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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 45: Volume 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 15: Dark Beast


After being momentarily dumbfounded, but the attendants came to their senses, dragging their wounded bodies over to Yurushia’s fallen form.


“Wait, has she really returned…?”


As Noa’s spoke, Nia, who had repeatedly taken on attacks, quickly stopped her movement.

In her hand was the sword that had been shattered by 【Golden Beast】 leaving only the handle, and Nia wasn’t sure how many more serious attacks she could take.

“……It’s fine.”

While regenerating her left arm and restoring her maid outfit from her hair, Tina calmly smiled at the twin Demons.

“And why is that…?”

Noa wanted to rush up to Yurushia immediately. However, at the same time, since he had taken up the role of administering the servants from her, their Mistress, he was responsible for organising everyone so that they could get their Mistress back.

At Noa’s question, Tina puffed up her chest with a *fufun*.

“Regarding Yurushia-sama, everything from her preferred food to her health and even the growth of her chest measurements have been perfectly grasped with these eyes and this nose… I would understand more if I could lick her, but even without I am sure that she has completely returned.”

As Tina said this in a matter-of-fact manner with a self-satisfied look, Noa and Nia’s wore delicate expressions.

Even though they were Demons, they drew back slightly.

“……is that so.”

First of all, he didn’t need to understand that. There shouldn’t be a problem if it’s the pervert’s (Tina’s) words.

“Yurushia-sama, is merely sleeping.”

When the three looked back towards the voice, Fannie was already kneeling down next to Yurushia with without her guard up, smiling in satisfaction while listening to her making sleeping noises.

The ancient castle on the shores of the lake had mostly collapsed, and the light from the sun poured through the holes.

“Tina. Can you make Yurushia-sama some clothing?”

Although she was sleeping, it just wouldn’t do to leave their Mistress naked outdoors. The dress that Yurushia had been wearing was buried under the rubble, so even if they could find it, it wouldn’t do to put it on.

“Well, of course I can do it.”

As Nia covered Yurushia with her cloak, Tina, who was looking at Yurushia’s bare skin and feet with desire, replied to Noa a little too fast.

“Ah~, I can help~”

“…Well then, please do so then Fannie.”

Tina and Fannie knelt down next to their sleeping Mistress, and poured magic power into their hair, stitching Yurushia’s new dress onto her.

Noa, as a [Male-type], wasn’t allowed to go near their Mistress while her skin was still exposed. As Nia, who wasn’t allowed to help make the dress because of her clumsiness, watched on enviously, she suddenly raised a question.

“Why is the dress black even though Tina’s hair is golden?”

“……I don’t know.”

She had the thought that she was [Black-hearted], but was kind enough not to mention it outloud.

“How strange.”

As Fannie muttered so, a part of her hair was made into beautiful silver threads, and a few minutes passed while it decorated the black dress, after which the dress was finished.


When I woke up, all I saw was the sprawling blue sky and the happy faces of my attendants.


“Mistress, are you alright?”

“…… I, why was I asleep…?”

The attendants told me about the events that happened after I lost consciousness.

I didn’t think that the poison would work so well on my human half, but there was no way that I should have returned to my Demon form (cat) just because of that…

I think I was able to revert back because I poured out all the magic of my human half to save everyone from the poison, so that’s why I transformed completely into a Demon.

“By the way, what happened to the rest of the humans?”

“Yes, Roderick-sama, Noel-sama, and your sisters are all sleeping by the lake away from the castle. Vio and the maids, along with your knight-samas were all drugged and sleeping but we woke them after moving everyone there. Ater explaining the circumstances, we requested for Vio to help detoxify the Highnessess.”

“I see… Ah? What about the Hero?”

I had completely forgotten, but since I suddenly remembered, I asked.

“Just in case, we moved them along with the rest…… Is that bad?”

“No… ah, well.”

As Nia reported what happened while I was out, as I answered properly, I looked over at the destroyed castle.

Maybe those people died just for getting involved. I don’t feel sad about it, though.

I wonder if Vio is worried… I don’t know the details of what happened, so I shouldn’t stay around here now, since the rest of them are working so hard.

Before I knew it, my clothes had changed to a black and silver dress. They’re so comfortable that it’s scary.

“Still, even though I ate Duke Kapell’s soul, I don’t remember its taste…”

What a waste. It was in a great state, matured and ripe.

As I muttered, Noa grinned with a Demonic smile.

“There’s no problem. When Nia took Yurushia-sama’s attack, although it didn’t take in everything, a part of the magic power and the soul was recovered. I will be using Duke Kapell’s soul for tonight’s dinner.”


As expected of Noa. Such meticulous work. But……

“Nia, let me see your sword.”


Since they said that Nia had stopped it, she probably took the attack from the Demon (cat) with her sword. Did she think that I would get mad at her because the sword got broken? …… Even though I’m such a gentle Master.

“Noa. Please repair the sword with my magic power and Kapell’s soul.”

“……Is that really alright?”


Even I have things that I consider more important than my own appetite.

“It is repaired.”

“So fast.”

