has few pores and sweat glands, causing her to be lacking a human air.

Demon Beast (cat) mode appearance:

Length: approximately 60 cm. A Golden cat that resembles a Russian Blue.

Coming out of her golden fur is a pair of golden bat wings, a single wing being more than 5 metres long.

Ruby eyed, with crimson red crystalline fangs and teeth.

Status (parenthesis denote ability values when using demonic power).

Supplement: the average human being has around 10. A Hero is around 100 ~ 300.

Endurance : 5 (3600)

Physical Strength : 3 (312)

Defense : 2 (265)

Speed : 7 ( 24000)

Magic : 80000 (530,000)


Note: Level 1 is a beginner, level 5 a master, and level 10 is god-tier.

Awkward 【Level 3】 (Carried over from Previous Life)

Laid Back 【Level 5】 (Carried over from Previous life)

Intimidate 【Level 7】

Holy Magic 【Level 8】

Summoning Magic 【Level 6】

Spiritual Magic 【Level 5】

Nobility 【Level 3】

Mental Resistance 【Mental Attacks Nullified】

Abnormal Status Resistance 【Level 6】 (Only in Demon Form)

Love Resistance 【Level 2】 (Junior High school student average) (Carried over from past life)

Villainous Lady 【Level 1】

Automatic Effect 【Level 1】


【Laid Back】

When in the conscious range of the person with the skill, atmosphere becomes 『laid-back』.

【Automatic Effect (passive skill)】

The appearance of the golden fur always seems fluffy and shiny. 【Stealth – 1】


【Demon God (The Devil)】 【Creator of Demons】 【Holy Mother of the Demon World】 【Gourmand】 【Otherworld Transmigrator】

【Daughter of a Ducal House】 【Princess of the Holy Kingdom】 【Saint of the Holy Kingdom】 (NEW)


The title of 【Demon Beast (small)】 acquired in the Demon World, has been combined with 【Demon God (The Devil)】 through the acquisition of a human body.

The title of 【Saint of the People】 has been integrated into 【Saint of the Holy Kingdom】.


Although the elaborate 【Human form】is cold like a doll, causing humans to feel an instinctive 【Fear】, thanks to the human-ness granted by her plebeian thinking, its effect has been neutralised subtly.

Because in the【World】 of her mind she’s automatically rebutting other people, she seems taciturn, so to people around her she looks like a 【Sheltered Princess】.

The longer one associates with Yurushia the higher the level of 【Mental Resistance】will rise.

Author’s Notes:

I wanted to try writing a status page once, since it’s fashionable……


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