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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 39: Volume 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 9: I became a Second-grader, Part 2

Yurushia’s classmates at the magic academy lived lives that wore down their nerves almost every day.

It started with the first years’ entrance ceremony.

Already being called a [Saint] before entering school, the granddaughter of the King and also the daughter of a duke, she was the [Princess] that was the face of the kingdom.

Just hearing about such a god-like person would make them dizzy already, and the commoner students admired her regardless of their fear, while the nobles’ children were all harshly warned not to make a blunder in front of her, and so everyone was nervous about learning alongside her.

Even the non-religious children adored her.

A child the same age as them who had a level of [Magic Power] that could make adults moan in admiration, that had [Beauty] that even adults were in awe of, it was an almost fairy-tale like story.

The day of the magic academy entrance ceremony.

Chaperoned by her parents, the Duke Verusenia and his wife, walking along like a [Princess], surrounded by her attendants and female escort knights, not only the new students but even the enrolled students were all captivated from that moment.

She was the very picture of a beautiful [Princess] from fairy tales that everyone had known as children.

Some whispered [Angel-sama], forgot to breathe in, and fainted on their feet.

Those who hadn’t built up any resistance towards her was frozen for a little after she passed by. Finally, the teachers came out of their trance and started to induct the new students.

During the freshman representative’s opening address, everyone let out a sigh of relief when they saw that Yurushia was having difficulty in making the opening address from the embarrassment.

To see that that perfect [Princess] was also [Human], just like everyone else, made them all thank the gods inside their hearts.

But, it seems that [God] loved her especially.

Because the instant that she turned her compassionate eyes towards the students, an unthinkable amount of [Angels of Light] and [Archangels of light] manifested, and for the many people that were experiencing 【Greater Divine Protection】 for the first time, some of them became feverish while many others were traumatised.

The Princess is scary.

Although there were many different class groups, since students went to different classes to take their lessons the division between classes didn’t mean anything except for who the home room teacher would be for that group.

But since the lower grades have mostly general level lessons in their curriculum for every class, Yurushia’s classmates inevitably spent a lot of time with her.

Those classmates were able to get used to Yurushia’s beauty relatively quickly.

Yurushia had the cold beauty of a doll, but on the inside, she was considerably [Gentle], so it was possible for them to keep calm as long as they didn’t look straight at her.

After that, her [Form of Address] was the next hindrance.

There was no way that a commoner could simply call out to the daughter of a Ducal house, and though the noble daughters and sons tried their best to speak to her, but the two servants who were in the same class would keep a watchful eye over them.

Anyone who tried to get close to Yurushia were glared at by the two girls like they were insects and were silently [Intimidated] away.

Although a few super M people blushed under their gazes, those types were rare, so the majority of the class was unable to even talk to her.

There were still some times where Yurushia would come to class alone.

As the classmates, who had gotten used to Yurushia were calling her [Princess-sama] behind her back, and exchanged looks with one another, [He] appeared.

Yurushia’s cousin, the Second Prince Roderick, came to visit her often.

When that happened, it became hard to talk to her in a different sense.

Although Yurushia calls him [Elder Brother], the two of them weren’t brother and sister.

Seeing the good looking [Prince-sama] and [Princess-sama] together was exactly like witnessing a scene out of a fairytale, the female students all writhed about going *kyaa kyaa* in delight.

Their delusions had progressed to the point that the boy that the girl called [Brother], didn’t treat her as a [Sister] but rather as a [Woman].

Although they wanted to speak, they couldn’t, as they were overwhelmed by Yurushia’s sheer [Presence] in the classroom. Since they couldn’t invest themselves into their lessons, to keep up their grades and stay the classmates of the [Princess-sama], they cut into their sleeping times to study.

More challenges awaited those classmates.

At first they were delighted. After the trauma that was planted in them at the entrance ceremony unintentionally and automatically, the [Fear] of Yurushia had gradually relaxed.

Like the people around her, she too was pleased that they had finally reached that stage, but realised that it was a mistake.

Although it was a story that only she knew, but she recalled the time when she was only two years old.

That she would be [A beautiful flower at 10 years old]………

The root of others’ [Fear] of Yurushia was the sheer [Presence] that came from her huge Demon’s magical power, rather than from her status or title.

That [Fear] came from Disparity.

Overwhelming beauty and force of presence packed in her intense gaze, all stuffed into an adorable infant, it was way too unnatural.

To put it in an extreme way, it would be like an infant showing off an adult style kitchen knife to cook in the park.

As she approached nine years old, she had grown taller, and her body had also taken on a soft roundness, transforming from a child into a [Young Lady]. The unnaturalness started to fade, and in place of the [Fearsome] appearance was a dazzling [Beauty].

It wasn’t her friends or family that felt the [Change] in Yurushia first, but rather her classmates.

They wanted to speak to her, but couldn’t……… The reason was different from before, though.

Thanks to the easing of the fear, they could exchange greetings with her, but they couldn’t continue on from there.

They would return her greetings, but their faces would flush when they saw her smile and their heartbeats would quicken and that would spell the end of the conversation.

She could never figure out how her classmates were thinking.

Before they could get used to it, they had already been [Fascinated] by her very existence.

She would be nine years old soon.

More beautiful than the year before, and would be more beautiful the next.

There were eight years until she graduated from the academy. Her classmates would all spend their days in these hard, painful, and yet [Sweet] days.

So they thought.

By that time… they hoped that they could be friends with the [Princess-sama].

Author’s Notes: A round of explanations for the present state of affairs. It’s slightly short.


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