He’s fast as always. I didn’t manage to see him repair it this time either.

Although, the Demon’s sword now…… what the heck’s this? Even though the sword was previously pitch-black, now it’s shiny gold and leaves sparkly gold particles behind with every swing.

…… How flashy.

“Nia…… here you are”

“Wow… thank you, thank you! Yurushia-sama~”

I think that it’s too flashy, but Nia seemed very pleased.

Nia held the sword in front of her and gave a test swing towards the rubble of the castle,



As Nia continued to swing the Demon Blade,

“[Nya]” “[Nya]” “[Nya]”

With every swing a [Sound Effect] was made, as the stone rubble split like pudding.

” ” ” “………” ” ” ”

Why did it turn out like this…?

Is it my fault? Is it because of my magic power? Also, am I imagining it, but is that my [Voice]?

“A~ma~zing, Yurushia-sama, this, this is amazingly wonderful~”

“Nonononononono, hold on”

I put a stop to Nia’s happy fantasizing.

“I will try to fix it, so hand it back to me for a bit. …’kay?”


Nia hugged her Demon Blade and refused, shaking her head with tears in her eyes. …Ku. Is she pleased to be disobeying me……?

After that, I made a new Demon sword by using a sword I found in the castle and infusing it with my magic power along with Holy Magic to form an ordinary [Golden Demon Blade], but Nia never exchanged the original for it…… My sense of shame is being put to the test.

“Yurushia-sama… something’s coming.”


Fannie gave a sketchy warning with a laid-back tone.

I understood that her words were a [Warning] because as she said it, her face changed into her Harlequin mask.

Fannie’s perception is the best among us. Incidentally, mine is almost nonexistent… Since she didn’t delay at all in assuming a battle form, the other attendants instantly transformed back into the Demon forms.

Incubus. Succubus. Gorgon. Nightmare.

Those were the horrifically chuunibyou [Settings] that I had made, but was quite the spectacle when they were lined up seriously like this.

But… these children, why were their bodies also growing like mine? I wonder if they were in sync with me.


I finally felt [Something]. ……No, it’s clearly not just [Something]. Violent and rough, it’s the presence of a [Big Shot]………


A tempest blew, and the lake waters roiled as the roar of a huge beast echoed.

“[I’ve finally found you! Golden beast!!!!]”

As expected, it was 【Him】……… My benefactor from the demon world and owner.

Demon Beast… 【Dark Beast】.

“H-hiya~ Long time no see~”

As always, 【He】 doesn’t have a single shred of shame, while I spoke in a light tone, waving my hands in a cold sweat.

When I looked, the attendants that were supposed to be next to me were already a few steps behind me. …You guys… I’ll remember this later.

“[……Golden Beast…? Why are you in the form of a human…?]”

When 【He】just so much as glanced at me, 【He】 let out an overwhelmingly powerful [Intimidation].

“…… Please stop calling me by my species name. I am ‘Yurushia.’”

I countered 【His】 intimidation with an [Intimidation] of my own while smiling.

“[What…… you are a Demon, so why would you have a [Name] like a human being…]”

There’s no point being surprised. Although I didn’t understand it at first, giving a [Name] to a powerful Demon imposes a [Burden] to their very [Existence].

In order to endure it, a strong magic power was necessary, Mother-sama was only fine after naming me because she was a mage and also because I was about as strong as a baby at the time.

“[……For the time being, that’s fine.]”

【He】 suddenly said in a gentle voice as 【He】descended in front of me.



and just as suddenly, 【He】 bit my shoulder. …… it hurt a little but not as much as I thought it would.


I’d missed this gentle play-biting that 【He】did, and I also reached out my hands to 【Him】 and threaded my hands into his chest and *mofumofu*’d. …… I wanted to *mofu* him with my face, but I endured it.

As I closed my eyes slightly in bliss, 【He】licked my neck with his rough tongue.

“Oy, don’t get carried away~”


How nostalgic…… When I was in the Demon Realm, we often did this together.

“[……Why did you leave the Demon Realm?]”

【He】 growled out as his presence strengthened.

“…I wanted to see the world of light.”

I didn’t want to deceive him, so I honestly answered, but 【He】 bit down on my shoulder with a little more force.

“[Is it because you wanted to have the appearance of a human…?]”

“Well…… that’s just the result of coincidence, but I do like it now…… uhm… How did you get into this physical world…?”

I changed the topic because 【He】 kept biting me with more and more force and it started getting painful.

“[I felt your magic power……]”

“Wa-wait… that hurts!”

Although I was shielding myself with magic power, 【His】 huge fangs slowly bit into me.

“…L-let me go…”

“[It’s useless. You will return to the Demon Realm. …I will destroy this human body.]”

…Eh? 【He】 said something unexpected as his teeth bit further into me.

【He’s】 serious……

“……[Let there be Light]!”

I released my magic power, and struck 【Him】 on the face with my strongest [Holy Light].

“[Guooo…… the Holy Light… Are you, going to resist me…?]”

As 【He】 growled out while narrowing his eyes against the radiance, I let out my [Intimidation].

