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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 43: Volume 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 13: Unleashed, Part 1

“Now, please, come take a seat.”

The dining hall that we were led to was way too strange.

In the middle of the wider corner of the castle, there were luxurious large tables and chairs that looked like they were brought from somewhere, while carpets were laid out as if trying to hide something on the floor.

……Were you guys unable to keep up the appearances a little more?

“Wouldn’t you say this dining room is a little big?”

“Well, no… because of the constraints, this was prepared in a hurry.”


I think if I tease him any more, Duke Kapell’s self-respect will tear itself to rags.


The two of them were glaring at me from both sides silently. … it seems that one side was unable to calm down, given that my elder sister-samas who were also Duke Verusenia’s daughters were here.

Well, although I’m a self-indulgent person, since I’m the younger sister, surely it’s alright to call out to my elder sisters.

“Elder Sister Athena, if you keep wrinkling your brows like that, your cute face will be ruined.”

“……Yurushia. What kind of joke are you trying to make by calling me [Sister]…?”

“It’s only a formality, so don’t mind it. Oh yeah, I heard you became part of the hero’s party…?”

“Well… Al-sama is strong and his knowledge is splendid. It’s far removed from someone who’s the [Princess] of a country where old-fashioned traditions are in charge.”

“Ara, ara, ufufu. That is good. Because it would be troublesome for the family which Elder Sister marries into to look after her, it would be great if he could look after you properly and train you.”

My words cause Elder Sister’s face to change colour.

The Hero that Elder Sister was after tried to kiss my hand twice and was interrupted both times.

“…Even if it’s you, I won’t allow you to besmirch Al-sama……”

“Ooh, scary.”

I couldn’t hold in my joy, and when I involuntarily broke out into a full laughter at them, my Elder Sister-sama physically took a step back.


Rick tapped my shoulder with a *pon* and looked at me with a shocked face.

Glancing back, I could see that Noel also had a troubled and bitter smile. I wonder if my enjoyment went just a little over the limit?

“It’s been a long time, Athena.”


The two of them exchanged greetings and then settled back into silence with strained faces.

Was Rick the person that Elder Sister Athena used to be betrothed to? Well, for now I’ll leave Athena-onee-sama to Rick for a bit.



What is with that reply……… I haven’t said much so far, so why are you so afraid?

“…Y-Yu-Yurushia…… I have nothing to say to you.”

“Now, now, don’t say such a thing. Won’t you listen to your cute little sister’s request?”


If you keep making such a frightened face, my Demon blood will be roused and I’ll need to hold it back……

“What was it between the two of you?”

As I dragged her closer and whispered that to her, Ophelia-onee-sama gave a small nod with teary eyes.

“W-we……… played together with Roderick-sama when we were little kids…”


A childhood friend, huh…? So for your engagement to be annulled, what exactly did you do, Onee-samas……

Thing is, Ophelia-onee-sama seems like she’s regressing into an infant.

“W-well, let’s eat!”

Duke Kapell, who couldn’t bear the atmosphere, said so loudly.

That’s right. It’s time for the main dish.

What a scene……

Duke Kapell was talking to himself in a nervous sweat, Rick was there silently eating while Noel, who wasn’t used to this atmosphere, was warily surveying his surroundings with a nervous face. Athena-onee-sama was ignoring everyone else as if they weren’t there, while Ophelia-onee-sama just sat, unable to even speak with a cramped face, and my attendants and I were eating without even hiding the displeased expressions on our faces.

Incidentally, despite saying that it’s only for young people… are Duke Kapell, Callisto and that unknown old guy just waiting for a tsukkomi for being present?

“Who is that person?”

Ah, Rick seems to have gotten to the tsukkomi first.

“How rude of me… This is Kord-dono that I’ve invited from Terutedo for guidance in summoning magic.”

At Duke Kapell’s introductions, the man built like a rock rose smoothly and nodded.

“I am Kord. I have heard of your name. Because I’m a boorish person who only engages in research, I hope you’ll forgive my rudeness…”

He says he’s a researcher, but he looks more like a warrior………

“Do all the men of Terutedo forge their bodies like Kord-sama?”

When I let out my side comment, Kord lost his breath for a moment, and then answered without looking at me.

“…In a warrior country, if one is not strong, one will be treated with contempt.”

The common names for the nations, or should I say, their nicknames, like [Holy Kingdom], [Agricultural Country], or [Warrior Country], weren’t officially their names, but rather labels so that others could understand what they did.

For example, this country’s [Holy Kingdom] title is commonly used in diplomacy because its official name is rather hard on the ears, while Shiguresu’s [Agricultural Country] was rude to use in official settings.

