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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 41: Volume 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 11: I turned Nine Years Old , Part 2

There was a clatter.

“ “ “………” ” ”

How did this happen?

I am currently in a carriage headed towards the Colts territory.

As I headed towards the Colts territory at the request of Duke Kaperu and the Archbishop, I was surrounded by my attendants and guards.

As always, I was with Bree-chan’s 15 female knight corps members, my four attendants, 10 house maids that Mother-sama arranged, including Vio, 8 of Rick’s royal maids, 18 of the elite royal guards that, including the Holy Knights, numbered 18, three civil officials, and finally, 20 mercenaries from the company Father-sama arranged for. Because Rickif part of the royal family, there’s this size of a retinue even for moving inside of the country.

And that Ba- Bar…… something or another, was actually Bear-san.

It was Bear-san that Father-sama had forced the rank of [Viscount] upon unreasonably with his status, but while putting on a troubled face that said “It can’t be helped”, Bear-san cheerfully took up being my guard.

At some point, it seems that Bear-san, who is single, adopted Noel-kun as his son.

How nice of Bear-san. I wonder if I can talk carefreely with Noel now? When I gave him the wakame seaweed as a reward, I suffered from the gurgling noises they made through the night after drinking.

And thus the tragedy repeats itself……

Normally, while travelling in a carriage that held ten people, I would be riding with my attendants, but because this time round there’s an issue with my [Dignity], the attendants were placed in other carriages while only Vio sat anxiously across from me.

I’m jealous of them.

“ “ “………” ” ”

The silence is heavy………

There were two boys sitting next to me. Rick on my right. Noel on my left.

The two of them were silent, with Rick gripping my right arm, and Noel holding my left hand.

How did this happen…?


I sent a look to appeal to Vio, but for some reason Vio was troubled and turned eyes that were filled with encouragement towards me, nodding many times as if saying [I know].

That’s not it… That’s really not it. Really, save me from this situation by any means.

Things were normal until Bear-san who’s now a Viscount introduced Noel to Rick.

Because Rick was 12 years old and Noel was 11 years old, they could be friends… or so I thought.

Now then, the flashback scene.

“Nice to meet you, Your Highness Roderick. I’m Noel.”

“Is that so? I know of Barnabas’ great fame. I was told that the Viscount’s son had excellent sword skills that surpassed that of a Holy Knight, are you really strong, Noel?”

“It is because I am undergoing training…… In a mercenary company, we are trained in the heat of battle.”

“I see. Since our ages are close, during this journey, would you mind having a spar with me? I hope you will consider enlightening me in the sword…”

“Is that true? I’ve heard that Your Highness Roderick’s sword technique is as good as that of a knight’s, so I thought I should be the one to ask.”

Then the two of them laughed and shook hands.

Things like the friendship between young boys is healing. Although Bree-chan was holding her nose and crouching down, did something happen to her?

And the maids were chittering noisily like cicadas.

When I peeked my face out to take a look, for some reason the atmosphere had changed.


Noel who leaped out like a faithful dog rapidly grabbed onto my hands.

Since Bear-san got angry before, is it okay to do that now? I wonder if Noel also became a noble, so it’s okay?

“It’s been a while, Noel…… You’ve gotten bigger.”

“Lucy… You’ve become more beautiful.”

Saying such a thing so lightly again…… Noel has also grown to about 160cm tall, and since he was good-looking and cute, the maids made a commotion again.

Unlike what I remembered from the Dream World, boys here praise me without hesitation.


Rick who had been dazed for a moment remembered himself and rudely cut in again, grabbing my arm as usual.

“Let’s go.”

“Where!? Wait, Roderick-onii-sama, it hurts”

When Rick tried to walk out while holding my arm as usual, I got pulled to the other side.

“Your Highness…… Lucy is in pain.”

Noel clasped my left hand firmly, staring at Rick while speaking in a low voice.

“ “………” ”

The two of them stared at each other in silence.