The Demon [Intimidation], the [Presence] that I’m releasing my Demon half’s magic power. For an ordinary creature of this world, it seems that they would be destroyed just by receiving 【His】 [Intimidation], but for the current [Me], it’s not too difficult to stand.

“……I’m sorry. I can’t indulge your selfishness to that extent.”

I spread out my bat wings and took some distance from 【Him】. Although I will return to the Demon World someday, today is not that day.

Although I told 【Him】 that 【He】 was being [Selfish], my desire to live in the human world is my own selfishness.

What a reason for [Demons] to fight one another……

Therefore, I am going at it [Seriously]. So that 【He】will understand my [Feelings].

“[Piercing Light]”

Combining Holy Magic and Demon magic through the Spirit Language, an enormous [Spear of Light] was created.

“[Sparkling Sacred Spear]!”

As I uttered the last word, the spear of light morphed into a [Golden Spear]and threw itself towards 【Him】.

The golden spear tore through the sky,


In the instant 【He】 roared, a huge dark tornado was born, as it clashed with the golden spear it annihilated the remains of the ruined castle.

[Impossible…… The power of a 【Devil】!?]

Some words I don’t recognize came out…【Devil】? I just combined the suitable Demon’s magic with the knowledge from the world of light, it’s nothing special.

As 【He】 dashed up towards me like lightning, I put my entire magic power into my body.

“[Demon Beast (cat)] mode”

As I [Manifested] my entire Demon form, I turned into the Demon Beast (cat) and avoided 【His】 fierce attack.

“[You could return to that form……]”

I thought about removing the black and silver dress that I had been wearing, but it turned into a ribbon of the same colour around my cat neck.

I had been scared of fully transforming up until now. However, if I could transform back from human properly, the Demon Beast (cat) mode really was useful for fighting physical battles.

“[If you already have your Demon Beast (form), then stop being unreasonable and come back with me!]”


Flying away from the ruined castle, 【He】 and I engaged in a high-speed aerial battle. Well, because there’s a difference in size, it’s practically a one-sided chase…

In the Demon World, 【His】 speed was equal to mine, but in the air, I could freely move with my wings.



Roaring at each other, the golden storm met the black tempest and rose upwards.

From a third party’s perspective, it looked like a good match. Still, as expected, his power was ridiculously high if 【He】 hit directly.

A part of the forest was destroyed due to 【His】 attacks and was turned into a corrupted sea. It’ll be a pain if I don’t 【Purify】 it later…

Still, 【He】 isn’t being fully serious yet. 【He’s】 unconsciously suppressing his power so that 【He】 won’t destroy me.

I will make use of him spoiling me……

“[Piercing Light]”

I returned to [Human] mode in the sky, and drew back a bow and arrow made of light.

“[Radiant Bow]!”

It’s easier to use magic in my human mode. Or perhaps I should say, I can’t use Holy Magic well in my Demon Beast (cat) mode.

I struck [Him] with over a hundred [Golden Arrows] from all directions.


【His】 roar called out [Black Lightning] that intercepted the arrows.

Each arrow was only one hundredth of the power of the golden spear, but it seems that 【He】 didn’t intend to receive a Devil’s power directly.

Because of that, his consciousness was too spread out.


With that off-color slashing sound, Nia slashed at 【His】 back with full power.

[Gu…… you…]

“It’s been a long time.”

The moment Nia took 【His】 attention, Tina’s voice came from behind him, and she entangled 【Him】 with countless golden snakes.

“[You dare defy me! This level of binding…]”

It’s certainly true that Tina could only hold 【Him】 for a short while. But it’s enough. In the small time that Nia and Tina earned, I took in the power that Noa [Unleashed], and cast my magic.

“[Shining Sacred Spear]!”

Over the full-powered [Golden Spear] that I shot out, Fannie generated hundreds of illusions of spears that all shot towards 【Him】.


Unable to discern the illusions, 【He】 received a direct hit and fell to the ground.

…… Did I overdo it? Although I thought that, 【He】 had fallen onto the castle ruins right side up, and although 【He】 had taken damage, 【He】 was still glaring at me.

We descended next to 【Him】, and I confronted 【Him】 in my human form.

“… You, it seems that you didn’t 【Manifest】 fully……”


Because 【He】 had forced himself through the summoning formation and into the Demon World forcibly without either sacrifices or a vessel, 【He】 had not managed to fully 【Manifest】 into the material world.

“I’m truly sorry…… In your current state of 【Manifestation】 you would be hard pressed to beat those of us who have [Names].”

That being said, as expected, 【His】 power is outstanding.

I would like him to return peacefully, but rather contrarily, because 【He】 doesn’t have a body here, a Demon that’s essentially a spirit-like lifeform won’t return unless his spirit is broken.

If we (the pets) beat him and 【He】 still didn’t lose his spirit, then what would we do, I wonder……



And at that time, I suddenly heard voices calling for me from far away.

Oh, my~…… They’ve come back at a terrible time.

Author’s Notes: Until now it’s all been stomps, so this is the first actual fight.

I await your impressions.

10/2 I reworked it a little.


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