Despite being called a [Warrior Country] Terutedo isn’t actually fond of war, but they’re a people that loves to train their bodies and collect weapons, and are mostly harmless except towards those who were [Clear Enemies] like the Daemons and Demons, a self-proclaimed [Warrior Country].

For better or for worse, the people of Terutedo are lovable [Muscle Heads].

“So Kord-sama is a rare type in Terutedo……?”

“Well… you could say that”

There are serious researchers in the muscle-brained country called Terutedo, but those people were mostly those with weak bodies or who were women.

Those people are mostly doing their very best to make [The Strongest Weapon Imaginable], so besides Kord, while they all trained in fighting with weapons, there are almost no people studying summoning magic.

“Oh, right, Kord-dono gave me a rare fruit liquor from Terutedo. Let’s serve it immediately.”

Somehow sensing the delicate air between Kord and I, Duke Kapell panicked and ordered the serving of the wine.

Quickly, as if they had had it already prepared in the next room, a slightly cold and orange fruit liquor was poured into all the glasses.

Although the official age for drinking alcohol was 15 years old, generally people would gradually start to develop a taste for it from the age of 10. From the age of 15 it becomes alright to sit in a bar and drink as much as you want.

Although Betty did recommend that I drink, I never thought that it could be delicious since I couldn’t get drunk.

“What’s this…?”

“Lucia… what’s the matter?”

“Well, It was just a little delicious…”

It really was a little delicious. Although originally it was supposed to be a famous and precious sake, but as Rick, Noel and I were drinking it deliciously and having a conversation……


If I looked closely, I could see a [Cloudiness] in the clear orange liquid that was invisible to [Human Beings].

This is, magical power……


Rick and Noel… and my Older Sister-samas all lost consciousness abruptly and collapsed.


I failed. No, I was careless. Poison doesn’t work on Demons, so I didn’t even try to guard against it.

“[Let there be…”

AsI tried to cast the Holy Magic【Detoxification】, I was assailed by a sudden weakness, and slid down when I tried to stand up from the chair I was on.



My attendants came rushing over at the state of affairs… Did the poison not work on those children?

“As expected of the one called a [Saint], Princess Yurushia. You’re still conscious……”

Said Duke Kapell, with a voice that seemed like it was going to burst into laughter at any moment.

“What about these brats? Did they not drink the wine?”

Kord said crudely, standing next to Duke Kapell.

My consciousness seems to be breaking off…… But that was foolish. My attendants’ anger was boiling over, and they were about to go berserk. If my attendants went into a rampage in this situation, Rick and Noel will die.

“……[Let there be Light]!”

I mustered my will and shouted out the Holy magic’s incantation.

Even if the poison’s effect causes me to be unable to control my raging magical power well, it should have at least neutralised the poison in Rick a little.

“…You all, carry Rick outside of the castle…… and then Vio…”

“B-, but Yurushia-sama…”

“Hurry up and do it!”

Under the light of the Holy Magic, my attendants reluctantly followed my instructions to them, and teleported out with Rick.

Although it normally isn’t an issue for me to teleport with them as well, if I teleport out with my magical power in this state, I don’t know what kind of accident might happen.

As the dazzling light faded, I could see that Duke Kapell had a panicked expression on his face, while Kord wielded a huge sword, grimacing as he looked down on me.

“Despite being in that state, to think that you could still cast magic……”

“What happened, where is Roderick!? Did those servants evacuate him!?”

Bellowed Duke Kapell at his men, but the guards in front of the door could only shake their heads, their faces blue.

“Kapell, those brats are inconsequential. With just the little lady alone, we should be able to get enough magical power.”

“B-,but… With the witnesses alive…”

“Cut the waffling and resolve yourself.”

“I… I understand.”

“Du-Duke Kapell-sama…… what is the meaning of this…”

Callisto, who had been dazed until then drew close at that point, sweating profusely, while Duke Kapell, on the contrary, turned to Callisto with an arrogant look.

“Watch quietly as our 【God】 is summoned.”

“S-so, is that how it is…”

Staring with contemptuous eyes, Kord came to me, who hadn’t lost consciousness yet and kneeled.

“Rejoice. Your magic will realise the grand wish of our [King].”

Kord’s face radiated a sense of accomplishment… and then as thinking of what would come next, joy.

It seems that the poison was effective on the part of me that was [Human]… Normal poison wouldn’t work, so what kind of creature could produce this kind of poison……


As I lost control over my mouth, the smile on Kord’s face disappeared as I leaked out the last word.

“……I see. It will be dangerous if you’re left alive.”