Even though it had been harmonious so far, why did it become this way? … Why, eh, I’m not going to play dumb anymore.

Even though they’re being misled by their feelings of love, Rick is thinking of me as his [Younger Sister] while Noel is longing for me as the [Saint-sama].

As a girl, it feels a little bit disappointing, but favor is favor. It seems that both of them are strongly possessive, though.

The one who truly loved me should let me go…… although that sort of story exists, if I said it here I would surely be given disappointed looks.

The ones that were happiest were the maids and the female knights. Under Bree-chan’s feet, there was a dark red puddle, while Sara-chan was repeatedly chopping at the back of Bree-chan’s head, was she possessed or something?

Flashback end…

Afterwards Bear-san, taking us into consideration, put us three on the same carriage,but that’s no good. Please don’t take their needs into consideration, please pay attention to mine instead.

“ “ “………” ” ”

It’s hopeless, I can’t say anything. I can’t say “Let go of my hand.” Well, I understand that both of them are worried for me, which is why they’re gripping my hands……

But… what are you two worried about?Both of you are acting like children.

Four days have passed on the carriage from the Royal Capital to the Colts territory……

It seems like the atmosphere inside the carriage would be like this until we arrived. At night, the two of them had had their sparring bouts with each other, as promised, but the scene seemed like they were strangely fired up in their practice together.

I didn’t know for sure, since I was sleeping.


Everyone around me had complained about my going to the Colts territory so much that my stomach hurt, but actually arriving was a joy.

The joy from being released from that room was so terrific that even I even happily talked for 30 minutes with Duke Kaperu, who came to sarcastically receive us while wearing a bright smile, I’m sure you can understand.

I decided to attend the evening party on the same day that I arrived.

It’s ostensibly a welcoming party. Because we children had just had a several-day journey to reach this place, normally we would be resting today with the knights and civil officials, but since I was willing to accept the invitation, Duke Kaperu was even more astonished.

Please forgive this weak Demon for being unable to withstand that strained atmosphere.

“ “ “………” ” ”

When I attended the evening ball, many people came to give their greetings, but stuck as I was between Rick who was in an ill mood and Noel who was emitting a bloodthirst, most of them backed away in a hurry.

Even though they’re not holding my hands, the situation didn’t change…… Ah,

“Duke Kaperu.”

As I spotted Duke Kaperu, who was pretending not to notice me, I pushed through the gap between the two boys and approached Duke Kaperu with a wide smile on my face.

“Th-there you are, Miss Yurushia, are you enjoying yourself…?”

“Thank you for holding such a grand evening ball for a child like me.”

At my polite words, Duke Kaperu’s face cramped slightly. Rude.

“……I see. It must have been difficult for Duke Verusenia to send his only daughter here, Miss Yurushia..”

“Well, understandably so. Since it was the King’s order, I can’t really ignore it, please don’t feel down, Duke Kaperu.”

“…I-Is that so, how terrible…… Then, Miss Yurushia, your [Princess] title must weigh heavily on you…”

“I was only four years old when it was decided, but most of the knights approved it, so before I knew anything else, it it had been decided. Did the other ducal houses’ daughters not protest it?”

“That is …… a blood issue… Th-that’s right, doesn’t the [Saint] title weigh heavily on you? I heard that when Miss Yurushia was kidnapped along with many children.”

“Roderick-onii-sama and Noel were among the children who had been kidnapped. If you would like to hear to story, shall I call them over?”

“N-no, that’s alright. So then… are you really capable of using Holy Magic at the level of a [Saint] like they say you can? Naturally, you’re able to use 【Blessing】…?”

“Oh, would you like to see? I’ll do it, okay? I’ll be using the higher-grade 【Feast of Blessings】. Although I think that an 【Archangel of Light】 might appear, I don’t think there’s be as much [Damage] as last time.”

“Eh!? No, please stop, … ex, excuse me, I just remembered I have something urgent to deal with.”

“Is that so…”

For some reason, Duke Kaperu seemed to rapidly distance himself from me after that cute exchange with his cheeky words.

I didn’t think much, and just returned all of it to the sender…… It’s a failure. I wanted to reply more to his muddled sarcasm and to investigate how much his [Soul] had matured for harvesting……

Because I was mentally exhausted, I wanted to ‘use’ Duke Kaperu to refresh myself.

After that, since I made those two worry with my disappearance, I was tightly surrounded once again.

“…[Let there be Light]…”

I cast Holy Magic on the obviously-heavily-injured child that had been carried into the cathedral.

But to be injured so badly that the child’s body is wrapped entirely with bandages… That’s not it. It might be because of some terrible disease, or possibly a [Curse] from being careless.

After all, [Curses] exist in this world.

Although most cases involved 【Demons】, it was also possible to be cursed with normal magic. Most of them come from [Traps]. Treasure chests, tools, and other items that would trigger traps if anyone but the maker used it. They’re particularly troublesome, since they can activate even after the maker has died.

As for this child, I don’t know whether it’s disease or a curse, but 【Healing】 didn’t seem to have any effect, so I used my original magic.

The image I used, was an item that I’d never used before in my games, the 【Last Elixir】.

Because it wasn’t an item that would be depleted after use, it’s something that could be used on a poor commoner could use, but with an effect that powerful.

And in the blink of an eye, the child’s injury scars faded, and not even a single sign of disease remained.

Because I didn’t want it to spread, I also spread the spell to the mother and the surrounding priests. Since this world’s cosmetic surgery is terrible, I’ll restore that, too.

“Thank you very much, oh Saint!”

“Nee-chan, thank you~”

No need, no need, you’re welcome. Although the small boy doesn’t seem to understand it very well, the mother is so happy that she’s shedding tears of joy.

“…Ah, about the offering…”

Ah, right, there was that.

While wiping away her tears, the mother cowered a little, probably thinking that she needed to pay a large tithe.

Even if it is called a place of worship, what we’re doing is the same as a hospital, so even though it’s called an offering the value is fixed.

If it was a fracture, the going rate is around 30% of their monthly salary, but when it comes to the Holy magic that I used, it’s about the same level as the cost of several months’ worth of hospitalisation in an intensive care unit that I remembered from the dream world, so I could only speculate.

“Let’s leave it to the will of God…”

After saying that, one of the middle-aged priests brought over a paper that looked like an invoice.

Glancing at it, the amount written could buy me many sets of dresses.



After quickly poking his forehead in a tsukkomi (read: straight-man comedy act, classic japanese comedy), and sending the middle-aged priest flying several meters, I smiled at the mother and child.

“I am still in training. You don’t need to tithe.”

“B, bb-b-b-b-b-but”

Crap, they got scared. …… that’s okay, though, it’s normal.

“Although this is a church, the magic that I used is a magic of my own making that I created during my training, so to make an offering now would be an insult to God’s will.”

Right? … After I looked around with an [Intimidating] glare at the surrounding church officials, all of them averted their gazes wonderfully. … Wait, please don’t avert your gaze too, mother-san.

“Okaa-san, cake …”

“Wait, wait a moment, please stay quiet for a bit.”

Is the child hungry? They’re looking for sweets in the mother’s bag. That child, doing as they pleased … the child handed me the sweets that they found.

“Onee-chan, here~”

“Oh my, can I have it?”


“Fufufu, I will receive your wonderful [Offering].”

Not to mention, the money can be withdrawn from Duke Kaperu {who has plenty of it}.

As the priests looked at me with fear in their eyes, the mother took her child, who was waving and smiling happily at me, and went home.

Something from this might find its way to Duke Kaperu, but honestly I’ve got no issue with that, especially since I wanted him to get agitated and come after me.



The sweet that was given to me…… It’s unusual … and I’m not making a bad joke here.

I don’t know why, but it seems that that child’s [Feelings]…? Hmm, there seems to be something that feels like a bit of a [Soul] inside of it.

Perhaps it’s not a tithe to the church, but rather an [Offering] to me?


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