As I muttered, Kord started up the magic formation under the carpet and began to cast at the same time.

So as I expected, it was a Daemon, huh…… It was too suspicious in various ways.

“[Magic Power Transfer]…!”

As Kord’s incantation completed, my rampaging magical power was absorbed by the formation.

“What…… is this amount of magical power… Is this girl even human…”

Nope, I’m a Demon…… But this might be bad. My rampaging magical power has disappeared and the strain on my body has eased, but my consciousness is still cut off.

Without my magic power and my consciousness, it’s impossible to resist……

So sleepy…… can’t … I shou………



Kord who was the Daemon King’s confidant and general had received a secret mission from the Daemon King, and so had been collecting magical power from the various human nations.

As a warrior that battled humans on the front lines, he wanted to cross swords with the [Hero] that would appear.

But he respected and loved the Daemon King and he knew that there would be no future for Daemons even if they won over the humans. While Kord didn’t understand the theory, he knew they were attempting to call out something 【Massive】.

The three types of Demons of the 【Ruling Class (Master Class)】 that would appear after a long time of being a 【Greater Demon (Arch Demon)】.

【Demon Lord】

【Demon Beast】

【The Devil】

If it was let out not under control, the Daemon Race would perish. But without that much power, it would be impossible to force the Daemon race to obey and manage them.

As for the Daemon King, if a single one of the human nations knew of their [Plan] to summon one of those three 【Pillars】, all of the nations would band together to thoroughly destroy the Daemon race.

Things had to be done carefully.

Kord wanted to fight, but of those whom Daemon King trusted, only he was able to work in human society without being uncovered.

And, despite encountering the man that human society called the [Hero], he could only feel power from him that equaled a Daemon 【Dark Knight】, so he became disillusioned with human beings.

Agitating the priests and fanatics of the church, and collecting their magic power with sweet words, sending the magic power to the Daemons’ territory.

Forced to make round-trips between the Daemons’ territory and human society, Kord who was tired and frustrated plotted to make use of the [Saint] after hearing Duke Kapell talk about her.

There was a legend among the Daemons of an existence that led the [Hero] to victory with its mighty magic power and merciful heart.

As long as the Saint was next to him, the hero would be nigh-invulnerable.

The girl was still young, but if she was the [Genuine Article], then not only would there be enough magic power, but there might be the benefit of removing this troubling existence called a [Saint].

He did not think that the Saint would be such a beautiful girl.

With that youth, that beauty, and after witnessing her continue to use magic after drinking the medicine that was created to deprive the Hero of his strength, Kord was well and truly convinced that she was the [Genuine Article].

Kord had thought of offering her up to the Daemon king, but judged that she would be a danger to them since she managed to see through Kord as a Daemon.

After absorbing her enormous magical power, she fell unconscious and lay there on the cold floor.

Kord who stepped forward to end her life without increasing her suffering was suddenly beset by an unspeakable chill.

The beautiful golden hair of the fallen girl swelled, …… and *fuuuhn*, the girl disappeared, leaving only her dress.

What happened? Where is the girl…?


A small golden lump jumped out of the shadow of the dress and bit deeply into Kord’s side.

Reflexively falling to one knee, Kord saw something even as his face warped in pain, it was a small [Golden Cat].

It wasn’t just a cat. It couldn’t be just a cat.

With fiendish red eyes that were devoid of reason. Crimson fangs and nails that dripped blood.

It was throwing out a violent, ominous presence. A human servant who wandered closer by accident was instantly decomposed from coming into contact with that miasma, rotting until his putrid flesh collapsed onto the ground.

“………【Demon Beast】……?”

That day…… the restraints of the 【Human Heart】 and 【Human Body】 were released,

And the upper-class Demon 【Golden Beast】, was unleashed upon the Holy Kingdom.



Author’s Notes:

Because I’ve received a number of questions, I’ll supplement it a bit.

There are many other religions in this world other than the Kostoru religion, such as the god of fire, the god of trade, and the god of knowledge, but I’ve divided them into [Sects].

Most of the religions were treated the same, which includes the hundreds of emerging religions.

Magic and sorcery differ in that [Magic] is mostly intuition, whilst the stuff that’s studied and researched is called [Sorcery], but the boundary is ambiguous and mostly it’s the professors in the schools that care about the divide.

Normal people also can’t tell the difference between magic and sorcery. The students of the academy also call it only by feeling.

To be exact, summoning is [Sorcery], but other subjects are called [Magic] so it’s also named accordingly.

Sorry about the carefree world setting. I too sometimes get overwhelmed, so forgive me.


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